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New Products

Aug 1, 2007 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor


Telos Systems

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Zephyr/IP: Zephyr/IP uses Agile Connection Technology (ACT) to continuously adapt to network conditions, minimizing the effects of packet loss, varying bandwidth and jitter. ACT's error detection and concealment routines, dynamic buffering and other techniques work together to provide stable IP audio connections. This codec features I/O including AES/EBU, analog and a Livewire Ethernet interface for direct integration with Axia IP-Audio networks as well as LAN, WAN and Wi-fi networks. Other features include studio-grade 24-bit A/D-D/A converters transmission bit rates from 16kb/s to 256kb/s and a Telos-hosted Z/IP Server service for look-up of and connection to other Zephyr/IP users worldwide.

Audio router


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Route 6000: Based upon the Score Live DSP core and D21m I/O system, the Route 6000 processing and routing system accommodates up to 1728x1728 inputs and outputs. The main DSP Core is highly suited to space-conscious installations. With an internal D21m I/O system with up to 192 inputs and outputs, it occupies 6RU, while multiple cores are simply interconnected using CAT5 tie lines.

Single-channel mic preamp


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Six Q: Based on the company's Burr-Brown IC, this single-channel mic preamp provides three bands of EQ, an optical compressor and analog and digital outputs. The unit's mic input impedance is 1.2k ohms and line input impedance is 20k ohms. Other specs include 10dB to 60dB variable gain, 70dB common mode rejection, 0.001 percent distortion, and a 15Hz to 70kHz (-3dB) frequency response. The unit can operate on 115V or 230V power and consumes 30W. The digital output provides a 24-bit signal at 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz or 96kHz sampling rate via AES3, S/PDIF electrical and S/PDIF optical outputs.

1kW transmitter


P1000: The Bext P 1000 is a 1kW transmitter approximately the size of a shoebox, designed as a transportable spare or emergency unit. It is packaged specifically for portability � not just small and lightweight, but also mechanically engineered for maximum ease of portability and capability to withstand abuse during transportation.

AES audio switcher

Titus Technological Laboratories

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3-DRX: This audio switcher integrates a two-input AES3 switcher and a 24-bit stereo A/D in one unit. Possible applications include EAS insertion or an automatic audio switcher. The 3x1 switcher includes two digital inputs that can be ordered as AES3 or AES3-ID inputs. The third input to the 3DRX is a stereo analog audio input. The unit will automatically switch to the secondary digital input if the primary digital source fails. A tertiary stereo analog source will automatically be switched to if the two stereo digital streams fail or have a loss of audio on the digital data stream. The stereo analog inputs are digitized at 24 bits and 32-, 44.1- or 48kHz sample rate. The unit can also be accessed by remote control. In case of a power failure, an internal direct relay bypass is provided to connect the digital AES input one to the AES output.


Soundcraft USA

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UREI 1601E: The 1601E's effects section is built around a core of five effects (filter, delay, pan, cutter and flanger), but also has a set of 25 combo presets in five banks. The effects can be individually assigned to each channel, and a bpm fx cross-fader allows the DJ to select the desired blend of effect and original sound with a wet/dry mix. Two effect parameter controls provide a unique way of modulating key parameters of each effect currently selected, plus there are five selectable effects speeds from � to �.

Interference reducer


Precision AM GPS Synchronization Unit: This unit is designed to reduce interference between AM stations operating on the same frequency, primarily during evening and nighttime operation. The device uses GPS signals to automatically lock multiple, remotely located AM transmitters to a common frequency/timing reference. Audible and sub-audible beats between the local station's carrier and remote carriers are eliminated.

Small diaphragm mic


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Perception 150: The Perception 150 professional �" diaphragm, externally biased condenser microphone is the first in the Perception Series to be a front-address model. It offers a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz. The all-metal body aids in the rejection of RF interference, freeing the unit to be used along with wireless microphones or other communications equipment. There is also a switchable pre-attenuation pad allowing 10dBs of increased headroom, preventing the output level from overloading mixer input stages.

Portable audio recorder, transmitter

You/Com Audiocommunicatie

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Parrot: This hand-held unit for the roving reporter records and is also a communication device. The recordings are stored on a removable SD memory card in MP3 format. This gives more than four hours of high quality recording on a 256MB memory card. The unit is battery powered and operates for eight hours. Recordings can be sent as a file to the studio without using a PC, but using a Bluetooth enabled device over the GSM network, to any location. By connecting a laptop or PC, the recordings can be sent over the Internet. The unit also includes Bluetooth connectivity to establish a connection via a cell phone or other device. The line output can be used to send a recorded item over an ISDN, POTS or IP codec. Markers can be set within an audio file. During recording, the playback markers can be set or removed. The audio between two markers can be regarded as a clip, when in clip mode. When connecting a USB cable, it will function as an external sound card of your PC or laptop.
+31 15 262 5955

On-air console

Klotz Digital

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Decennium: As part of a networkable audio routing system, the Decennium standard console is supplied pre-configured to simplify installation and set up. The console is modular and expandable, and the configuration software allows it to be customized as needed. The Decennium audio engine includes on-board DSP to provide voice processor, parametric six-band EQ and dynamics on each channel. Each channel strip features a rotary encoder with integrated push button and a 16-character display that can be used for source selection and channel-related parameter settings. The control surface is available in 4-, 8-, 12-, 16-, 20- and 24-fader frames.

