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New Products

Sep 1, 2007 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

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Water-resistant cables


Waterdog: This cable series includes paired, multi-conductor and coaxial cables that meet the water-resistant standards set by UL 444, UL 13, and the TIA 455-82B Water Filtration Test. The ruggedly constructed cables can be installed indoors or out, above or below ground, making them practical for building management systems to be connected seamlessly -- from building to building or from outdoor sites to indoor monitors. The Waterdog cables are also ideal for deployment in standard indoor/outdoor building management installations.

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Broadcast Tools

Intelliclock: The Intelliclock provides GPS or NTP referenced master clock. It features 0.56" six-digit red LED displays, a viewing distance up to 20 feet, automatic daylight-saving time, serial time code output in ESE TC89 or TC90 format with active high output driver, DPST relay time sync outputs, selectable 12- and 24-hour format display with LED indicator, and desktop or optional rackmount.

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AES-3 audio monitor


DM-1: A portable monitoring system for AES-3 digital audio signals, the unit provides a digital-to-analog converter, headphone amplifier and LED display of the incoming sampling frequency (32kHz, 44.1kHz, or 48kHz). Plugging a valid AES-3 signal into the back of the DM-1 allows headphone monitoring of the signal, with visual status. Any standard headphone from 8 to 600 ohm impedance may be used. A front-panel level control adjusts the headphone volume.

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Fall suspension trauma device

French Creek Productions

U-Step: The U-step is designed to help alleviate suspension trauma in the event of a fall. It comes with two compact, lightweight packs that attach to the sides (left and right) of a full body harness by choking around the harness. In the event of a fall, a worker can immediately pull the webbing from the packs and connect the locking clasps, creating a loop that the suspended worker can step on to alleviate harness pressure and reduce the risk of suspension trauma. The webbing/loop adjusts to varying lengths to accommodate different body sizes and allows for continuous adjustment during suspension. The U-step is to be used in conjunction with a full body harness.

Hinged connector cover


SCDX: This hinged cover is compatible with all of Neutrik's D-Sized chassis connectors and receptacles to protect the unmated connector from water, dust and dirt. The cover snaps over the connector to protect it. The cover also features label space for quick identification.

Power protection

MGE UPS Systems

Pulsar MX Frame: This UPS frame accommodates MGE's Pulsar MX 5000 RT power and battery modules for a modular and scalable power protection system. When the Pulsar MX online double-conversion power modules are connected in parallel within the Pulsar MX Frame, the power can be scaled from 5kVA to 10-, 15- or 20kVA power levels within the unit's 16RU frame. The same power and battery sub-modules from MGE standalone UPS units can be used in the frame. Units feature hot-swappable battery and power sub-modules, auto battery-test, switched outlets, multilingual LCD display and power management software. For extended backup time, redundant external battery modules can be added.

PAD interface software

Modulation Index

PAD Bridge: Interfacing automation systems and databases to RBDS and digital radio data encoders is a challenge for many stations, and this software provides a bridge between those systems. It can be used to display dynamic program information via RBDS, HD Radio PAD MPS/SPS, Internet streaming players and large-format display signs. One instance of PAD Bridge is used for each program source, and is configured to send data to several different devices or computers. As many as eight instances of PAD Bridge may run on a single computer. PAD Bridge 1.0 runs entirely on the user network without any external server requirements or subscriptions. The software has a one-time license fee per source. The software will parse information directly from most automation systems.

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Stereo condenser microphone

Marshall Electronics

MXL 990 USB: The MXL 990 USB stereo condenser microphone features two gold diaphragm capsules in an X/Y stereo configuration. The MXL 990 connects directly to a computer without the need for external mic preamps. The microphone features twin gold sputtered capsules (20mm each) and this pressure-gradient stereo condenser microphone features a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response. The digital section of the microphone features a 16-bit Delta Sigma A/D converter with sampling rates of 44.1kHz and 48kHz.

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Microphone preamp

Focusrite Audio Engineering

ISA 828: The ISA 828 eight-channel microphone pre-amplifier features eight original ISA transformer-based pre-amps in a single 2RU chassis. The pre-amps feature the same vintage microphone pre-amplifier design as the original ISA 110 module from Focusrite's Forte console. The ISA 828 has eight line inputs, four instrument inputs and an optional eight channel 192kHz ADC. The microphone input stage includes a variable impedance circuit, allowing the user to switch between four carefully selected input impedance settings.

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Wireless mic transmitters


UM400, UM450: The UM450 is a digital hybrid wireless belt-pack transmitter with a current-servo input and 250mW RF output. The UM400a, a new version of Lectrosonics' most popular transmitter, is also gaining the current-servo input circuit originally developed for the SM Series. The new input enables a wider range of microphone sensitivities and provides a straightforward microphone wiring method.

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Offset pyramidal diffuser

Acoustics First

QuadraPyramid: The Quadra Pyramid presents a low profile with four pyramids creating sixteen angles of reflection on the surface of a single 2' � 2' panel. Mounting is designed for wall or ceiling grid. Fire rating is Class 1 (A).

