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New Products

Nov 1, 2006 12:00 PM, by Kari Taylor, senior associate editor

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LED clock displays

BRG Pecision Products

CLC Series: Circle line clocks offer digital hours and minutes with an analog display of seconds. The LED circle can be configured to display accumulated dots or a single dot to represent seconds. More than 350,000 display and function configurations are available. CDMA and GPS Atomic Time Receivers are available. All clocks within a display are synchronized with each other. The 10-year lithium battery ensures correct time after a power failure. Ethernet, GPS, CDMA, IRIG-B and SMPTE time receivers are available to synchronize the time zone display with the U.S. Atomic Clock.

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Acoustic treatment

SE Electronics

Ghost Acoustics: The Ghost series comprises five products in a choice of two colors: charcoal gray and light gray. The central building block for the range is a 2'��2' absorber built around a steel inner frame. The construction is layers of highly compressed glass fiber with layers of aluminium foil that help break up lower frequency waveforms. These layers are covered with a fully fire retardant fabric and the whole structure is bound with a brushed aluminum frame. Each absorber ships with a metal frame that screws onto the wall.

Talent receiver

Production Intercom

TR-1: On the top of the unit are inputs for 1/4" and 3.5mm plugs and a rotary volume control that can be turned down, but not all the way off. The rear panel features a green LED indicating that the unit is connected to the system and is receiving the required 18Vdc to 30Vdc from the power supply. A second red LED flashes when audio traffic is being received. An external recessed switch allows the user to choose single- or two-channel operation. Connection to the receiver is via a three-pin mini XLR.

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Digital distribution system

Henry Engineering

Digital DA 2��8: This dual-mode digital distribution system is a flexible system for distributing AES/EBU digital audio signals. It is useful for routing audio to multiple destinations. The system features two inputs and eight outputs. It can operate as a single one-in by eight-out DA, or as a pair of one-in by four-out DAs. A recessed front panel push-button selects the operating mode. All inputs and outputs are transformer isolated and conform to AES/EBU standards. LEDs indicate the presence of signals on the outputs. The unit is powered with a built-in ac power supply.

Audio software

Backbone Networks

Radio Pro V4.1: Broadcasters build their playlists from songs, commercials and program segments with clickable images and text for display within their Itunes player or Web browser. By clicking on images and text listeners can conduct e-commerce while continuing to listen to the programming. The software helps program directors decide what commercials to run at certain times of the day. Integrated real-time reporting tells the operator how many people listen to what programs or songs, at what time, for how long and from where based on potential geographical mapping of IP listener connections. Radio broadcasters can simultaneously webcast their streaming programs while commanding the software to create, annotate and post podcasts made from the program material, pulled from the station's audio content database. The software creates podcast chapters, inserts images and links to each chapter, playable on Photo or Video Ipods.

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Sub-audible detector

Broadcast Tools

DSD-2: The DSD-2 is a 25/35Hz subaudible detector with a single-channel, high-pass filter. The unit's detection algorithm virtually eliminates false triggering due to level variations. Features include twin SPDT relays, front-panel LEDs for each detected tone and a third for combination tone detection. Other features are balanced input and output termination via 1/4�� TRS jacks and plug-in Euroblock terminals, RS-232 programming and tone detection port, front panel input audio presence and overload LEDs and ouput level trimmer. The unit is powered by a surge protected internal bi-polar 15Vdc power supply.

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Radio automation application


Radiocube On Air: This system supports multiple audio outputs. Multi-format and multi-sampling mixing of these audio formats is possible: MP3, WMA, WAV, MPEG 2 and BWF. Users drag and drop from Windows Explorer to the play list. Separate progress bars provide intro/ramp count up/down. The system offers a built-in pre-listen player with loop function. Features of this application include Direct X plug-in support; adjustable pitch for audio outputs (��50 percent); and a dedicated control panel.
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Sound cards

Audio Science

ASI6620, ASI6622, ASI6640: The ASI6600 series of sound cards offer a faster DSP, short-length PCI format, +24dBu analog levels, 96kHz sample rates and SSX multi-channel support. All the features of the ASI6000 range are also present, such as MRX multi-rate mixing, MPEG Layer 2 and 3 encoding and decoding, TSX time scaling and Sound Guard transient voltage protection on all I/O. The ASI6620 provides six stereo play streams mixed to two balanced stereo outputs and four stereo streams of record from two balanced stereo inputs. The ASI6622 adds two AES/EBU inputs and outputs with a dedicated AES/EBU sync input and word clock input. The ASI6640 provides 12 play streams mixed to four balanced stereo analog outputs and eight stereo record streams from four balanced stereo analog inputs. The series features driver support for Windows WAVE, Direct Sound and Linux ALSA.

