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New Products

Jun 1, 2008 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

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Handheld spectrum analyzer

Agilent Technologies

N9340B: The New N9340B Handheld Spectrum Analyzer with bright display and powerful new features boosts field test productivity, saves time and reduces the cost of maintenance. The N9340B covers a frequency range from 100kHz to 3GHz and is designed for field tests such as interference analysis, spectrum monitoring and on-site repair. Operation in diverse conditions is possible with the new 6.5� TFT color screen and back-lit keys, indoors or out. Other new features include: spectrogram, spectrum emission mask, USB Power Sensors support, and AM/FM and ASK/FSK modulation analysis. It also offers remote control over USB and LAN for remote operations.

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Two-channel recorder


Nagra LB: Compact and versatile, the Nagra LB is a two-track recorder. It is a 16/24-bit device with an Ethernet connection and Bluetooth communication. Sampling frequencies of up to 192kHz are available depending on the application desired. This portable recorder can record and edit the material in the field and return it to the studio over the GSM network by means of the Bluetooth communication with a mobile phone. It can be connected directly to the Internet through its Ethernet port. Files can be immediately transferred over IP, representing an easy way of putting music and other recordings onto the Web. The microphone inputs are fitted with a special integrated vortex filter to virtually eliminate wind noise. They are equipped with linkable audio limiters, +48V phantom powering and independent sensitivity selection switches. An AES digital input can also be fed to a dedicated XLR connector.

Streaming Services

Stream On

Streaming services: This streaming service uses an Ogg Vorbis encoder to produce higher quality audio at lower bit-rates. Combined with the Stream On audio player, listeners can enjoy Ogg-quality audio within their Web browsers. Plug audio into the streaming appliance and Stream On configures and maintains the stream. There are no encoder licensing costs, viruses or maintenance required. The audio player program is independent, requiring no media player.

Multifunction changeover

Axel Technology

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Merlin: The Merlin is designed to provide sophisticated changeover of audio signals, such as stereo pairs and even FM multiplex and video composite signals. Incoming signals are constantly monitored and if a fault is detected on the signal applied to a set input, it will switch to a stand-by source. Up to seven internal relays can be associated to the audio switching for further alarm signalling, external signal routing, starting CD players, etc. The delay times before switching and before returning to the normal state are easily set by trimmers and jumpers. The Merlin features both XLR balanced and RCA audio inputs for an easier connection to either professional or consumer equipment. Each pair of RCA inputs can be also reverted to unbalanced foldback outputs. The balanced XLR output stage incorporates high-current line drivers capable to always deliver optimal signals even down long cable runs and with low load impedance.
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Ipod mixer and recorder


Tune Studio: Belkin's Tune Studio for Ipod is the first four-channel audio mixer that records directly to an Ipod. This mixer allows the input of up to four different instruments or audio sources, and records the audio at 44kHz quality onto an Ipod for instant playback.

Digital audio distribution

Destiny Media Technologies

My Player MPE: Accessible through any Web browser, My Play MPE is an innovative way for independent record labels and artists to deliver their releases over the Internet directly to radio station program directors, music directors and others with speed and security. My Play MPE places control in the hands of users by allowing independent record labels to instantly post songs for consideration for radio station airplay through a self-serve automated system.

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New Products

Jun 1, 2008 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

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Always-on analyzer


Optiview Series III workgroup analyzer: This new always-on Workgroup Analyzer identifies every device, application and connection on the network. It addresses the issue of maintaining network performance even as new technologies and new services require infrastructure changes at central and remote locations. Located centrally, multiple users can access the workgroup analyzer at the same time. Alternatively, the workgroup analyzer can act as a virtual network engineer. By sending a unit to remote locations when needed and analyzing the data centrally, organizations can save the time and money that would be spent sending an expert to the problem site.

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Mono interface


LTI Blox: A scaled down, compact, mono audio version of the Rapcohorizon LTI-1 stereo interface, the LTI Blox accepts stereo 3.5mm audio from portable audio devices and provides a single mono balanced XLR output for input into professional mixing consoles. Featuring a 3.5mm connector on a three-foot cable, the LTI Blox has volume control and balanced XLR outputs.

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Combined media optictransport system


Light Viper Shadow: The Shadow is designed for live sound and broadcast production, fixed media installations and remote recording applications. The 2.5GHz system will handle a variety of media, including audio, intercom, Ethernet, RS-422/232/485 control, composite video and TTL data. With optional component modules, DMX lighting control, MIDI, CANBUS and other control data can also be handled. The Shadow's modular components may be used independently or in combination to achieve a virtually unlimited variety of system designs for transporting various media data over a fiber optic network.

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Real-time noise reduction


Auto Audio Denoizer: The Auto Audio Denoizer performs real-time, on-the-fly automatic noise reduction. It will preserve the main signal characteristics of audio even while substantial noise removal is applied. It incorporates sophisticated tracking algorithms, enabling live recordings to filter out noise automatically. Based on a proprietary, patent-pending ATC Labs algorithm that employs state-of-the-art signal processing and psychoacoustic modeling techniques to perceptually weigh the audio and noise components, the ATC Labs Auto Audio Denoizer ensures that even under poor signal-to-noise ratio conditions, there is no compromise or distortion of the original audio source during noise removal. A free trial version can be downloaded.

