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New Products

Jan 1, 2008 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Dual-drive CD recorder


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CDR-882: This dual-drive CD recorder can be used in a REC-REC drive configuration. It supports extended recording time across two or more discs, simultaneous recording of two discs and high-speed duplication. The CDR882 features full 24-bit A/D and D/A converters and a high-quality quartz crystal-derived internal clock. The CDR882 uses noise-shaped dither onto CD to minimize quantization error noise, while audiophile-grade analog circuitry also plays a key role in ensuring superior sonic performance.

Emergency alert generator


EAS Listener: D.A.V.I.D. has added Emergency Alert System support to its program associated data functionality, giving stations the ability to display EAS alerts as text on RBDS and HD Radio-enabled radios as well as on their websites. The new EAS Listener connects to EAS receivers via RS-232 and monitors for incoming alerts. When an alert is issued, the EAS Listener formats the text and sends it to RBDS-enabled radios via Program Service Text or Radio Text. HD Radio-enabled receivers will also receive and display the text message. In addition, notifications of the EAS alert appear on all on-air workstations allowing hosts to read the announcement from a desktop computer. Station staff will be made immediately aware of the alert, giving them the earliest possible opportunity to determine if special coverage is warranted by the event. Also part of the module is an HTML export to allow stations to display the alerts on their websites and LED signs. It automates the logging of all of the EAS messages received as well.

USB microphone preamp


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Mic Port Pro: Mic Port Pro is a portable, low noise USB mic preamp featuring 24-bit/96kHz performance, 48V phantom power, zero latency monitoring, loud headphone output, and adjustments for input and output level. Mic Port Pro offers driverless installation and lets users record with most Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X audio applications. Mic Port Pro ships with a 6' USB cable and a carrying pouch. It plugs into any XLR microphone and instantly transforms it into a recording device. Housed in a rugged aluminum chassis, the unit is powered from the USB cable and requires no additional power for condenser microphones even when using a laptop.

Flash recorder


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PMD620: A rugged yet lightweight digital recorder, the PMD620 houses two high-quality electret condenser microphones and a monitor speaker. It features an intuitive layout and tactile buttons for easy one-hand operation, while a high-contrast organic LED screen can be viewed under any lighting conditions. The PMD620 uses SD/SDHC cards, and audio can be recorded either as uncompressed WAV files or any of three quality levels of MP3 in mono or stereo.

Acoustic panels

Golden Acoustics

Equalizer 18 Sectional Panels: These unique Equalizer 18 Section Panels are easy to install on ceilings or walls. Section 18 Panels are 18 inches deep and designed to diffuse sonic energy across the audio spectrum. They are available in three configurations: left section, center section and right section. The panels can be combined to fit a variety of installations. Depending on the number of panels and the mounting arrangement, these panels can effectively diffuse sonic energy down to below 30Hz.

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New Products

Jan 1, 2008 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Analog audio signal generator


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Minirator MR2: is a powerful audio generator, offering a full range of useful analog test signals for calibration, maintenance and repair of professional audio equipment. The rotary settings wheel combined with surrounding fast access function keys enables instant and intuitive operation without compromising fine adjustment capabilities. Instrument operation is further enhanced with a backlit LCD, illuminated mute button, safety hand strap, jack for external dc power supply and an USB interface for firmware updates.

Paperless studio software

Turnkey Media Systems

Center Stage Version 7: Version 7 of Center Stage Live, the core element of the Center Stage Suite of paperless studio software, now offers users the option to make changes in the exclusive Center Stage Enhanced-RDS, HD-PSD and Web displays from password-protected remote access points, as well as the main data entry sites. The Enhanced-RDS displays provide information beyond rudimentary station name and artist/title data from the playback units. The new release adds further off-site input opportunities to data streams for Enhanced-RDS (RBDS), HD Radio PSD, as well as the �now playing� and other Web content. Modifications are enacted easily by authorized station personnel who check-in off-site through the Internet. Copy and information changes, additions and deletions may be posted within moments, or on a timed-release basis.

Power cord and ac adapter

Hosa Technology

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PWC-408, PWA-486: The PWC-408 heavy-duty power cord and the PWA-486 right-angle NEMA ac adapter are designed to connect equipment directly to the power source without using a garish orange extension cord. The PWC-408 features 14AWG conductors protected by a black PVC jacket while the PWA-486 right-angle adapter facilitates connection in tight spaces. The PWC-408 is an 8-foot, 14AWG, 3-wire power cord featuring an IEC C13 receptacle to a NEMA 5-15P plug. The cord is also available in 1.5-, 3-, 15-, 25- and 50-foot lengths.

