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New Products

Apr 1, 2007 12:00 PM, by Kari Taylor, senior associate editor

Firewire audio interface

Focusrite Audio Engineering

Saffire Pro 10 I/O: This unit features the monitoring control software Saffire Control Pro, and offers the option to aggregate multiple units, all controlled via the same control platform. The 1RU interface combines eight channels of pre-amplification with eight balanced line outputs and stereo S/PDIF I/O. The unit can be bus-powered or powered via an external PSU.

Tower light


LED medium-intensity red-white beacon: This light is designed to overcome vibration and extreme weather conditions. It is a 20,000 candela flashing white light combined with a 2,000 candela steady or flashing red LED obstruction light. Operating temperatures range from -55� to +55� C and it can withstand conditions including direct sunlight, wind blown rain, wind speeds of 200kph, high humidity and salt fog. The LED dual beacon also offers reduced light pollution with an optical design that focuses the light selectively and avoids spilling excess light toward the ground.

Infrared link

Amplivox Sound Systems

Sir Buddy: This system works via line of sight infrared technology. The signal will not go through walls or interfere with another broadcast frequency. Only the microphone will be picked up by the receiver. The 50W audio system includes projector and laptop interface cables to provide a companion audio booster for a laptop and a video projector. The system allows the presenter to amplify 2W to 3W computer or LCD projector with clear sound. The solid-state stereo amplifier has a built-in receiver allowing the presenter to be hands-free with wireless freedom to roam within 150'.

Recording mic


C414 LTD: The 1", large-diaphragm pressure gradient microphone features five switchable polar patterns for placement and application flexibility, three bass roll-off filters, three pre-attenuation settings as well as dual-color LEDs that provide quick visual reference of selected polar pattern and output. The C 414 LTD also includes a transformerless output stage for distortion-free low frequency reproduction and wide dynamic range.

Audio processor

Broadcast Warehouse

DSP Xtreme: The larger version of the DSP X and DSP Xtra audio processors, this device has a 2RU form factor and the front panel contains two LCD color screens, one of which is touch sensitive. In addition to the hardwired traditional LAN and serial (RS-232) interfaces, this processor supports Wi-fi connections. A remote trigger port allows preset selection through contact closures. Six bands of audio limiting, distortion controlled clipping and look-ahead limiting are features of this processor. Real time clock scheduling (day-parting), user and factory presets, a/b auditioning, sample rate converted digital I/O with sync input, 24-bit 128x oversampled A/D and D/A converters and 28-bit DSP processing are all features.

Audio-optimized PCs

Spectral Computers

7000 Series, RM-5100, CB-1100: There are eight new additions to the line of high-powered Windows-based computer systems, including new AMD processor availability and a compact cube case design option. Each workstation delivers 64-bit performance (when Windows XP Professional X64 is loaded). All 7000 and 5000 Series computers feature a 3RU case with a low-noise automatic temperature control system and a 400W power supply (except the RM-5100, which features a 300W power supply). The chassis provides multiple Firewire and USB 2.0 ports, a DVD-R/W 16x dual layer drive, LAN ports, 7-in-1 card memory card reader, keyboard and optical mouse. The RM-5100 uses Windows XP Home, while all 7000 Series models use the Windows XP Professional operating system.


Digital Juke Box

Quick Podcast: Manage and publish multiple podcasts by uploading your audio and video files. Generate and publish podcast RSS feeds for Itunes and other directories. Automatically notify podcast directories, including Itunes and Yahoo, when new podcasts are available. The interface makes it simple to upload and manage MP3 and MP4 audio/video files. Find subscriber numbers, average bandwidth, disk space use and more. Generate and publish RSS feeds in minutes.

Rackmount splitter

Radial Engineering

Radial 8ox: An eight channel rack-mount splitter, this unit features eight mic inputs, eight main outputs for the live mixing console, a transformer isolated output for recording and a third auxiliary output that is equipped with ground lifts for monitor or broadcast feed. Input and output connections are on the rear panel using Phoenix screw terminals or 25-pin D-Sub. Each channel is equipped with a 30dB input pad to allow high output line level devices to be connected and then sent to various mic level inputs, such as those found on mic preamps and mixers.

Active ribbon monitors

Samson Technologies

Rubicon 5a and 6a: These monitors feature 2" velocity ribbon high frequency transducers that complement a two-way active system. Both speakers feature: two-way active ribbon studio reference monitor; four-position high frequency level control; and tuned shelf-ported painted wood enclosure. The 5a offers 5" low-frequency driver with butyl surround, a bi-amp design and 50W low frequency/25W high frequency. The 6a offers 6.5" low frequency driver with butyl surround, a bi-amp design and 75W low frequency/25W high frequency.

