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New Products

May 1, 2008 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

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Studio monitors


HRmk2: The THX-approved HR824mk2 and HR624mk2 monitors replace their predecessors, the HR824 and HR624, and boast a wide range of technological features. Crafted from a single piece of cast aluminum, the HRmk2's new Zero Edge Baffle minimizes diffraction for a crystal clear mix image, while its Optimized Waveguide delivers wide, even dispersion as well as full, articulate mids. Coupled with the passive radiator, the new baffle design also ensures tight, articulate bass extension. And with a real wood enclosure, the HRmk2s perform with maximum detail, clarity and warmth. The HR624mk2 features a 6.7" low-distortion LF transducer and a 1" titanium dome tweeter. The HR824mk2 has an 8.75" low-distortion LF woofer and a 1" titanium dome tweeter.

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Multi-channel headphone amp

SM Pro Audio

HP6E: The HP6E is a flexible and reliable six-channel headphone amplifier housed in a sturdy 1RU metal chassis. The HP6E boasts a variety of improvements over the original HP6 including improved frequency response, additional power, digital control of input selection, and a fifth mix input. Built-in flash memory has also been added to allow for last state memory recall of the input selection for each channel. The HP6E's flexible design allows any of the four available audio input source signals to be routed to any of the six Class A headphone amps provided on the HP6E. An additional fifth stereo signal can also be mixed into each individual headphone channel.
+61 3 9555 8081

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Digital two-track recorder


PDR-1: Complete with four microphones consisting of two internal and two lapel mics with sensitivity adjustment, a set of ear buds and USB cable, the PDR-1 comes housed in a sturdy chassis. It records regular audio at 16-bit/44.1kHz, and MP3s at 128kb/s. At 1kHz, the signal-to-noise ratio is 55dB and frequency response is 20Hz to 20kHz. The PDR-1 has two 1/4" mono jacks, one 1/8" stereo line out jack, two 1/4" line in/guitar mono jacks with volume controls, USB Port, a 1" x 2" LCD display and hold button. It is factory stocked with 128MB of Flash memory, expandable up to 4GB for a total of almost seven hours maximum recording time in stereo at full bandwidth, has built in monitor speakers, and includes a power adaptor.

Audio to bare wire adapters

Har-Ken Specialties

HK-101, HK-103, HK-132, HK-104/102, HK-118: The HK-101 adapter provides binding posts for the connection of bare ended wires. The binding posts are also spaced to accommodate the use of a double plug test fixture. The normal connections are red post to pin 2 of the XLR and black to pin 3. The HK-103 and HK-119 (narrow profile) adapters provide binding posts for the connection of bare ended wires. The binding posts are also spaced to accommodate the use of a double plug test fixture. The third metal push post is connected to pin 1 (GND). The HK-104 adapter consists of a standard the pin XLR connector with a three-position terminal strip. The HK-104 also provides for connections of audio input or output circuits to existing Telco pairs or other non-terminated audio pairs. The HK-118 adapter provides for the quick connect/disconnect of bare ended wires in a miniature form. This mini-barrier will accommodate wire from 16 to 24 gauge.

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HJ Series connectors

ERI-Electronics Research

Heliax: Electronics Research has expanded its line of Heliax to rigid coaxial line connectors to include connectors for 3" cable to 3-1/8" rigid line and 1-5/8" cable to 1-5/8" rigid line. E-connectors' flanges allow direct connection to rigid transmission line, television and FM antenna inputs, and transmitter outputs. All connectors are available in both gas pass and gas barrier versions, as well as male and female configurations. The new Heliax connectors are available in 10 models.

