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New Products (Apr 2002)

New Products (Apr 2002)

Aug 1, 2002 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor


Tieline Technology

This codec offers clear bi-directional 15kHz audio plus data through standard telephone lines for live broadcasting. It also features mobile telephone connectivity, two adjustable mic/line and unbalanced audio inputs, headphone monitoring, bi-directional low rate data transfer, a line quality visual display, an audio level indicator, high level remote control and intelligent gain control.
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IBOC/DRM transmitters

ND1d to XL60d

A new generation of solid-state AM transmitters with power levels from 1kW to 60kW, this line is compatible with the Digital Radio Mondiale and Ibiquity IBOC digital transmission systems. The interphase pulse duration modulator employs an ultra-linear extended-band filter. The phase and amplitude linearity of these transmitters provide high symbol-to-noise ratio when transmitting the digitally encoded signal. The ND1d/ND5d and XL12d/XL60d transmitters provide direct interface with the NE IBOC Digital Exciter produced by Nautel under license from Ibiquity.
fax 207-947-3693
[email protected]

On-air console


A new digital flagship of the D-Series console line, the completely modular D-8000 ranges across multiple format needs with flexible configurations, frame sizes and metering types. Available features include universal input modules, the Bus-Minus function providing an independent MXM feed with talkback interrupt on every input channel, alpha-numeric source displays, choice of master clock rates, two programmable stereo aux sends per input, 99 preset snapshots, individual channel four-band EQ, compression, gating and digital level trim. Mainframe design elements include a stainless steel meterbridge, wrist rest, composite fused-finish endcaps and a low-profile frame. The built-in serial communication interfaces with Wheatstone network router and many automation systems.
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Transmitting tubes

Power tubes

Tubes such as the 3CX3000A7, 3CX6000A7/YU148, 3CX15000A7, 4CX3500A and 4CX7500 are the first power tubes to be manufactured by the company. These tubes are noteworthy for their plug-in compatibility. The company’s line now includes additional klystrons, magnetrons and traveling wave tubes for high power amplifiers.
fax 530-666-7760

Engineering software
Stardraw Radio

A CAD program designed for the needs of radio stations without the cumbersome and unnecessary features found in more complex CAD programs. The application boasts a library of more than 10,000 industry-specific symbols, drawing tools, full DWG compatibility and advanced reporting facilities. Regular updates add hundreds of new symbols and a new program feature every month. Existing symbols can be edited and modified as needed.
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Eskimmer Appliance

The Eskimmer Appliance runs the newest release of the Eskimmer 4.2 software. This software offers increased stability along with features such as logging capabilities, automatic gapping and segmenting of longer recordings, a visual shift editor and multiple simultaneous storage formats. The Webskimmer and LAN clients now support playback format preferences as well as server-based emailing of audio files, which expedites the sending of audio files through e-mail.
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Audio console

Perfect 8

Suitable for LPFM and production room installations, this console has two microphones, four line-level stereo channels and two built-in telephone hybrids. Each channel has two selectable inputs. The bargraph metering is switchable for cue, audition and program buses. Talkback allows communication with a second studio.
fax 518-758-1476
[email protected]

Digital on-air console

BC-2000 D

Accepting a maximum of 144 mono audio or 72 stereo channels, this console distributes input modules of 24 analog inputs (six mic/line switchable) and 12 digital stereo inputs. It offers 144 audio sends, distributed through output modules with 24 analog mono outputs, 12 digital stereo outputs or mixed output modules with eight analog stereo circuits and one digital and three analog+digital circuits. It also incorporates remote bi-directional or two-way modules with 24 digital inputs and 24 digital outputs through TCP/IP v6. Input and output routing are included. Additional features include EQ, dynamic control, PFL/CUE, control and studio monitoring, three headphone outputs, fader-start, on-air signaling, remote mute, intercom and phantom power.
fax 954-424-0902
[email protected]