Audio vectorscope

RTW Radio-Technische Werkstatten

Digital Monitor 10500: The DigitalMonitor 10500 is an audio vectorscope, peak program meter and status monitor that interfaces to professional digital production environments such as video editing suites, workstations or broadcasting studios. The instrument is connected via XLR connectors and accepts signals up to 24 bit, 96kHz. All essential parameters and displays are permanently visible. Supplied as a tabletop unit with an adjustable stand, the monitor also can easily be converted for front-panel mounting. For remote viewing of all measured values and parameters, the built-in VGA output may be used to connect any standard CRT or TFT monitor.
+49 221 709130

AES 42 digital mic interface

ATI Group

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DMI-8: The first eight-channel AES42 digital microphone interface, the 1RU DMI-8 accepts inputs from eight AES42 digital microphones and streams their audio signals via Cobranet or Ethersound over ordinary CAT5 cable. The system is bi-directional, permitting remote control of gain, pattern, transient limiting, rolloff and more, along with phantom powering and tally lights for each mic. The DMI-8 provides individual AES3 outputs for each AES42 input and includes an ADAT Lightpipe port containing all eight mic signals. It comes complete with ATI Digital Mic Management software permitting real-time control of all performance aspects of eight digital microphones from a remote laptop PC, allowing the recording engineer to optimize microphone performance during live events and broadcasts. Multiple DMI-8 units can be networked to support more than 128 channels using standard Ethernet interfaces.

IP audio distribution

Barix Technology

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Instreamer: With Instreamer, stations can be set up for distributed audio and deliver music and announcements from room to room, house to house, over international borders and oceans to the intended destination.

Music library

Non-Stop Music Library

Amphibious Zoo: Amphibious Zoo is a five-CD set of contemporary music: Disc one includes high-energy electronic beats and loops; disc two features a wide-ranging collection of blues; disc three highlights modern grooves with Indian flavor; disc four features the best of American urban hip hop; and disc five is an extensive sampling of funk.

Cable connector


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Crimp XLR: As the crimp termination version of its "XX" and "DLX" series, the Crimp-XLR is an ideal solution for large cable assemblies and solderless RoHS applications. It is available in several models for greater versatility and faster assembly. The three-pole FXX (NC3FXX-A-D) and MXX (NC3MXX-A-D) cable connectors are terminated on semi-automated machines and include boot assembly and cable testing, while the three-pole FXX and MXX connectors (NC3FXX-HA/NC3MXX-HA) and the three-pole NC3FD-LX-HA and NC3MD-LX-HA chassis connectors are terminated with hand crimp tools.

CAP-to-EAS converter


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Model 2008: This CAP-to-EAS was designed by Hormann-America. The Model 2008 connects to a CAP feed via the Internet and optionally by other means, processes incoming messages and sends them as audio to an FCC type-approved EAS encoder/decoder. The converter connects to an EAS unit just like a radio tuner. The unit polls a CAP source every 15 seconds for new emergency messages and generates an EAS protocol output. The unit, a 1RU PC, includes a 40GB hard drive to store data.

Automation suite

Winmedia Software

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Winradio 2.7: WinRadio 2.7 is an integration of web services enabling remote voice tracking, flow control and sales by using handled devices. The ergonomy of the software has also been polished with a new version of the mixer window, new version for the on air system, and new graphical presentation.

Automatic voltage regulation

Stormin Protection Products

AVR+Spike Block: This automatic voltage regulator prevents feedback loop and case/ac ground notch filtering for ground transit surges caused by lightning, pumps, motors and drives. The system prevents noise generated by heavy-duty equipment that emit impulse frequencies below 50Hz, and lightning impulse frequency above 2.2GHz. Using this product along with an existing UPS and other surge suppression devices will create alternative pathways for lightning to travel.

File transfer

Unlimi-tech Software

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File Catalyst Web: Combining file transfer ease and e-mail notification with acceleration, File Catalyst Web from Unlimi-Tech Software Inc. removes complexity for ordinary end users. A File Catalyst Web user can send files of any size to anywhere using a web browser, make scheduled and automatic transfers via desktop client, transfer data at maximum bandwidth, is immune to latency and packet loss, has the industry standard SSL for control channel and AES for data encryption, can automatically detect line speed with adaptive rate control and has cross-platform support (Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OSX).

Upgrades and Updates

RCS has released version 2.7.2 of Nexgen Digital. Nexgen 2.7.2 includes RIAA reporting functionality, which makes it easier for stations to report airplays for royalty purposes. ( Audio is now shipping Iprobe, a set of tools for network maintenance and diagnostics to manage, update, and remotely control Axia IP audio networks. ( has released a version update to its FM Commander allocation software. Version adds several new features to the frequency-searching program. ( has added enhancements for added networking, distribution and scheduling capabilities to Radio-Assist 7.5. The updates include U-Share network management, Feed-In IP Mode and Axia IP-Audio support. (