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New Products

Aug 1, 2008 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

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Portable PA system

Samson Technologies

EXL250 Expedition Express: Designed to be lightweight and compact, the new Expedition series delivers excellent sound dispersion, thanks to sleek, molded cabinets with substantial internal bracing to support its thick sidewall construction. The Expedition enclosures feature an improved, custom-designed 12" low frequency driver. Their 1" titanium compression driver with an elliptical wave-guide horn controls dispersion for a linear response. Other features include Speakon connectors, convenient fly-points, steel grill and a scuff-resistant textured finish. The most comprehensive version of Expedition, the XPL300, is a powered loudspeaker with a built-in four-channel stereo mixer, 24-bit digital effects processing and Ipod dock.


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RDS/RBDS encoder


Model 720: A third-generation product in the Inovonics line of RBDS encoding and decoding products, the 720 has a front-panel LCD screen to allow users to scroll through and confirm all setup and operating parameters without the need for a computer on site. Incoming data from station automation can be seen on the fly, and scrolling song titles and other messages are displayed exactly as they are seen by listeners. The 720 automation command set remains compatible with earlier models for seamless integration along existing encoders, and a new no headers mode allows use with unformatted, satellite-streamed song title feeds. Intuitive, self-guiding software, built-in data diagnostics and transmission safeguards make installation virtually foolproof.


Case-securing foam

Specialized Products

Custom Foam Inserts: Once a customer has selected an SPC case to fit his requirements (size and type), SPC will then custom build the secure tool or equipment inserts for an exact fit from a variety of high-quality foam type options. Tools and test equipment, which can also be purchased through SPC, are carefully measured and specified for precise die-cut mounting to ensure a firm and secure fit in the foam inserts. In selecting their custom foam tool inserts, SPC customers can choose from soft polyurethane and denser, more rigid polyethylene foam. Options include cross-linked polyethylene, anti-static and military-grade foam with a choice of density and thickness. SPC can help in selecting the best foam-type for a specific application. Once specifications are provided and a layout created, the die-cut process stamps custom-shaped steel rules through the foam. A test sample is provided to ensure expectations are met. Upon approval, SPC processes the order � usually within two weeks with a 25-piece minimum.


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PC-based RF spectrum analyzer

Kaltman Creations

Invisible Waves: These PC-based RF spectrum analyzers offer automatic charting of open white space for wireless microphones, in-ear monitors, remote control or IFB. The first in the new series of analyzers is the Invisible Waves model IW1800. The IW1800 covers the frequency span of 100kHz to 1.8GHz for VHF and UHF analysis and extending into the lower gigahertz ranges. Future models will include the Invisible Waves model IW4000, which will cover the span of 100kHz to 4GHz and the IW7000 covering the frequency span of 100kHz to 7GHz. Resolution bandwidth (RBW) in all models is 1kHz with a typical sensitivity of -120dbm.


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Bi-amplified active monitor, subwoofer


6010A, 5040A: The 6010A system has been designed for computer sound systems, workstations and other close-proximity listening applications requiring a low-profile monitoring system. Designed as an active loudspeaker, the 6010A contains proprietary drivers, advanced power amplifiers matched to the drivers, active crossover filters and protection circuitry. The 6010A has a die-cast all-aluminum minimum diffraction enclosure, which features large internal volumes, softly curved edges and outstanding mechanical strength. Each monitor features a 3" bass driver along with a 3/4" high-frequency driver loaded into a new Genelec advanced Directivity Control Waveguide. The free-field frequency response is 74Hz - 18kHz. Maximum peak SPL output per pair with music material is 102dB. Bass and treble drivers are each powered by 12W amplifiers.


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IP audio endpoints


PYKO: This range of IP audio endpoints and software can build manageable digital audio networks. PYKO devices will either convert analog or digital audio sources to MP3 or PCM IP streams or play such streams from the network or from locally stored MP3 files. Units are housed in robust, rack-mountable casings with balanced I/Os on terminal block connectors and eight GPIOs.


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Access portal


SX7: This unit provides a fixed connection to the 3G cellular network. The SX7 utilizes CDMA and GSM networks and is available through several cellular carriers like AT&T and Sprint. The SX7 can power phones up to five REN through just one phone jack.