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Adam Professional Audio

Sub 8: The subwoofer is a compact speaker that extends the low end of any near field monitoring system. It houses a 8" woofer with a large 50mm voice coil and is driven by a 160W ICE power amp. The front baffle features two motorized knobs that allow the end user to tailor input levels and crossover frequency settings. These knobs can be controlled with a wireless remote control. The unit also provides an onboard 2.1 bass management system. The built-in amps are 160W/240W and the speaker's frequency response is ��3dB 28Hz to 150Hz. Input impedance is 10k��. The speaker's dimensions are 10.2"W x 16.1"H x 14.9"D.
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Superior Electric

Stabiline SLF: All SLF series UPSs are equipped with a front panel LCD status display. More than 20 UPS statuses and conditions can be displayed. The system produces a true sine wave output voltage waveform. All models are microprocessor controlled and feature a two-stage automatic voltage regulation capability. All models have surge suppression and EMI/RFI filtering circuitry. RF11 telephone jacks are provided on the UPS rear panel for fax and modem use. An RS-232 port is also provided. Other features include 120Vac, 50/60Hz operation, and 500VA, 700VA and 1kVA models.

Stereo audio processor


Optimod DAB-6300: This multipurpose stereo audio processor is for digital radio, netcasts, STL protection, audio production and digital mastering. With a 20kHz audio bandwidth and a 48kHz internal sample rate, the processor succeeds Orban's Optimod DAB-6200 audio processor while offering improved processing algorithms and more flexibility. The 6300 contains a stereo enhancer, AGC, equalizer, phase-linear multiband compressor/limiter with two or five bands, and two independent stereo look-ahead peak limiters. The processor incorporates Precode technology that preprocesses audio to minimize audible artifacts in low bit rate codecs.

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FM antenna

Jampro Antennas

JBCP-H-HD: The Optimizer JBCP-H-HD FM side-mount antenna is designed for digital broadcast applications that require insensitivity to icing conditions as well as high power handling. Each element is fabricated with thick wall brass and copper with a 3-1/8" outside diameter. On a single frequency, VSWR is 1.1:1 +/-200KHz or better. Radomes are not normally needed because even with as much as 1/2" of radial ice, typical VSWR is still less than 1.4:1.

IP-based satellite service

Orbital Data Net

Satellite Link: Designed to support the Comrex Access, this satellite link provides an IP connection across a satellite network. The link allows the Access to operate anywhere in the continental United States �� even where broadband cable, DSL, POTS and ISDN circuits are unavailable. Satellite dishes are pre-positioned at locations the user commonly transmits from, allowing the user to move the bandwidth wherever it is needed without having to pay for leased terrestrial lines. Fly away systems and mobile automated satellite antennas can be installed on a vehicle or be included in the company's EGG Satcom trailer unit.

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Radio newsroom system

Burli Software

News Data Ingest: Burli ingests and manages a range of data in traditional and emerging formats. More than 50 serial data wires are supported in a variety of formats, languages and character sets. The system provides automatic ingest from FTP sites as well as LAN or WAN locations. The system automatically records from multiple analog or digital audio sources. Clock, threshold, GPI recording triggers are available. Record and manage telephone recordings remotely with DTMF tones. It supports PCM, MP2, BWAV, Cart Chunk and MP3 formats in a variety of sample and bit rates. A built-in RSS reader treats RSS feeds like newswires.

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Tower-styletable leg supports

RAM Broadcast Systems

TL Series: The TL series tower-style tabletop leg supports are available in two sizes. The TL-285 is 28.5" high for sit-down applications and the TL-365 is 36.5" high for stand-up applications. Both are made from 1" tubular steel with welded 1/4" cross member supports. They will support more than 2,000 lbs. The legs have adjustable feet with an adjustable range of 2" to ensure a level table on almost any floor. The legs are powder coated with three layers of black semi-gloss paint for a long-lasting durable finish.

Monitoring system


SCM12 Pro: This two-way passive monitoring system is designed for near-field applications and can be shelf- or stand-mounted. Each monitor features a hand-built driver composed of a 3" midrange soft dome coupled onto a 6" cone for bass and midrange frequencies, as well as a 1" soft-domed tweeter with a neodymium magnet for high-end response.

Acoustic panel

Golden Acoustics

Equalizer 18: These panels may be applied to the ceiling or walls. They are 18" deep and designed to diffuse sonic energy in the high, middle and low ranges. Depending on the number of panels and the mounting arrangement, the panels can effectively diffuse sonic energy to below 30Hz.

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Traffic, billing software

LAN International

Viero Revenue Management: More than a traffic and billing system, this software uses a scheduling service known as the Booking Agent to maximize spot placement and revenue providing management with accurate reporting on inventory and revenue, past and future. E-PIF is the Electronic Public Inspection File that allows the user to oversee and manage public files from a central location, automate missing file notifications and provide the public with safe, streamlined access at each local site. Radio Fusion, for customer relationship management and sales force automation, allows users to create proposals and manage accounts. Best Rate, a rate and yield management tool, offers drill down capabilities that allow management to make critical course corrections in advance.