Telephone codecs

Bluebox and Matrix

The Bluebox (above) is a low-cost codec option for remote broadcasts over plain telephone lines (POTS/PSTN) or wireless services. Compatible with all other Comrex POTS/PSTN codecs, it weighs 1.5lbs. The Matrix can be used with POTS/PSTN, ISDN (with optional module) and wireless services. It works with all other Comrex POTS/PSTN and ISDN codecs as well as other manufacturers’ ISDN codecs with the G.722 and ISO MPEG Layer 3 algorithms. The multipurpose data port and modular design provide for future upgrades. Both of the codecs can be flashed in the field for product upgrades.
fax 978-784-1717
[email protected]

Wireless phone tap

JK Audio

This wireless phone tap allows cellphone conversations to be recorded. Users can connect Celltap between the 2.5mm earpiece jack of a cellphone and the earpiece or headset. A tape recorder connected to the 3.5mm mini jack will record both sides of the call. This product works with any wireless phone that accepts a third party headset or earpiece. For group listen, simply connect a powered speaker to the audio output jack. Everyone in the room can hear the conversation, but only the person wearing the headset can talk to the distant party. While this is not a speakerphone, in many cases it is suitable for sales presentations or contract talks.
fax 815-786-8502
[email protected]

System operating upgrade

Burk Technology
ARC-16 v5.4 firmware

The new 5.4 firmware improves the performance of the ARC-16 and includes several new features: adjustable alarms delays, adjustable command durations for remote activations and Windows-based autoload software for programming the ARC-16. Adjustable alarm delays add a delay (per channel) in seconds, instead of instant notification. The default command duration can be adjusted for long or short pulses. Autoload allows the entire site image to be downloaded and many of the fields to be edited. Saved images can be uploaded as well.
fax 978-486-0081
[email protected]

Digital/analog AM transmitters


This is the first in a family of 1kW to 6kW AM transmitters designed to provide analog and IBOC performance. The design of this transmitter family began from the ground up. The transmitters provide linearity and wide bandwidth to deliver a clean analog sound. This design also provides a highly accurate reproduction of the IBOC signal.
fax 513-459-3890
[email protected]

Master-antenna monitor

ERI-Electronics Research

This monitor is an Internet-ready, accessible antenna site control monitor that provides the broadcast station engineer with data, alarms and corrections. Virtually instantaneous equipment function and malfunction notification is provided. This tool handles all aspects of care and protection for a master antenna system. The system will incorporate as many combiner module sensors as are required by the station. Feed-line sensors are standard and two are employed if dual feed lines are used. It acquires, analyzes and presents operational information to the local operator and is accessible anywhere in the world via the Internet. With immediate access to site data, an operator can make an informed decision on a possible weather-related incident. A quick call to the local repair crew dispatches them to the site to investigate. Possible long-term downtime is likely to be avoided because analysis was quickly and easily available. Designed to provide added value service for master antenna owners and operators, its benefit is to oversee vital master antenna operating conditions and alert responsible parties of probable trouble spots.
fax 812-925-4030
[email protected]

AudioEngine control surface

Remora Digital Console

The small, modular control surface for the company’s Audio Engine and can incorporate one or more pieces. The main control module incorporates fader input selection, monitor and headphone controls, and stereo VU meters along with four faders. Fader modules, containing six faders each, can be linked to the control module as desired. Because it is simply a control surface, the faders do not have to be dedicated to specific inputs; Users can set up fader assignments to accommodate individual needs and tastes. Applications for this product include news workstations, small edit suites, production rooms and on-air studios where space is at a premium. Because the unit is designed to sit on a desktop, it can be used in locations where traditional consoles are not a practical choice.
fax 713-664-4479
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Traffic and billing software enhancements

Wicks Broadcast Solutions
DeltaFlex III

This traffic and billing software meets the needs of duopolies, with traffic and billing performance delivered through an array of features, including streamlined order entry, flexible copy rotation and flexible inventory management. Advanced program logs help in managing inventory more effectively, allowing as many as 98 program logs in the assembly and editing stage. Other features include new program log presentation controls including log editing and printing controls, individual minimum conflict separation, contract confirmations with full contract history, new comparison options to the daily report, which can now be set as a weekly report, new sorting options on YTD charges report and five-year history report, and installations and updates furnished on CD.
fax 334-749-5666