Resource management


Media Manager: By connecting workgroups, enhancing communications, minimizing duplication of efforts and reducing human error, Scheduall assists operational productivity and the financial visibility of a project. Scheduall delivers automated cost controls, the ability to monitor budgets and provides management with tools to make informed decisions about the profitability of their operation. The Scheduall application is a real-time enterprise resource management tool that simplifies the administration of facilities, equipment, asset libraries, personnel scheduling, bidding, billing and payments for the broadcast, media and entertainment industries. Scheduall can interface with back-office accounting, human resource and ERP systems providing cost control and reporting functionality that drives unparalleled business analysis and increased efficiencies.


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New Products

Aug 1, 2008 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

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Audio interface

Circuit Research Labs

Audio Bridge: The Audio Bridge features a multi-format audio interface with analog, AES3, USB 2.0 and IP audio connectivity. Each input can be routed to virtually any output. It features high-resolution 24-bit analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion with selectable conversion rates up to 192k samples per second. The USB port supports streaming audio to or from Windows or Mac PCs. Audio Bridge has correct interchannel clocking that achieves perfect time alignment and phase. The Audio Bridge offers a high quality integral headphone amp to monitor any source and a simple, intuitive menu interface for configuration and status information, all in a compact 1RU chassis.


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Portable USB microphone

Blue Microphones

Snowflake: The Snowflake is based on Blue's Snowball professional USB microphone. Blue has combined a USB bus-powered capsule with a class compliant design to make the Snowflake plug and play. The mic folds into a single compact case, which also houses a USB cable for easy transport in a laptop bag or even a pocket. Unfolded, the case serves as a desktop stand or a laptop clip.


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Automated broadcasting software

Fifty Thousand Watt Software

Automatic Transmission: Ideal for low-power stations, college stations and Internet broadcasting, recordings are simply organized into file folders: a typical installation will have several folders for different types of music, plus folders dedicated to commercials, jingles, weather, etc. A playlist directs the program to randomly select recordings from a particular sequence of folders. Recordings in each folder can be weighted so that some songs or commercials play more often than others. A no-repeat option specifies a minimum amount of time before a recording can play again. In addition to a music rotation, Automatic Transmission can be programmed to play particular recordings at a specified time. It will smoothly transition from a music rotation to timed broadcast, and then back to music rotation. For Internet radio use, the program can broadcast song titles, so the text can be viewed on the listener's computer.


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Audio recorder


R-09 HR: With a wider dynamic range, higher bit and sample rates than other recorders, the R-09HR supports up to 24-bit/96kHz linear PCM recording. I.A.R.C. is a newly developed, dedicated analog circuit optimized for recording with the R-09HR's onboard A/D converter. Electrolytic capacitors provide stable, reliable power with an independent power source for the analog circuitry, and another power source for the digital circuit board, thus eliminating dc interference between components in the R-09HR. The I.A.R.C. also contributes to high quality, low noise MP3 recording. When recording, there's no extra equipment to buy or cables to connect. A stereo microphone is built into the unit, complete with a dedicated analog input control, mono/stereo selector, low-cut filter, limiter/AGC and a gain boost. The onboard electret condenser microphone elements are very compact, ultra-sensitive, and placed to capture three-dimensional sound naturally and accurately.


Signal processor


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FM2000: Modeled after the Vorsis AP1000 31-band audio processor, the FM2000 includes all of the features of the AP2000 except the digital processing chain with its own dedicated digital output. This product targets customers who seek the performance specifications of the AP2000 but do not require the digital processing chain.



Audio level processing system


Pod Blaster: This entry-level digital audio processor is designed for podcasters, broadcast studios and program production applications, but can also be used for dual microphone level control. It features analog and digital inputs and outputs, GUI set-up via USB and nine pre-set audio profiles. The Pod Blaster produces smooth professional sound, ends listener annoyance and tune-out due to sloppy levels, allows every presenter the freedom to concentrate on the content, improves audibility and clarity of the program and eliminates overload distortion and damage.

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One of the most often used pages on the V-Soft website is the free Zip-Signal utiliy, which has been updated with the most recent Zip Code database, links to the FCC CDBS database and has fast access. (�The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Radio Shack have recalled two models of dc power supplies sold between Oct. 2004 and Jan. 2007. Radio Shack part numbers 22-507 and 22-508 with date codes from 08A04 through 01A08 are affected. (800-843-7422,�Coby Electronics will release the first portable HD Radio receiver, the HDR-700, this month. The battery-powered unit features a splash-proof housing, integrated rechargeable battery and an SD card slot for MP3 playback. (�Adam Audio is now shipping the A5 powered monitor. The A5 features two 25W amplifiers to power the folded ribbon tweeter and 5" woofer.

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