Pro Tools utility

Maggott Software

Sibliminator: This utility harnesses the field recorder features in Pro Tools to give users the same editing tools. The system can manipulate a group of broadcast WAV files so that Pro Tools sees them as alternate channels of each other. This gives the user the ability to select any piece of audio and instantly swap it with the corresponding audio from another channel or take, greatly speeding up the process of editing from multiple takes.

BNC connectors


BCP-PC Series: The 75V connectors offer a longer body and a three-piece crimp design. The outer contact and the pin are gold-plated. Models are available for several cables, boasting 26dB or less return loss at 1.0GHz and 20dB or less at 1.5GHz.

Sound control

Auralex Acoustics

Sonosuede Pro: Consisting of four 16" x 48" x 2" thick back-beveled panels predominantly used for corner trapping, and eight 16" x 48" x 1" rectangular-shaped back-bevelled panels for a total of 64 square feet, the system's design offers several decorative options. The system's mounting blocks provide acoustic and aesthetic benefits.

Music library

Mediatone Music

Studio Cutz: In addition to auditioning and downloading individual songs, stock music users can now license and download entire CDs within moments of their purchase. Or if they prefer, users can choose to download the CD now and still have a physical CD shipped to them.

Portable mixer

AETA Audio Systems

Mixy: The analog interfaces located on the front panel of this mixer can be activated by potentiometers or via the menu, while digital interfaces are exclusively activated via menus. With an internal Ni-MH battery the mixer provides more than 10 hours of use. Connect an additional external battery, from 8V to more than 28V, with automatic and silent switching between sources. The mixer features three mic/line on XLR3 and two line inputs on XLR5, a S/PDIF input, AES/SPDIF outputs and optical output, as well as a stereo input/output over USB. The input sensitivity gain can be adjusted by the menu by 10dB steps from zero to 50dB. The maximum level, without activating the additional -20dB pad, is +19dBu.
+33 1 41 36 12 00

Slope-front rack

Lowell Manufacturing Company

L45-21: This rack features side handles, casters, a stow-away door and two cut-outs for external mounting of accessory switches or controls. A roll-out turret is 26.875" H to fit under standard height desk surfaces and counters. The rack also features 12RU of mounting space on a 15 degree slope for viewing of equipment while seated. The locking front door is hinged at the bottom and slides into the base for out-of-sight storage. The locking rear door has a 2" H opening for wire access. A turret also features two decora-style cut-outs with cover plates above the locking front door for optional mounting of low voltage accessory switches or controls.


Allen & Heath

XONE:S2: A 19" rack-mounted 4U mixer, this product is available with linear or rotary VCA channel faders, and features four stereo dual-input channels, two mono mic/stereo line channels and a USB audio interface. An output limiter system enables the user to preset the maximum output level of the mixer, irrespective of input level. The main mix outputs are on balanced XLR, and an additional mono output, also on XLR, can be used as a zone feed or can be used to feed a sub-bass stack. Two mono/mic or stereo channels are included.



TEX-1000LCD/S: This exciter's digital user interface diagnoses and controls all the parameters displayed (frequency, output power, measurement). Adjustable power output from zero to 1,000W on-air under any VSWR conditions is available via fold back control. The exciter is available with two SCA/RDS input connectors. It also features a built-in stereo coder. Fully integrated telemetry and SMS alarms with built-in GSM modem and a battery for the battery charger are optional.

Firewire audio interface


FA-66: The interface supports WDM/ASIO2.0 drivers for Windows XP. The FA-66 allows simultaneous recording of six channels of audio at 24-bit/96kHz, or four channels of audio at 24-bit/192kHz. Record two microphones directly into the unit via the included phantom power mic preamps. Record any line-level device through stereo RCA inputs including signals from CD.

CD/MP3 player

Denon Electronics

DN-D4500: The rack-mountable DN-D4500 supports CD and MP3 features, such as key adjust, auto BPM counter and cue stutter. The player features wider pitch control for audio CDs +/-24 percent, +/-50 percent and +/-100 percent supplement the standard range of +/-4 percent, zero and +/-16 percent. MP3 pitch control is now offered in the range of +/-4 percent, +/-10 percent and +/-16 percent. Shockproof memory is provided for CD (20 seconds) and MP3 (100 seconds). Other features include 0.02-second instant start ability, CD-R/CD-RW disc compatibility, fader start control terminal and coaxial S/PDIF digital output. The unit's operating software can accommodate upgrades via CD-ROM.