Broadcast engineering software


This program performs all the studies required of the spectrum designer in working with AM standard band broadcast coverage and allocations. AM-Pro is configured to apply the M3 or R2 ground conductivity curves depending on where the study is carried out. The program will plot ground-wave and sky-wave signal contours and perform RSS studies to determine the level of interference a given station receives and therefore its nighttime coverage limits in mV/m. This product implements an automatic sky-wave coverage analysis routine that operates according to a set of programmable rules. A tabular listing of all stations having a distance and channel relationship can be directed to a printer. The software has check boxes for toggling on or off co-channel, first-, second- and third-adjacent channel relationships. Clicking a listing will bring up the parameters box for the station selected allowing the user to change the station’s operating parameters if desired.
fax 319-266-9212;
[email protected]

Music library

Audio Express

This music library contains 50 discs with more than 2,500 tracks of music beds, stings, accents, idents and logos specifically for radio production. The package also has a complete search catalog that allows instant track location by looking up any of hundreds of keywords, styles or genres. By combining a variety of useful beds in a compact, highly categorized package, production time is cut and quality is improved. The library is updated and expanded every month with a new disc that is included in an annual license.
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Automation and voice tracker system

Master Control XV

Use Internet Voice Tracking to air top talent from across town or around the world with this system. It is no longer necessary to copy logs and carry them into the studio; all schedule changes are immediate and can be seen from every computer on the network simultaneously. Selector music scheduler and Linker promo scheduler are completely integrated into Master Control XV for precise control over all songs, promos and spots aired. Customer support is included in the product purchase. The average support call is answered in 12.5 seconds.
fax 914-428-5922
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Coreand stand-alone tools

Prophet Systems
Automation enhancements

The company’s stand-alone products provide new tools for any station, regardless of what automation system they use. Remote Buddy is a portable system that can be used by any station looking to draw people to its next remote. Events can be enhanced with sound effects, lighting and video. Musicgen, the company’s music scheduler, integrates directly to any digital automation system. Nexgen Digital meets the needs of today’s broadcasters through high levels of system redundancy and connectivity, as well as database fault tolerance capabilities. The system is engineered to anticipate future growth. The entry-level product, Nexgen Digital NS, allows users to select only the features that meet particular needs and budget size. Nexgen Digital offers a complete digital solution for all broadcast applications, from individual stations to large groups.
fax 308-284-4181
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Digital audio router

Audioarts Engineering

The 2RU self-contained rackmount unit is a 32�32 AES switcher with front panel X-Y control and built-in monitor speaker. It interfaces with Wheatstone digital console source displays and may be controlled by the Wheatstone family of console- and turret-mounted control heads as well as the Wheatstone X-Point PC software package.
fax 252-637-1285
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DABtransmission equipment

Broadcast Electronics

IBOC generators and transmitters: The direct-to-channel digital exciter offers input flexibility because input selection and other operating parameters are programmable from a full color, front panel LCD screen. The FXI-60 can be used as the only exciter in a low level combined FM IBOC signal. There is no need for a separate IBOC exciter and external combiner and filter. A new line of IBOC-compatible transmitters, the FMi series (above), is based on the C and S series FMs. The FMi series transmitters use linearization techniques so they can be used in a high-level combined system or common-amplifier system.
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Digital console


This console’s inputs are RCA unbalanced to accommodate consumer sources such as CD players, DAT and MD. The broadcast design offers ?” hardened aluminum surface, epoxy finish and solid oak trim. Program and record mixing buses have analog and digital outputs. Other features include a control room monitor, headphone and cue outputs, talkback input and output with logic for inter-studio communications and 10 mixing channels.
fax 970-493-1076
[email protected]

Software for Omnia-6

Omnia Audio
Version 6.01

The new software release provides enhancements to the bass management system, remote control and daypart-scheduling functions. Enhanced functions include a phase rotator network with improved symmetry on asymmetrical waveforms for smoother sound, PHAT Bass parameter tuned for broader effect, a wideband AGC includes smoother attack functions to allow slower settings while preserving system headroom, full support of Ethernet control connections, editable security settings for greater control of user access, a new Stealth Mode that lets users turn off the bar graph meters in the processing section and hide the selected preset from view when the unit is locked. Other features include improved daypart menu functions, time display showing time to the second and an upgraded remote control client to allow access to a wider range of system settings via remote.
fax 216-241-4103
[email protected]