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New Products

May 1, 2008 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Engineering software

Fifty Thousand Watt Software

Voice from the Past: Voice from the Past comes in two programs, VP-Record and VP-Retrieve. VP-Record is designed for simplicity. The user supplies an audio source and designates a sound file folder. VP-Record continuously records all audio in full CD-quality. The recording is done in 1-minute sound files so that, in the event of a hardware or power failure, no more than 60-seconds of recorded material is lost. VP-Retrieve can retrieve the recorded audio from anywhere on the network. A typical station might have one seat of VP-Record and five seats of VP-Retrieve. The VP-Retrieve program has a user interface that makes it easy to designate a time period to retrieve, and then controls that make it easy to audition the retrieved audio so that it can be correctly trimmed at the start and the end of the desired event. The retrieved audio is exported to a single continuous WAV file. Voice from the Past can save up to three weeks of audio. The program automatically deletes sound files older than the designated save time. The main screen continuously reports the amount of remaining disk space. Voice from the Past is particularly well suited for recording live radio shows for rebroadcast. It removes the need to set up to record a show. The show can simply be retrieved at any time in the following few weeks. Voice from the Past runs under Windows.

Studio monitors

Samson Technologies

Media One: Available in three configurations, Media One Active Monitors offer full-range sound. Each model is equipped with a 25mm high frequency tweeter and passive crossovers utilizing a multi-pole design for a linear response. The Media One 3A has a 3" woofer with 15W of Class A/B internal power. The 4A offers a 4" woofer with 20W of internal power and the 5A sports a 5" woofer with 20W of internal power. The result is a compact cabinet that delivers solid bass response and extended highs. Each pair of Media One monitors has a front control panel with volume control, headphone output and an auxiliary input for connecting a second signal source such as an MP3 player.

Live two-way broadcasting

Technica del Arte

Luci Live Two: With Luci Live Two, users can broadcast to any professional IP-codec and play pre-recorded material while broadcasting. The unit features RTP or UDP low-delay streaming, shoutcast or icecast compatibility, recording while broadcasting, realtime MPEG conversion to MP2 and 48kHz sample rate, 32 to 256kb/s.
+31 43 32 19 499

AC power management


M7500CRD-IP: The M7500CRD-IP is a card for remote control of the MAX 7500-PRO power management system. Featuring remote diagnostics and e-mail alerts, the M7500CRD-IP reduces the need for installers to drive to an end user's location for routine maintenance and re-setting. Utilizing the card, users have control of the MAX 7500-Pro's individual outlet banks, featuring power, trigger and delay settings. Remote diagnostics check the unit status and incoming line voltages, while e-mail alerts for over- and under-voltages help users anticipate or prevent service calls. The IP card features an easy, plug-and-play installation interface and spring-loaded screws to secure the card to the rear of the MAX 7500-Pro. An included LAN port is compatible with BaseT 10/100.

Audio editors plug-in suite


RX Plug-ins: Izotope RX audio restoration plug-ins feature the essential tools for cleaning and restoring audio. Available for VST, Audio Unit, MAS, Pro Tools (RTAS, Audio Suite), and DirectX, the plug-ins are now included with the stand-alone version. Current RX customers will be able to download the update free of charge. RX removes hiss and buzz, eliminates clicks and crackles, and repairs overload distortion in audio. New intelligent Spectral Repair algorithms can even analyze and fill gaps in audio files to restore previously unusable recordings.

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New Products

May 1, 2008 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Hand-held test set


3500 Radio Test Set: This RF spectrum analyzer option for the 3500 hand-held 1GHz Radio Test Set allows users to see the signals they are receiving. In addition, the 3500 will have P25 parametric test capabilities by summer 2008, making it even more versatile. Using an advanced Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm, the 3500 spectrum analyzer option provides an almost instantaneous display of the RF frequency spectrum. It has the ability to measure signal levels down to -136dBm, providing advanced signal analysis in a lightweight platform, weighing less than 8.5lbs. Operation of the 3500 spectrum analyzer includes span ranges of 10kHz to 5MHz and an effective resolution bandwidth as small as 19Hz. Marker functions are available for the user to measure power in a specified bandwidth.

Promotional item launcher

Air Cannons

Guitar Air Cannon: Air Cannons are in action just about every night in arenas and stadiums around the nation and around the world. One recent development provided by Air Cannons is the added convenience of shrink-wrapping the t-shirts so it's more convenient for the shooter to fire more shirts in a shorter amount of time. The company also offer new products that can be shot into the crowd. Air Cannons are used as a marketing tool at events to excite the crowd, but also to brand the event holders, sports team or their sponsors. Besides shooting t-shirts, the air cannons can also shoot other items that include coupons or other branding materials.