Dual Input FM antenna

ERI-Electronics Research

Lynx Series II: The LYNX Series FM Antenna is a field proven method of implementing simulcast FM IBOC operations. It combines the analog and IBOC signals in the antenna array, which is the most power efficient combining method. The new design features improved isolation of greater than 40dB, and improved input match for both the analog and digital signals. This improved isolation is part of ERI's continuing program to improve product performance and is particularly significant as the FCC considers the NAB's request to increase allowable power levels for the FM IBOC signal.

Digital microphone packages


Broadcaster IFB and ENG: Zaxcom's Broadcaster IFB package includes four TRX900AA transceivers with integrated IFB functionality, one IFB100 transmitter, one RX4900 single-rack receiver unit with four receivers and other accessories required to support the wireless transmission of broadcast-quality audio, 2.4GHz IFB signals and RF remote control. The ENG Package is comprised of one TRX900AA with internal recording and IFB support, one STA100 stereo adaptor, one stereo receiver and one IFB100 transmitter.

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New Products

Jun 1, 2008 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

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Primera Technology

Color label printer

LX400: LX400 color label printers include one dye-based color ink cartridge, Nice Label SE Primera Edition design software, printer drivers, starter roll of 4" � 3" Tuff-Coat High-Gloss Inkjet Label Stock, USB 2.0 cable and instructions. Labels can include full-color photos, illustrations, graphics, text and bar codes. Depending upon the quantity printed, the price per label will be significantly less than labels printed on flexo or offset.

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Digital radio console


On Air 2500: The Studer On Air 2500 is a totally self-contained system and builds upon the operational concepts of its predecessor, the On Air 2000. With the On Air 2500, the control surface, I/O breakout, DSP core and power supply are all integrated within a single compact chassis. The console's fader strips each include a graphical OLED (organic LED) screen, which contains a channel label, level and gain reduction meter and parameter readouts, adjustable via a rotary encoder and two push buttons below the display. OLED screens have a much wider viewing angle than LCDs, and have much higher definition, so operators can immediately see information much more clearly. The large TFT color touch screen uses Studer's patented Touch'n'Action system, where only the most important functions have hardware control elements in the channel strip making the consoles' operation very simple and stress-free.

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Power conditioner

Furman Sound

Merit X Series: The Merit X Series is an upgrade to Furman's existing Merit line, which provides convenient, rack-mountable power conditioning products. The M-8x provides eight filtered and protected rear-panel outlets with a front-panel convenience outlet, and a Protection OK indicator light. The M-8Lx adds pull-out light tubes (with dimmer knob) for discreet rack illumination, while the M-8Dx provides light tubes as well as a laboratory-grade, front-panel digital voltmeter to monitor incoming voltage. The Merit X Series features better protection with a higher joule rating, increased noise filtration for a lower noise floor and a more robust chassis, with wall-wart outlet spacing on the rear panel to accommodate bulky power transformers.

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Automatic mixing controller

Dan Dugan Sound Design

Model E-1: The Model E-1 automatic mixing controller helps professional audio mixers handle multiple live mics without having to continually ride their inidual faders. This eight-channel signal processor patches into the input insert points of an audio mixing console. It detects which mics are being used and makes fast, transparent cross-fades, freeing the mixer to focus on balance and sound quality instead of being chained to the faders. The Model E-1's voice-controlled crossfades track unscripted dialogue perfectly, eliminating cueing mistakes and late fade-ups while avoiding the choppy and distracting effects common to noise gates. Without the need for gating, a natural low-level room ambience is maintained.

Dampening compound

Pinta Acoustic/Sonex

Prospec Decibel Drop: Prospec Decibel Drop, a high-performance viscoelastic damping compound, decreases the sound traveling to adjacent rooms. It is easy to install between layers of drywall, plywood or sub flooring in new and retrofit applications. This product offers exceptional damping properties and performance in low frequencies. It can be used on walls, floors and ceilings in new construction or retrofit applications. It is Class 1 fire rated.

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IP ecosystem


IQOYA: Digigram's IQOYA series of IP audio hardware equipment and software solutions includes Call, Link, Serv, VCall, VMote, and VCast. Call is a two-channel IP audio contribution codec with SIP; Link is a two-channel IP audio distribution codec; Serv is a multichannel versatile IP audio server; VCall is a soft IP audio contribution coded with SIP; VMote is an IP audio remote contribution with SIP; VCast is an intranet IP audio distribution software suite. More than just a point-to-point transport solution, IQOYA devices and software constitute the elements of a highly flexible and manageable professional IP audio infrastructure for contribution, delivery and distribution. An agile IP audio infrastructure allows broadcasters to adapt to quickly changing program content needs. IQOYA products are based on FluidIP, a N/ACIP-compliant IP audio codec engine developed by Digigram. This provides interoperability with third-party IP codec devices, while adding unrivalled robustness, QoS optimization, stream integrity and audio quality.

Audio level controller


ALPS-1: The ALPS-1 provides control of perceived loudness, dynamic range and peak level. The design is suitable for all situations where some combination of these three must be powerfully yet unobtrusively controlled. A truly versatile design, it is ideal for codec protection, satellite feeds, transmitter protection and remote broadcast site operations. The ALPS-1 brings consistency to all program streams without erasing musical dynamics, ends listener annoyance from over-loud segments such as commercials and shouting DJs, improves audibility and clarity of program, eliminates overload distortion and damage forever, eliminates the inconvenience of unauthorized tampering with front-panel controls and maintains program path reliability.
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