Transmission system tester

Bird Electronic
Model 4000 Site Analyzer

This easy-to-use cable and antenna tester with a digital power meter option is ideal for installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting antenna and cable systems. It is capable of measuring VSWR and return loos with precision. Match or sweep tests can be performed across a specified frequency range. Fault location mode indicates VSWR or return loss levels at points along the cable and antenna system length. The cable loss function measures the insertion loss over a given frequency range.
fax 440-248-5426
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Water-blocked cable

Low-loss 50 Ohm Coax

This low-loss 50ohm coaxial cable is now available in three water-blocked versions designed for use in excessively wet environments by using a gel-filled construction method. The new cable includes an RG-8X with a 15 AWG solid-copper conductor (part number 7808WB), an intermediate type with 13 AWG solid-copper conductor (part number 7809WB), and an RG-8 type with a 10 AWG solid-copper conductor (part number 7810WB). The cable also features gas-injected foamed high density polyethylene (HDPE) insulation and a Belden Duobond II+ 95 percent tinned copper braid shield with water-blocking gel. All three cables are polyethylene-jacketed and are sweep tested to 6GHz to ensure performance in high-frequency applications.
fax 765-983-5294;
[email protected]


Musicam USA

This low-cost POTS codec is compact and portable yet contains advanced encoding algorithm and modem technology. It delivers 15kHz bi-directional audio through a single analog telephone line with line connection rates as low as 24kb/s. If line rates below 24kb/s are encountered, this codec gradually reduces high-frequency audio response to find the best possible audio performance. Audio end-to-end delay is minimized at less than 100ms. If line quality changes during a connection, this codec can automatically renegotiate in less than one second. The dual mixing inputs have independent level controls for send and return audio monitoring, and programmable function keys for instant access to frequently dialed numbers or menu functions. An ancillary data path is also provided.
fax 732-739-1818
[email protected]

Headphone amplifiers

HDA400 and HDA600

The HDA400 is a four-output stereo monitoring system with balanced TRS stereo line inputs and a master level control, clipping indicator and stereo/mono switch. The unit will drive four independently adjustable, high-compliance stereo outputs. Each output drives typical 32ohm to 600ohm headphones to SPL in excess of 120dB at 100mW each. Headphone output jacks are duplicated on front and rear panels. It offers a one-rack space package with an internal ac power supply. The HDA600 is a full-featured, six-output stereo headphone distribution system. Parallel balanced XLR and TRS cue and stereo line inputs allow easy loop-through and connector flexibility. A mic/line cue input is adjustable and selectable into left, right or both internal distribution buses mixed with the stereo line feed. Clipping LEDs monitor cue and line inputs. Six independent, 100mW, high-compliance stereo headphone drivers are fed from the internal distribution buses or from individual rear TRS connectors configurable as stereo-unbalanced or mono-balanced inputs. Signal presence LEDs monitor each input. Headphone outputs are duplicated on the front and rear of the one-rack unit.
fax 215-443-0394
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Shelter in a Box

NXT-G shelter

The lightweight shelter in a box is suitable for restricted access sites where a freight elevator is the only access, site space is constrained, overhead access is restricted or weight is a concern. Kits can be supplied with some or all the prefabricated material required for swift on-site assembly including walls, roof and floor panels, electrical wiring and accessories, grounding kits, cable ladder and the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system. Partial kits are also available that contain structural elements only. Floor and roof panels are designed to meet given support loads and will meet or exceed national and state code requirements. The kits are available in several sizes: 8ft by 14ft, 10ft by 12ft, 10ft by 20ft and 12ft by 20ft. Additional weight is added if any of the following options are selected: modular steel floor, one- or two-hour fire rating, high wind or a special exterior finish. A smooth white exterior finish is standard and optional exterior colors and finishes such as stucco and brick are available to meet local zoning requirements. Non fire-rated with a wind load of 90 mph is standard with this shelter in a box kit. Wind loading and fire rating can be upgraded, if required.
fax 708-349-5444
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