New Products

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New Products

Dec 1, 2006 12:00 PM, by Kari Taylor, senior associate editor

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DC power supply


Smartrack: This rackmount power distribution system provides 2,400W of power for ac and dc use. The system eliminates the need for wall warts in a power system. One connector for each power source is provided on the front panel for convenient access. The rear panel features six ac outlets and eight dc outputs. A USB connector is located on the front and rear panels. Power connections can be sequenced to eliminate in-rush surges or to ensure proper powering sequence. Programming of sequence and voltages is made through the USB connector. The unit also provides surge suppression on all outputs.

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Microphone, monitor arms


Yellowtec Mika: Its elaborate internal linkage and coil spring construction supports heavy microphones up to 4.5lbs. It remains virtually silent during position adjustments. The arms come ready to go, internally wired. The mic arm comes as just one part of an open and modular system. The multifunctional MSS pole forms the backbone of the system solution. It can be used as an extension for the mic arm and as a support for multiple flat panel monitor mounts at the same time.
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Furniture units

Evenfall Acoustics

Modular Studio System: This system is a set of freestanding and hanging furniture units that integrate acoustical elements, workstation, equipment racks, CPU quiet bay and monitor soffits into a complete studio room system. It bridges the gap between full service professional facilities and the home production environment by providing acoustic enhancement to increase translation properties and by offering an ergonomic design. The systems are available in two basic configurations with a variety of finish options. Units may be purchased as a complete system or as sesparate units allowing one to acquire a complete room system over time.

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Time reduction system

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Time Tailor Audio: Time Tailor Audio reduces audio program run time for the creation of additional time. Audio time reduction is preformed in real-time, on air, with a proprietary algorithm that is undetectable. Program-specific time information is entered into the unit to reduce the running time of the audio program. The unit can add zero to four minutes of time during a span of 10 minutes to two hours. The 1RU device can be externally controlled via optional RS-232 remote or GPI. It can be used in stereo or mono modes.

Upgrades and Updates

Realtraps has upgraded Modecalc, its free graphical room mode prediction software for Windows. ( USB 2.0-equipped MZ-M200 Hi-MD recorder from Sony is now shipping. The recorder accepts removable 1GB mini discs for as long as 94 minutes of linear PCM uncompressed recording time and as long as 34 hours in the ATRAC3 plus format. ( Microphones is now shipping the MXL.006 USB/cardioid condenser microphone. The mic includes a travel case, a desktop microphone stand, a 10-foot USB cable and windscreen. (