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New Products

Oct 1, 2006 12:00 PM, by Kari Taylor, senior associate editor

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Effects processor


H7600: With 1,100 preset algorithms, this processor delivers numerous banks of effects designed to emulate environments and render complex effects for broadcast and post-production professionals. Every preset is its own unique algorithm; a combination of effects is crafted for a precise function or effect. Users can create their own unique preset-algorithms. The processor includes the PC and OS X graphic preset development tools.
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Active monitor


Reveal D series: This new model offers cabinets that have been further braced and refined to provide a more rigid platform. Securely attached to the solid baffle, with no less than 10 hex socket countersunk-head screws, the all-new bass driver performs with reduced distortion. The speaker features calibrated EQ facility for mid/near/close-field working in full/half/quarter and eighth-space environments, midband and high frequency trim shelving controls, a choice of power and cabinet sizes, analog and digital input. Features: 40mm thick contoured baffle, driver lossy-coupled to cabinet, 10 screw driver chassis fixing, S/PDIF 96kHz input with slave output to second speaker, balanced XLR/jack combination input connector and a front mounted on/mute/energy saver switch.

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LCD mounting arm

Innovative Office Products

EVO LCD: The arm levitates a flat panel monitor above the work surface, enabling adjustment of monitor height and position. The arm rotates 360� at three pivot points, extends 17.5" and has a vertical range of 10.5". Arm strength is user-adjustable, allowing the user to float monitors from six to 13 pounds. Its design allows it to fold back upon itself, enabling the user to push the monitor back flush with the wall.
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Audio/MIDI interface


US-122L: Record two tracks at a time with zero latency with this system. The interface provides MIDI input and output, 96kHz/24-bit recording and two XLR mic inputs with phantom power. Two analog line inputs are provided, with one switchable to high impedance for use with guitars and bass. The interface is USB 2.0 equipped.
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Automated DVD/CD publisher

Microboards Technology

GX-1: Incorporating auto loading technology, this device uses Vivera, HP's latest ink technology, creating vibrant colors while providing a compact desktop footprint. The GX-1 ships with all of the necessary software for operation, including its core recording and label design software. It comes standard with a starter kit of blank discs and ink.
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Telco interface


HD PCAU: This unit avoids MPEG signal corruption while introducing minimum delay to enable real time monitoring. It adds Apt-x 20Hz to 20kHz audio, an in-band RDS data link and compatibility with the existing PCAUs. Transitioning from analog to digital or from 15kHz to 20kHz can be accomplished at each end of a link as time and budgets permit rather than via a costly and risky flash cut.
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USB condenser mic

Marshall Electronics

MXL.006: A cardioid condenser microphone, this product features a large gold diaphragm and connects directly to a computer via USB without the need for external mic preamps. The analog section features a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response, pressure-gradient condenser capsule and a three-position, switchable attenuation pad with settings for 0dB, -5dB and -10dB. The digital section features a 16-bit Delta Sigma A/D converter with a sampling rate of 44.1kHz and 48kHz. Protecting the instrument's capsule is a heavy-duty wire mesh grill with an integrated pop filter.
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Digital headset

HM Electronics

WH200 Comlink: Weighing 5.7 ounces, the wireless design makes Comlink more user-friendly, circumventing the hazard of cables snagging on other equipment. The headset's ergonomic shape provides a stable fit while the digital design provides clear communication. Operating in the license-free 2.4GHz frequency band, Comlink provides clear, digital sound quality with no interference from neighboring systems. The headset is compatible with HME's portable DX100 or rack-mounted DX200 base stations.

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DBX Professional Products

Driverack 4820: With a 96kHz processing engine, this processor features a blank front panel designed specifically for installations that need tamper-proof controls. The unit offers algorithms such as selectable DSP inserts on the inputs and outputs, EQ, delay, compression and limiting, bandpass and crossover filters. The system provides four inputs and eight outputs, and monitors and controls signal routing as well as the processing of multiple units -- all using Ethernet equipment including routers and wireless access points.
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Web broadcasting

NCH Swift Sound

Broadwave: Broadwave handles the audio stream compression, player format negotiation, bandwidth adjustment and serving over the Internet. When used with pre-recorded audio the application will allow an unlimited number of streams to be served. An efficient and optimized server design means that, if you have the bandwidth, as many as 500 simultaneous connections can be served on one PC.

Internet radio

Solutions Radio

Orion Web Box: The Orion Web Box offers the opportunity to listen to audio books, newspapers and magazines via the Internet. People with a reading or a visual handicap can make a selection from the list of offered books, magazines and information based on audible instructions and tones. The radio station can be managed remotely via a Web-based application and, as a result, specific programs for individual auditors can be looked after without any interaction with the listener.
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