Audio safety messages, alerts


Talking Alert: This system reduces accidents in the workplace via automatically triggered loud, audio safety messages and emergency alerts. Packaged in a customized, compact (8" H x 6" W x 3" D) self-contained weatherproof housing, the solar-powered system delivers 10 minutes of customized audio messages in any language by simply pressing the information button. The emergency button immediately notifies staff and security. Using a built-in microphone jack, messages can be recorded, erased and re-recorded. Audio playback is initiated by pressing one of the front panel buttons, or by triggering an external input, such as an optional motion detector or magnetic contact on the door leading out to the antenna rooftop. A special magnetic contact is available for tower elevator applications. An on-board relay can also be set to notify security or initiate alarms. The solar power feature has battery backup for redundancy, or it can be powered by ac electricity.


Airlink Communications

Airlink STL RX, TX v1.1.1900: Transmit studio audio to the transmitter tower site without wireless STL transmitters to purchase, frequencies to coordinate, licenses to apply for, or antennas to install or position. This STL consists of a software audio transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is installed at the studio and the receiver installed at the remote transmitter site. Then use a PC at each end and a high-speed Internet or ISDN connection. The system uses the TCP/IP protocol to transmit the audio. The system monitors for connection loss and waits for your stream to reconnect. While the connection is lost, the Airlink STL receiver will begin playing local audio files that have been pre-loaded injecting a liner or sweep after a preset number of songs. The unit plays the station's hourly legal IDs as required by the FCC. The system can feed multiple stations with one transmitter and multiple receivers.

Voice-over automation software

Audiofile Engineering

Voxover: A voice-over automation tool and batch recorder for Mac OS X, this software is useful for projects that require large numbers of individual audio files to be recorded and a typical multi-track recorder is not feasible. The system allows the user to write or import a written script and rapidly automate the recording of that script. The script can be displayed on the system's teleprompter to the voice talent via a wired or wireless network. Sessions can range from completely automated to completely free-form.

Monitor and control system


Symphony: This system monitors forward and reflected power, line pressurization, room temperature and switch positions. With these inputs, the system calculates VSWR and can reduce or shut down transmitter power if necessary. It can move switches to change the mode of system operation, restore transmitter operation and communicate the status via the Internet. This information is presented on a touch screen control panel that can be replicated on a remote PC via the Web with no custom software. Also, alarms and event notification are local and remote via phone or Ethernet.

Test signal source

AES Nashville

AES Audio Test CD: This audio CD was compiled by the Nasville AES chapter and contains more then 75 common audio and software tests. All proceeds to go the Nashville AES chapter. This disc contains audio files and HTML pages. The Tools page includes bonus documents, PDFs, Excel calculators and links provided by various engineers and producers in the Nashville area. The audio portion of this disc contains absolute reference levels for calibrating audio equipment. To play these tracks on the computer, users will need to use a CD player application, such as Windows Media Player or Itunes, or import the files into a digital audio workstation. The 71 audio tracks include level settings, stereo phase checks, tone sweeps, pink noise, pulse signals, 440Hz A reference, and sample audio tracks of voice, drums, guitar and piano.

Digital media workstation

Rain Recording

Event: Record, playback, edit, burn and transport seamlessly with this interface. Add a USB or Firewire sound card and the workstation can produce professional-quality audio projects. The system also features a host of connection options including DVI, composite, line in/out, mic in, USB, Firewire, S/PDIF stereo out and Ethernet. The workstation uses a 65W power supply. Its dimensions are 6.49" W x 1.96" H x 6.49" D, weight: 3 lbs.



S80-XD, S-20: The S-80 Xd subwoofer features a peak acoustic output of 117dB SPL at 40Hz, and overall frequency response of 22Hz to 80Hz +/-2dB with a -6dB LF cutoff of 17Hz. The unit measures 25.8" x 12.6" x 15.35", and weighs 76 lbs. The S-20 is the replacement for the S-00 and B-20 subwoofers. With an all new aluminum cone 10" woofer and 200W Class D amplifier, the bass reflex design provides tight realistic bass response. This subwoofer offers peak acoustic output of 109dB SPL at 35Hz and an overall frequency response of 33Hz to 110Hz +/-2dB, with a -6dB LF cutoff at 29Hz. The unit measures 17.5" x 12.2" x 15", and weighs 35 lbs.