Noise reduction enclosure


Xrack Pro 4U: The Xrack Pro 4U noise reduction enclosure rackmount cabinet is about one-third the height and slightly more than half the weight of the 12RU rackmount cabinet. The shorter height and lighter weight of the 4RU rackmount cabinet make it more practical to position the Xrack Pro off the ground and onto a desk, counter top, table, etc. To add extra stability to the 4RU Xrack Pro when it is off the ground, this cabinet will come with heavy duty and adjustable-height legs with a protective material to help avoid leaving any marks on furniture. For those who need mobility of the rackmount cabinet, carpet safe superior strength casters are optional.

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Four-channel line mixer


MX400: This four-channel line mixer uses ultra low-noise 4580 operational amplifiers. It has the same op amps found in its much bigger units, and is well suited as a sub-mixer. Connect the unit's output to a single input on the main mixer. The mixer features 1/4" TS connectors and input level controls for each channel.

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Plug-on recording transmitter


TRX700: The TRX700 is designed for quick and easy integration with the shotgun-type microphones typically used in boom-pole applications. The TRX700 records up to 12 hours of timecode-referenced audio on a removable Mini SD card, a patent-pending feature that provides an automatic backup of the system's RF transmission. The TRX700 uses 100 percent digital modulation.

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Pulizzi Engineering

Power cables: These power cables are available in a variety of plug types and lengths. There are more than 30 stock versions, including NEMA 5-15P to IEC C19, NEMA L6-20P to IEC C19, and European Shucko to IEC C19 cord sets. Standard configurations include 120, 208 and 230V, available in both 15 amp and 20 amp current ratings. Plug options include both straight blade or twist lock connector types. The standard cable length starts at eight feet, with cables up to 15 feet available. For international installation, there are a variety of country-specific plug types available.

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Digital audio console


Arena: This console can monitor all the signals present in the system, as well use the configuration presets in relation to the Swap Page. The dedicated controls for dynamic, EQ, routing and select located above the faders have dual function. In the other mode of operation, these controls turn into send buttons that route the signals to buses, such as master 1, master 2, aux 1 and aux 2. The user may request the on and off controls on top or below the faders. To facilitate easy maintenance, each console offers changeable modules.

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Professional USB Converter


PUC: PUC is a two-channel self-contained audio interface for use with USB-enabled PCs. The unit is powered through the USB, so no external power supply is needed. PUC requires no installation of drivers other than those automatically loaded by the host operating system. With the exception of a 1/8" headphone jack, audio connections are made via an optional breakout cable, which attaches securely to the PUC via DB25 connector. Electronically balanced analog audio I/O (0dBFS=+18dBu) is provided through stereo pairs of Neutrik XLRs.
+49 2173 967 336

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Audio processor


Silver Audio Processor: This line of four- and six-band FM DSP audio processors includes dual paths to allow simultaneous processing of analog and digital radio. HD versions, using look-ahead limiters, are also available and dedicated to the process of audio signals that are being fed off into codecs using bit rate reduction technics. The six-band FM and HD versions include as a standard the Ariane RMS leveller. This AGC corrects input level variations and also improves consistency. The block can provide stereo enhancement with its matrix mode of operation. The Silver Audio Processor line is provided with many factory and users presets for all music styles and applications. The A/B switching enables instant comparison between current settings and the presets.

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Protocol translator, controller

Kramer Electronics

FC-5: The FC-5 is a protocol translator designed to make an RS-232-controlled machine compatible with other RS-232-based protocols. Because the FC-5 will work with any RS-232 controllable product and can convert RS-232 commands to contact closure and relay control signals, it will also simplify make system integration. The translator comes pre-configured with two serial translation tables, a generic serial switcher control protocol to Kramer's Protocol 2000 and the Sierra Video Systems' serial protocol to Kramer's Protocol 2000. The FC-5 can be programmed to work with up to four translation tables, each with up to 256 commands.

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Hand-held, motorized cable coiler

Kaltman Creations

Cable Coiler: The Cable Coiler offers a fast way to preserve microphone cables, speaker cables, coax, Cat-5, telephone, fiber optic cable or rope. The high-torque motor coils the cable. Once coiled, the cable slips off of the spool for instant storage.

Door system

Industrial Acoustics

Sound Control Doors: Each door system, complete with leaf, split-frame seals, hinges and latching hardware, is factory assembled and laboratory tested for performance, alignment, fit and ease of operation prior to shipment. All design changes or material substitutions are fully tested in the lab prior to incorporation. Optional finishes include choices from among 62 types of wood veneers along with paint and metal.

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Mic for female voice


Elle C: Custom-designed for female performers, the Elle C features an XLR connector module with 24-carat gold plated pins for optimized connectivity, as well as resistance to corrosion and humidity. Additionally, the mic features a spring steel wire-mesh grill for extreme ruggedness offering reliable control of pops and wind noise. The Elle C features a frequency range of 60Hz to 20kHz.

Upgrades and Updates

Airshift Media will release an upgrade to the Airshift Radio suite at the NAB Radio Show. The Airshift Studio 2.0 advanced playlist manager now serves cartstack and playlist approach to program production. A new music clock and scheduling feature, and an expansion on the range of keyboards and console interfacing possibilities enhance Airshift's functionality. ( Element consoles can now be ordered in three color combinations: silver on charcoal, bronze on charcoal, and the original gray on silver combo. ( Sound has released the Dscope Series III audio analyzer software version 1.21. New features include tools for acoustic measurements, PC audio and 192kHz sampling on digital audio interfaces. (