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New Products

Oct 1, 2007 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

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RF spectrum analyzer

Kaltman Creations

Spectran HF4040: The Spectran HF4040 is a handheld, field RF spectrum analyzer that addresses frequency selection, interference identification, RF system monitoring, testing and exposure limits. The HF4040 frequency range is from 10MHz to 4GHz. In addition, the unit features display markers, which display the three strongest peaks and their associated frequencies during each sweep. There is also a zoom feature that allows the user to narrow the frequency span down to below 100KHz. The HF4040 will also perform extended data logging and long-term peak hold recording. New models of this analyzer were recently introduced, including 1MHz to 7GHz frequencies, with some models offering optional 10GHz peak detectors.

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Audio connectors


XX-HE Series: Neutrik's XX-HE Series is an exclusive version of its standard XX Series featuring velour chromium plating and extra high temperature resistant insulator material. Available in male (NC3MXX-HE) and female (NC3FXX-HE) configurations, the three-pole connectors include velour chromium housing and machined (not stamped or rolled) gold contacts. Improved chuck type strain relief provides higher pullout force and makes assembly easier and faster. Offering a sleek and ergonomic design, the boot features a polyurethane gland, which gives high protection to cable bending stresses. Colored rings and boots are also available for easy coding and identification.

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Portable recorder codec

Mayah Communications

Flashman II: Whereas the original Flashman was a straight high-quality digital recorder, Flashman II adds the ability to simultaneously record and transmit audio. Flashman II records to SD cards and USB sticks, supports most modern networks and interfaces, and provides a wide range of the current coding algorithms. Flashman II is able to automatically recognize, and connect to almost any audio codec and format.
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FM receiver


BO3: The Viaradio BO3 FM rebroadcast receiver has AES/EBU digital and analog audio outputs, measures RF, Pilot, RDS, L, R, MPX, has RDS data output, alarm messages for RF, Pilot, L, R, MPX, optional MP3 output, remote firmware update, control via TCP/IP or serial, PC control software included and no maintenance is required. Its RF inputs impedance is 50ohm, power consumption is 20Vac and power supply is 115V, 60Hz or 230V, 50Hz.

IBOC 5kW filter


FMBP5000: Using Myat's Evanescent couple technology, these filters attenuate unwanted signals to reduce cross-modulation products generated at the transmitter. Myat's three-section filter with cross coupling allows close-spaced, two-station combining without the high losses associated with typical four-section filters. It is available in three and four section designs, with and without cross coupling, to meet a station's FM/IBOC needs. It is tunable through FM band and features temperature compensation.

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USB microphone interface

Marshall Electronics

MicMate: With the MXL Micmate, any dynamic or condenser microphone can be connected to a personal computer. The Micmate requires no special drivers. The analog section of the device features a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response and a three-position, switchable attenuation pad with settings for Hi (0dB), Medium (-5dB), and Lo (-10dB), making it easy to configure the attached microphone to virtually any sound source. The digital section features a 16-bit Delta Sigma A/D converter with a sampling rate of 44.1kHz and 48kHz.

Floating docking station

Innovative Office Products

EVO Tablet Arm: The EV Tablet Arm is a product line extension of the EVO LCD mounting arm. EVO levitates flat panel monitors above the work surface, enabling fingertip adjustment of monitor height and position. The arm enables the user to create an ergonomic computing station at his or her primary desk, without having to sacrifice the mobility of the computer. A gas spring arm floats the computer above the desk for comfortable viewing, with quick attach and release for work on the go. A full-size keyboard and mouse can be used to recapture the comfort of a desktop PC.

Laptop stand

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APW Mayville

Ueberstand: Folded, the Ueberstand is a compact accessory for a laptop. Unfolded, its industrial design comes to life and elevates a laptop above the workspace while providing a specially crafted shelf for any external hard-drive. The unit includes a 12" zipper bag, aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel, and reusable plastic ties and Velcro.

Studio monitors

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M-Series: These self-powered active studio monitors consists of four models: the M505, M606, M808 and M10s. Sleekly designed, magnetically shielded and precision tuned to provide flat frequency response and sound clarity, each M-Series monitor is bi-amplified includes an adjustable HF cut/boost control, slotted ports for reduced distortion and improved imaging, red woven glass aramid fiber composite woofers and 1-inch soft dome tweeters.

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FM transmitter

Rohde & Schwarz

SR8000: This transmitter is equipped with a digital exciter, provides output power from 100W to 1kW. The digital exciter combines the specs of the analog exciters from the company with the reliability of modern digital signal processing. Due to their compact design, the transmitter occupies a maximum of four height units. All functions are integrated in one box; single frequency network operation is possible.

Upgrades and Updates

Harris introduced a new software interface for its Intraplex Netxpress audio over IP platform at IBC2007. The new CCS Navigator control software is a Windows-based application that provides graphical tools to create user interfaces, visually representing operational environments. ( has released its NX Series of high power, medium wave radio transmitters. Nautel NX transmitters have been designed with DRM and HD Radio digital transmission as integral features. ( Netia Radio-Assist 7.5 range of digital audio software programs now support 5.1 and 7.1 multichannel audio from acquisition through to broadcast. ( has released a firmware upgrade for the Access codec. Version 2.3 firmware release offers a USB-based 3G modem, compatibility with other industry IP codecs using AAC, support for a greater range of 3G PC cards and USB modems, and enhanced network diagnostics. (