Auxiliary relay pack

DM Engineering

Studio Slave: The Studio Slave auxiliary relay pack is a microprocessor-based switching and utility control interface for broadcast studios and control rooms where multiple and various isolated outputs are required to operate from one or more control inputs. Input and output connectors are Eurostyle pluggable types. Relay outputs: eight form C (SPDT) bifurcated gold clad silver contacts for switching functions ranging from low level audio to 2A, ac or dc. Circuits one through four follow input commands while the release time of circuits five through eight may be delayed as much as one second if desired. All output circuits are isolated. Removal of the contact closure or the voltage will deactivate the unit.



Dominator: Offering four individual types of wire, this cable can include additional components inside each of the connectors that will actually tune the output of the guitar to the input of an amplifier or effects pedal. The microphone cables use black Neutrik connectors with gold contacts or standard Nickel connectors and contacts. Features include several types of heavy gauge wire, including 14, 12 and 10 gauge configurations, with round commercial jackets and pure copper conductors.

Voltage regulator

Furman Sound

AR-20 II: This 20A regulator delivers 120V of ac power to protect equipment from problems caused by ac line voltage irregularities. The equipment filters and purifies ac power. The regulator accepts any input voltage from 97V to 141V and transforms it to a constant 120V. Its Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus technology combines three filtering and protection circuits. Linear Filtering Technology suppresses noise. Extreme Voltage Shutdown circuitry protects against prolonged over-voltages, such as those caused by accidental connections to 208 or 240Vac, by shutting off the incoming power until the over-voltage is corrected. The system is housed in a dual-space, rack-mount chassis with 12 outlets on the rear panel and two convenience outlets on the front panel. An LED that indicates the output voltage is within regulation.

Tube condenser mic


E47C: This mic provides 12dB of boost at 100Hz when used at a 1" working distance. The mic features a NOS Telefunken Large Plate EF814k tube for delivering vintage amplification and dynamics response, a N470 power supply, custom 20' Soundelux cable between the power supply and mic, 47 suspension clamp-type shockmount with wood box.

Break-out panels

Ram Broadcast Systems

BP1X24RJ45, BP2X24RJ45: Features of the BP1X24RJ45 include: 1RU, 24 bulkhead feed through CAT-5 RJ-45 modules, one large designation strip and front and rear tie bars. Features of the BP2X24RJ45 are as follows: 2RU, two rows of 24 bulkhead feed through CAT-5 RJ-45 modules, two large designation strips and front and rear tie bars.



H2 Pro: Capable of recording 7.1 channels of discrete surround sound, this mic is now offered with enhanced low frequency effects to permit a higher output level of deep bass. The enhanced mic features eight XLR microphone connectors that are compatible with all multichannel I/O devices. It is also compatible with all surround-sound encoding/playback formats. An upgrade program is available for current H2-Pro owners.

Multipurpose mixer

Soundcraft USA

MPM: This mixer is available in two frame sizes offering 12 (MPM12/2) or 20 (MPM20/2) mono inputs, with each model featuring two additional stereo input strips. This mixer provides +22dB headroom through the console. True professional 48V phantom power accommodates condenser microphones of all types. The MPM12/2 and MPM20/2 are equipped with three auxiliary buses, configurable for use as effects or monitor sends, and all main connectors are XLR-type and 1/4" metal jack sockets. RCA phono connectors are additionally provided for disc and stereo playback inputs and record outputs.

Mastering limiter


ML4000: A high-resolution limiter, this device is designed for music, mastering, post and live sound. The ML1 single-band configuration is a mastering limiter with a brick wall design, coupled with multiple stages of limiting for peak detection. A continuous knee control allows the limiter to operate transparently or aggressively. The ML4 multi-band configuration is a four-band gate, expander (upward or downward) and compressor fed into the same limiter algorithm found in the ML1. Each band's gate, expander and compressor can be configured separately or linked together. Steep 24dB/octave crossover filters minimize signal leakage into adjacent bands.

Power distribution unit

Pulizzi Engineering

T982F3: This new series is configured for 208V 30A power input. When operating equipment at 208V vs. 120V, it decreases current draw by 50 percent, allowing for greater equipment density. The PDU can power 12 devices with power output delivered via industry standard IEC 60320 type C13 receptacles. The front panel features a two-digit current meter display that can be read from 20' away. The current meter continuously measures the total current draw of all connected devices. This prevents system overload problems and makes load monitoring easy. Configurable options include power cable length, power filtering and current metering. Power filtering protects sensitive electronics from damage caused by electrical noise. The PDU occupies 1RU and is 7" deep.