RBDS unit

Broadcast Electronics

RDS RT+: The RT+ Injector is based on RT+, a standard passed by the RDS Forum in June 2006 that builds on the internationally established Radio Text standard by adding category codes to existing text streams. The additional codes will create new opportunities for displaying traffic updates, weather readouts and more on RBDS radios.

Multichannel amplifier


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MA4: The 100W-per-channel, four-channel MA 4 amplifier is housed in a 1RU chassis that weighs eight pounds. A universal-voltage switching power supply provides power factor, reducing peak currents to � compared to non power-factor-corrected supplies. Features range from constant load power to built-in automatic redundancy switching to advanced dynamics control. Advanced dynamics control algorithms adapt to changes in temperature, load impedance and sensitivity setting.

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New Products

Jan 1, 2008 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Digital EAS encoder/decoder

Digital Alert Systems

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DASDEC: The DASDEC is a software-based EAS endec. It meets current EAS needs and configurations, includes digital and is positioned to immediately address the pending CAP compliance issue. At inception in 2003, the DASDEC was defined as Linux software in a PC platform inline with today's IP-based, networked, browser operated technology. The DASDEC received FCC certification in 2004. The front panel has one button, the required readout, a speaker and no printer. The button is for testing and the browser directs printing to a network printer. Browser templates set up the desired configuration defining all EAS operations as well as emergency communications beyond EAS. One internal card contains three browser-defined receivers for EAS monitoring of AM, FM or NOAA, GPIO inputs and outputs and audio override switching.

Miniature loudspeaker

Meyer Sound

MM-4XP: The MM-4XP miniature loudspeaker is a self-powered version of the MM-4 miniature wide-range loudspeaker. With a face measuring just four inches square, this compact monitor is suited for locations where space is at a premium. The new MM-4XP has flexible mounting options, an operating frequency range of 120Hz to 18kHz, and peak output of 113dB SPL.

LED light strips


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STP50XC: Series STP50XC super white inter-connectable 5mm LED light strips may be used along or connected to one another to configure lighting solutions for warning lights and rack lighting. Available in lengths of 6, 12 and 24", these light strips feature Ledtronics' 5mm dome LEDs in 7,000K and 3,000K colors. The STP506 is 6 inches in length and uses 1.08W. The STP512 is a 12" model that uses 2.52W. The STP 524 is a 24" model that uses 5.40W. Each module has a double-ended connector harness for easy daisy-chain assembly and a pre-applied strip of 3M double-sided foam tape for peel-and-stick placement. One inter-connector module and one power adapter cable are included with each light strip purchased.

AC line switcher

DM Engineering

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Solid State Relay Pack: This self-contained ac line switching device is designed to operate studio signs using a low dc input voltage to control the output. The input is not polarity sensitive, which simplifies installation. This device is designed to interface with the DM Engineering Slave Auxiliary Relay Pack and many other products. The unit features an input voltage range of 5-15Vdc at 17mA (maximum) with polarity guard. Input wires may be connected without regard to polarity and may be almost any length; fused output with capabilities up to 5A with NEMA standard U ground 3-pin outlet connector; 6' input ac cord with NEMA standard U ground 3-pin plug; Eurostyle removable two-station dc input connector; and zero-crossing technology to eliminate noise.

Audio processor


Optimod-FM 8500FM: Other than providing FM analog processing only, Optimod-FM 8500FM is identical to Orban's flagship 8500 and can be easily field-upgraded to full 8500 functionality. The 8500FM builds on the sound of Optimod-FM 8400 version 3 while adding features that make it particularly ideal for stations that may want to upgrade to HD Radio, Eureka 147, or netcast processing in the future. Under the hood, Orban redesigned all of the circuitry using the latest components and doubled the DSP power, so the DSP not only supports the new features but also provides comfortable headroom for future DSP improvements. The unit features five-band and two-band processing for analog FM transmission, stereo enhancement, equalization, AGC, multi-band compression, low-IM peak limiting, stereo encoding, and composite limiting.

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New Products

Jan 1, 2008 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

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Large diaphragm condenser mic

MXL Microphones

V88: A general-purpose recording instrument, the V88 is a large diaphragm, pressure-gradient, condenser microphone with fully balanced transformerless output. Internally wired with Mogami cable, the mic features a large 32mm capsule with a gold-sputtered diaphragm in a cardioid polar pattern. The capsule delivers a frequency response from 20Hz through 20kHz thanks to the microphone's Class A electronics. Featuring a nickel-plated finish and a low profile form factor of less than 6-inches in overall height, the mic ships with a protective aluminum flight case. A shockmount adapter is also included as part of the package.