Series 69: Designed by Loud's touring sound veterans, Tapco's Series 69 Loudspeakers deliver professional quality at an affordable price. For maximum portability, they are made as compact as possible without sacrificing performance or efficiency. Series 69 Loudspeakers feature premium drivers, PVC vinyl-covered wood enclosures, custom-molded thermoplastic edge bumpers, and bigger sound than any big-name speaker in its class. The Series 69 Passive Loudspeaker family includes the 6912, a 12" two-way system; the 6915, a 15" two-way system; the 6925, a dual 15" two-way system, and the 6918s 18" passive subwoofer.

Audio connectors


Combo A Series: This newly developed receptacle accepts both XLR and 1/4" phone plug connectors, offering users both cost and space savings. Based on the A-Series panel cut-out, the smallest available panel mount XLR, it features high packing density and excellent space savings. The new A-Series combo is available in two versions: as a 6-pole vertical receptacle and a horizontal PCB mount receptacle, without switching contacts.

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New Products

May 1, 2008 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Portable codec

Mayah Communications

Sporty: The Sporty Portable Reporter Codec can transmit from anywhere to anywhere, while simultaneously recording to USB sticks or SD cards. Built to the same demanding standards as the Flashman II, Sporty is a robust, portable studio with two new, state-of-the-art audio formats. Sporty is able to automatically recognize and connect to almost any audio codec and format available. Sporty is also the ideal unit for live reporting; pairing ease-of-use with enormous flexibility, it is able to master many different and difficult interview and reporting situations.
+49 811 55 16 0

Compact subwoofer

Adam Professional Audio

Sub7: The Sub 7, a new compact subwoofer designed to complement the A5. Despite its small footprint, it is capable of extending the frequency reproduction of the A5 down to 30Hz. Multiple inputs (both XLR and RCA) and controls that allow the system to be fine-tuned to any listening environment make the Sub 7 the ideal partner for the A5. A wireless remote control for adjusting the volume and crossover frequency from the listening position is also provided.

Foam inserts

Middle Atlantic Products

Customizable Foam Inserts: These customizable foam inserts provide storage for accessories and delicate pieces of equipment. The inserts are quickly and easily modified to hold anything tightly in place, while providing the added convenience of being able to store them in a single location. The inserts fit any Middle Atlantic Products drawer, and are sized to occupy 2RU, 3RU or 4RU.


Website services

Vision Enhanced Studios

Website services: Vision Enhanced Studios, a creative firm specializing in rich interactive media content, is using next generation technology to help radio stations build brand awareness and brand loyalty. Rich interactive media, also known as multimedia, refers to an electronically delivered combination of media that includes video, still images, audio and text created in such a way that it can be accessed interactively on the Internet. For radio stations, this translates into sophisticated websites that attract and engage audiences online, thereby expanding brand personality further into a visual presence and further into the online lives of listeners.

Audio streaming over IP


Streamcube: Streamcube is able to transmit audio signals economically via IP-based networks such as LAN, WAN and Internet (DSL) and over long distances to several receivers or to a Shoutcast/Icecast Server. The Streamcube series consists of Encoder (Audio-to-Ethernet) and Decoder (Ethernet-to-Audio) and is suitable likewise for permanent and temporary installation. The encoded audio signal can either be transmitted within a building complex via CAT-5 Ethernet LAN-cable and standard network switches to one or more devices from the Streamcube DEC series or to PCs. The bitrate and sampling-frequency are adjustable for different sound qualities (MP3) in mono or stereo. The controlling and administration of the Streamcube works with a Web browser-based application via PC, PDA or another Web-based device.
+49 89-3715645-0