SAC Pro Audio

Pump series: The Pump series offers a choice of a 6" or 8" mineral-filled polypropylene cone. Two signal-to-noise ratio amplifiers with a fourth order electronic crossover circuit provides a smooth frequency response and SPLs up to 91dB. The Pump 6a features 120W of total power and a frequency response of 45Hz to 20kHz and the Pump 8a features 150W of power and extends the low frequency down to 40Hz. The speakers are magnetically shielded, include front volume control, and rear XLR balanced and 1/4" unbalanced inputs. Also included is a delay protection circuit to avoid pops and noise during power-up, making them the useful for the computer-based digital recording studio.

Multi-media cable

North American Cable Equipment

CT-SW-450: This cable is made up of two quad shield RG-6 coaxial cables and two CAT-5e cables bundled under one overall PVC jacket. Product specifications include two RG-6 quad shield coaxial cables and two CAT-5e UTP cables. Coaxial cables are swept to 2.25GHz for satellite. All four cables are contained in an overall PVC jacket to save time and labor when pulling lines.

RBDS decoder


A20: This IP controlled FM RDS/RBDS market monitor allows a user to measure, monitor and listen to an entire market remotely. An external I/O connector allows the user to also use the A20 as an IP remote control with e-mail notification of your external alarm inputs and eight relay outputs. Stream received audio back to you on-demand for skimming, processing adjustments or just to listen to the market using an ordinary media player. Record the streamed audio into MP2 files for each station for later analysis of advertiser activity, promotions and playlists. Features include signal input impedance >10k�, Connectors: BNC unbalanced, 4x rear, 1x front, power consumptions 20VA, and power supply: internal 115V, 60Hz or 230V, 50Hz.

Acoustic panel

Golden Acoustics

Sonic Equalizer Panel: The panel designs are based on a fractal pattern with a Fibonacci sequence. A stretch fabric cover can be installed over the diffusor to blend it into a room. A relatively thin wall creates a concave surface on the backsides of the panels allowing the panels to be backfilled with sound absorption material; acting similar to a bass trap. Proper mass for reflecting sound or sonic energy is a minimum of 4lbs per square foot. Tests show it is 97 percent reflective. Hanging hardware comes with the panels.



Broadcast to Podcast Services: Radio can offer programming via podcasting with this service. Stations can make all or any part of their content available to their audience at any hour of the day, delivered directly to their PC, Ipod, MP3 player or other portable media device. Stations upload an MP3 file through the company's online wizard and Podomatic ensures the podcast is encoded properly and correctly syndicated to all podcast directories. Stations can then access detailed listener statistics and use a set of online promotional and marketing tools to grow their audience.

Pro Tools LE system


Mbox 2 Pro: This portable audio/MIDI production system provides high-speed Firewire-powered connectivity, 24-bit/96kHz audio resolution and a wide range of analog and digital I/O. It also offers MIDI time stamping support, word clock I/O and dedicated studio monitor outputs. It supports six simultaneous inputs and eight outputs. It includes Pro Tools LE software and more than 50 effects and instrument plug-ins.

Remote site manager


SL-61: The SNMP-Link provides in-band and out-of-band remote access to other devices located at your remote site. The system features a modem or Ethernet interface, four serial ports, 16 on-board I/O channels, four external event sensors and an on-board temperature sensor. It also features a Web browser interface, free alarm software and a rack mount option.



Storm Case IM3075: With multiple layers of cubed foam, these containers protect sensitive equipment during transportation. Available padded dividers provide flexible cavities to hold equipment securely in place while custom-cut foam can be designed for complex equipment configurations. In-line wheels and a telescoping handle make transport easier. Press and pull latches stay closed even if the case is dropped. Unbreakable molded-in hasps for external locks provide a level of security.

Upgrades and Updates

Radiosophy is now shipping the long-awaited Multistream HD receiver. The radio retails for $269 and includes multicast reception. ( Electronics has released the HD Dice for selected Toyota, Lexus, Scion, BMW, Mini Cooper, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Honda and Acura models. ( has added new features to the MSD 600M series audio meter: LEQ Loudness measurement protocol, upgraded Jellyfish surround display, improvements in session logging and more. ( has released software version 1.4 for its Goldeneagle HD monitor. Contact Audemat-Aztec to obtain the software update. (