Software package

Arctic Palm Technology

CS RDS: CS RDS captures play line data from your automation system, promotional material from the CS Scheduler module, captures your local weather forecast with the CS Weather module and sends that data to the RDS encoder, HD Radio system, website and Intranet simultaneously. It supports most automation systems sending text from multiple input sources to multiple output streams. Data captured from input sources may be sent to your RDS/RBDS encoder as well as your website, intranet or other system. Highlights of this system include cart triggered messages; station branding; automatic weather updates; normalized text formatting option; and play list history for Web or intranet.

Line multiplexer


HD PCAU: APT and Pulsecom have created the HD PCAU, which assists broadcasters with their migration from analog to digital. This product offers an AES/EBU interface, as well as 20Hz to 20kHz bandwidth to transport HD Radio content and auxiliary data, allowing RBDS to be embedded in the audio stream.

Software tool

Powerbidder: This new tool enables scalability so that general sales managers with multiple stations can enter their rates on one bidding screen and apply them to multiple stations. Advertisers create auctions early in the week for ads they would like to run the following week. Radio stations bid against each other to win an advertiser's spots. The more auctions in which stations compete, the better their chances of winning auctions and selling last-minute airtime. With Powerbidder, sales managers enter the total number of radio spots they wish to sell across any number of stations, along with gross dollars per spot for each daypart. The software automatically determines which ads the stations should bid for to sell the most inventory.

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Condenser mic


Perception 400: The new large diaphragm, multi-pattern condenser microphone encompasses selectable cardioid, omni and figure-eight pickup patterns with switchable 10dB pad, switchable bass cut filter, shock mount and metal case. The mic features two back-to-back, 1" diameter vibrating surface capsules with gold-sputtered foil diaphragms. The mic features a full 20Hz to 20kHz response and 145dB max SPL capability at less than 0.5 percent THD. The 400 boasts a precision-tooled zinc/aluminum alloy metal chassis with a stainless steel, dent-resistant grill screen to protect the capsules. The mic comes in a metal-framed ��sound tools�� carrying case with a screw-on, spider-type shock mount.

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Neafield monitor

Klein + Hummel

O 300: A triamplified three-way nearfield studio reference monitor, the O 300 delivers is similar to the O 300 D minus the digital input and control hardware. By using a dense, low-resonance material called LRIM, the company has molded the waveguides required for dispersion directly into the baffle. The unit's 8" cone woofer is made of a special lightweight polypropylene material. The midrange is handled by a treated fabric dome with a 3" voice coil. The 1" high-frequency driver is equipped with a titanium/fabric dome that combines the transparency of a titanium dome with the low distortion of a fabric dome. All three drivers are magnetically shielded.
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Phone flasher, door announcer

DM Engineering

Studio Hotline: Features of this product include microprocessor-based circuitry; multiple LEDs used for indicators; color visual indications and audible signals for phone and door; a three-position audible control switch; remotely mutable control for audible signals, contact closure or TTL low to mute; and dc output voltages for driving the solid state relay pack for turning on high wattage incandescent lamps for phone and door indication. A terminal block with screw connections can be used for external I/O control for ease of wiring. The unit's dimensions are 5.75 x 2.6 x 1.1.

Play-out and production software


Airshift Studio: Designed for radio stations that have one to five studios, the software is used for all production-related tasks. The workflow starts with planning process. The station defines their program schedule for each weekday. The template divides each hour of programming to a segment that has various attributes: start and end time, name, type and selected music clock. For daily planning, playlists are created for each program containing all the elements needed: music tracks, sounds and commercials. A third-party system, such as music scheduler or traffic system takes care of the scheduling of commercials. A producer finishes production of one item, then places it in the playlist. The publishing phase is where created content is published to the audience. After the program is published, the content is archived or purged.
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LAN extender/facility controller

Moseley Associates

Lanlink HS900D: Lanlink provides a 1Mb network connection at remote sites where no wires or cables exist. It operates in the free 900MHz band without licenses, leases or new antennas.

Upgrades and Updates

APT has launched Apt-x Live designed specifically for live performance situations. It has about half the latency of Apt-x. ( introduced a new programmable software feature for its Instreamer and Exstreamer audio encoding and decoding products that allows users to develop custom applications in a network-, audio- or USB-flash environment. ( Electronics has added emergency-alert messagecasting to the Radio Experience Message Manager, the company's text application suite for RBDS, HD Radio and Web. ( Systems has released version 5.1d of its Digital Audio Delivery (DAD) system. The new system features a new user interface, metadata features and stronger music scheduling and traffic integration. (