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New Products

May 1, 2008 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Small console

Soundcraft USA

GB2R: The Soundcraft GB2R is a 19-inch rack-mountable mixer designed specifically for smaller installations or small portable PA systems. Available in two variants, the GB2R offers either 16 mono inputs to a stereo mix output, or a 12.2 version with 12 mono inputs, two full-featured stereo inputs and two group buses, each model having six auxiliary sends. The Soundcraft GB2R inherits both the GB30 mic preamplifier and GB30 equalizer designs from the larger GB4 and GB8. For ease of installation, the connector section is contained in a rotatable pod, allowing cable access from the top of the mixer if sat on a tabletop or from the rear when mounted in a 19-inch rack. The rack ears can also be removed. On the stereo inputs of the 12.2 model, connectors are provided for both mic and line inputs. Two stereo returns and a two-track input are provided, which means that the GB2R-12.2 model can offer up to 26 inputs to mix in a mixer just 19 inches wide. Every input has a pre/post switchable direct output for recording or effects sends, while an internal universal voltage PSU avoids external power supply connections.

Mini RBDS/RDS encoder

Deva Broadcast

Smart Gen Mini: Smart Gen Mini Encoder is the quick and inexpensive way to have an RDS/RBDS presence. USB connectivity makes it easy to program the non-volatile memory using any PC and the supplied Windows software. After programming, the unit may be disconnected and re-installed at the transmitter site. Though it is not capable of dynamic messaging with song titles, Smart Gen Mini will identify a station by format, display a station's street name, and continuously transmit any station promo or advertising message to listeners.
+359 56 820027

Dynamic noise suppressor


DNS1500: The DNS1500 updates the style, design and performance of the DNS1000. With an improved chassis and updated processors, it couples the perfect ergonomics of the DNS1000 with improved 2-channel performance and up to 100kHz capabilities for increased compatibility in today's audio environments.

Music library

Music 2 Hues

Funk Guitar and Base: If you are looking for some funky guitar and bass grooves, then this collection has it all. You'll find everything from retro to cutting edge funk here. Soulful guitar playing takes center stage, along with some pop and slap bass playing and funky organ riffs.

Wireless intercom

Intracom Systems

VCOM: This next generation wireless intercom brings the power and functionality of Intracom's VCOM Software Intercom System for PCs to the palm of your hand. As with the PC system, the wireless, handheld version supports virtually an unlimited number of channels configurable for point-to-points, group calls and party lines. As many as 200 users are supported and can talk hands-free privately or in full duplex conference. The wireless system easily interfaces with other communication systems, does not have frequency constraints, and runs on readily available Wi-fi and/or data-cellular-enabled handhelds running Windows Mobile 5.0 and higher. Based on a dedicated-server, multiple-client architecture, the software can be used as a stand-alone wireless intercom system or in conjunction with IntraCom's VCOM Software Intercom System for PCs. The VCOM Wireless Intercom Control Panel GUI enables non-blocking, point-and-click control to establish talk and/or listen voice paths. Multiple group and individual voice paths can be established simultaneously and multiple conferences can be accommodated in any complexity. All basic paths are established in advance and are always on for instant (multiple) channel access for talking and monitoring.

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New Products

May 1, 2008 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Firewire Audio Snake accessory

I/One Connects

3U XLR panel: The 3RU panel has XLR connectors for 16 analog inputs and 16 outputs, plus four stereo digital in and four out (AES-S/PDIF); eight channels of ADAT in and out remain on the 1U main unit for a total of 32 in and out. Any input can be routed to any output of any other unit connected up to 1,640 feet away over fiber optic cabling. I/ONE Firewire Snakes carry up to 96 audio channels with word clock and control, bi-directionally in one cable.

Advertising delivery system


Agentless Ad Delivery: Agentless Ad Delivery increases portability and expedites access to DMDS by allowing for radio ad spots and traffic details to be downloaded from any Internet-connected PC or Mac, anywhere in the world. Agentless Ad Delivery builds on the inherent portability of the DMDS technology, which ensures security by linking a password to a specific person and not a computer or IP address. Clients can now securely download files using DMDS without the need to download and install the DMDS agent software.