Power meter

MGE UPS Systems

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PM800: These power meters complement MGE's line of Power Management Modules with a selection of monitoring and communication features that can be tailored to individual needs. MGE's family of power meters simplify power monitoring of critical incoming power circuits as well as secondary feeders and branch circuits with multifunctional digital instrumentation and alarms. Providing users with an extensive data set that can facilitate optimized power quality and equipment utilization, this latest power meter reads over 50 metered values as well as minimum and maximum data via a menu-driven display.

I/O boxes

Calrec Audio

AD5603, JB5607: These fixed-format boxes range from 2RU to 4RU in size and all have built-in PSU redundancy with single or optional dual IEC power connections. The AD5603 is a 2RU analog I/O unit and the JB5607 is a 3RU unbalanced AES I/O unit. The AD5603 consists of 24 mic/line inputs and eight line outputs with phantom power indication on mic inputs and a tri-color signal LED indicating whether audio is present, normal, or at clip for each input. The JB5607 consists of 32 AES inputs and 32 AES outputs on BNC connectors. The AES unit is also available as a 110O XLR-based 4RU variant.+44 1422 842 159

Uninterruptible power supply

Falcon Electric

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FN Series: The FN Series double-conversion online uninterruptible power supplies expand the family's range up to 40kVA. Users have the choice of scaling from 3kVA to 24kVA or with this model, scale from 8kVA to 40kVA in the same compact footprint as the FN Series 6kVA unit. The parallel or N+1 redundant supplies are designed to meet the demands of IT infrastructures with a scalable platform and N+1 redundancy. The FN Series models achieve many technical milestones including a faster processor utilizing digital signal processing technology, improving performance, capability and reliability. An FN system can be configured using individual 8kVa and 10kVA models, providing up to 40kVA capacity or to 30kVA with N+1 redundancy. This approach eliminates the added expense of buying additional cabinets to house control, power and battery modules. In addition, the FN models can be programmed by the user for use as a 50Hz or 60Hz frequency converter.

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New Products

Jan 1, 2008 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

RF spectrum analyzer software

Kaltman Creations

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Air Sleuth Pro: The Air Sleuth Pro allows the user to view Wi-fi channels 1 through 11 individually or simultaneously with peak, average and raw trace modes. There are 10 diagnostic modes including traces, spectrogram, channel time course, differential channels and pie charting. Air Sleuth Pro also includes a real-time calculation of the channel with the least interference. There is even a logging and playback recorder for extended monitoring. The Air Sleuth Pro is sold as a software-based application, which includes an antenna, user's guide and frequently asked questions document.

Ad-generating service

OMT Technologies

Web Shout: Web Shout Radio Software generates classified ads using a station's website to generate non-traditional ad income for a station using shout outs. Web Shout Radio gathers the advertiser's continuity through a custom Web Shout website, collects the payment and sales order, produces the spot, e-mails the finished MP3 spot to the station the next business day, and pays the stations its share of the ad revenue. Stations set the rate based on the amount of word content, have final scrutiny over the ad, set the schedule of the spot to play on your station, provide the link on the station's website, and promote the Web Shout Radio ad service to its listeners.

Handheld PA system


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Europort EPA40: This handheld PA system provides sound reinforcement wherever it is needed. The EPA40 features a variable gain mic input, line input for media and CD players, 40W amplifier and 5" loudspeaker. The rechargeable battery provides 12Vdc power for up to eight hours. Included is a rugged dynamic mic with coiled cable and on/off switch. A shoulder strap stows away inside the battery compartment when not in use. The unit is a complete public address system to provide coverage for up to 100 listeners in a package weighing less than under 6lbs.


Remote site controllers

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Site Boss Series: This series of products detects and controls remote site factors such as non-networked, non-SNMP devices and environmental conditions, which otherwise remain outside the scope of the network management system, while providing sufficient security. The product line consists of a series of low-end to high-end stand-alone monitoring hardware devices that can be deployed at the remote sites, providing a set of intelligent monitoring and control features to help detect and prevent potential operational issues at remote sites.


Build 18 of V-Soft's FM Commander updates the contour overlap feature to get a reading of the greatest overlap or the least amount of clear space. Also, several builds ago, V-Soft changed the way the program displays commercial stations when the program is in the interference mode. ( Audio has released version of its IP audio driver for Windows. The new release increases the number of supported streams from 16 to 24 in the OEM version available from Axia software partners. Other features include new audio metering, clipping and silence detection functions, and enhanced real-time monitoring of audio stream statistics. ( released version 2.7.4 of Nexgen Digital, which includes opto masking to enable the audio server to only respond to specific switch inputs. This customer-requested feature gives the engineer more control over what, when, and how each event is triggered. (

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