Locking USB connector


SeaDAC Lite: SeaDAC Lite modules are perfect for a wide variety of applications including process control, facility management, security and broadcast automation. The optically isolated inputs protect the host computer from damaging voltage transients and ground loops commonly found in industrial and OEM applications. The 8111's SPST Reed relays are rated to 500mA, and the 8112 uses high-current SPDT Form C relays to switch up to 6A loads. To simplify installation and troubleshooting, status LEDs display I/O activity and USB connection information. All SeaDAC Lite modules are powered by the USB connection to the host computer. SeaDAC Lite modules are housed in rugged plastic enclosures ideal for mounting on walls, under counters or inside equipment panels.



TLM 103 D: When used in conjunction with digital workstations, digital Solution-D microphone technology makes life easier for users. The integrated, fast peak limiter guarantees optimal recording levels at all times. Likewise, the Neumann A/D converter built into the microphone eliminates the necessity of tedious experimentation with external converters and preamps. The TLM 103 D is available in a choice of satin nickel or matte black finish, with a SG 1 swivel mount.

Traversal server


BRIC TS: Bric TS is designed to make Access IP connections simple. Users can log in to the Bric TS server using a standard Web browser and create an account. A User Group is created and Access units are added to the account. After the account has been configured, Access units will automatically synchronize with Bric TS. A Buddy List is added to each Access unit's address book, which shows all users in the specified group as well as each codec's connection status and IP address. Connection between Access units is a simple point and click regardless of each unit's IP address and location behind firewalls or routers.

HD Radio Series


DSG9000: The DSG9000 series instruments are HD Radio signal sources designed to play pre-recorded vector files that replicate various HD Radio service modes and channel configurations. The series has two models, one with all vectors for receiver design, and the other with two production-level vectors for rapid testing. Every DSG9000 includes a removable HDD for vector file storage and DVD drive to install future updates. The signal vectors are certified by the Ibiquity Digital.

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New Products

May 1, 2008 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Radio to DVB encoder

You/Com Audiocommunicatie

MXTS: The MXTS is a high quality audio encoder for cable, terrestrial and satellite audio distribution as well as STL-applications. The output, whether it is ASI, E1 or IP, is a DVB-compliant multiplex for up to 19 channels. RDS support per channel to feed FM transmitters and cable head ends is one of its strong features. The IP input module for MXTS will support the contribution of audio signals over IP. This input module is capable of receiving signals from a broad range of encoders. This could be MPEG2Layer2, MP3, WMA and AAC as well as Internet radio streams.
+31 15 262 5955

Internet production systems

Barnabas Road Media

Per Performance Reporting System: BRM's Per Performance Reporting System (PPRS) was developed in-house by its software development team headed by Paul Gathard, the president and founder of Barnabas Road Media. PPRS collects the data from a radio station's automation system, integrates the output of the streaming media server files and produces a ready-to-file official report that is signed and submitted by station/network managers. The report is ready to submit to SoundExchange as you remit your royalty payments. PPRS makes per-play reporting simple, fast and reliably easy to use.

Upgrades and Updates

Telos Systems is now shipping the Zephyr/IP, an IP codec optimized for operation over the public Internet and mobile phone data services. Zephyr/IP utilizes ACT (Agile Connection Technology), which combines loss detection and concealment with dynamic buffering and auto-varying bit-rate functions to continuously adapt to network conditions, minimizing the effects of packet loss, varying bandwidth and jitter that occur on real-world networks. Z/IP also works directly with high-speed mobile phone data networks. ( ... Enco Systems will add support for Itunes Tagging for HD Radio to its DAD Digital Audio Delivery system. Enco notes that the update will be made available to DAD users at no additional cost or monthly service charge. ( ... Broadcast Electronics has added new features and upgrades for its text automation system. The Radio Experience can now provide opportunistic insertion of text ads plus online text plug-ins from weather, sports and other information providers. ( ... RCS has empowered Nexgen Digital automation with Google's Ad Sense for Audio program, providing stations access to advertisers who are new to radio marketing. ( ... Day Sequerra has added new features to its soon-to-ship M3 model. Each of the three tuners included with the unit will include the ability to display the Apple UFID Buy Button data. Day Sequerra is first to include Buy Button diagnostics in its line of professional HD Radio modulation monitors and tuners. (

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