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New Products (Apr 2004)

New Products (Apr 2004)

Apr 1, 2004 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

FET condenser mic

Brauner Microphones

Phantom C: A fixed cardioid, phantom-powered FET mic, this product offers 8dBa self noise, 28mV/Pa cardioid sensitivity and 142dB max SPL at 0.5 percent THD. Complete with carry case and shock mount, this mic is targeted at on-air and voice-over applications.
702-365-5155; fax 702-365-5145;[email protected]

Compact power amplifers

Crown Audio

I-Tech Series: Each amplifier in this series occupies 2RU of space and weighs less than 28lbs. The units feature a Class I switching output design to deliver power while generating a fraction of the heat of conventional designs. The power supply delivers full power regardless of ac mains voltage from 120V to 277V and from 50Hz to 60Hz. Power factor correction allows these units to draw current from the mains efficiently, providing more power from a single 20A breaker. The front panel provides an LCD display and menu-based system with full amplifier diagnostics. AES/EBU digital audio inputs are standard, along with balanced analog XLR inputs and passive-through outputs.
800-342-6939; fax 219-294-8250;[email protected]

STL receiver filters

Integrated Microwave

Cavity bandpass filters: These filters are narrow bandpass cavity filters for 900MHz STL receivers. Designed as preselector filters, these cavities offer low loss, steep skirts and a rugged housing. Typical uses include rejection of other STL signals, paging services and cell phone noise. Each filter is sold pretuned to the user’s exact STL frequency. Ultimate rejection is better than 80dB.
858-259-2600; fax 858-755-8679;

RF connectors

Pomona Electronics

BNC: These space-saving connectors are designed for specific applications such as cross-connect panels requiring multiple BNC connections. The 6700/01BNC within-series adapters have ni-ckel-plated brass bodies with gold-plated center contact pins and sockets with a PTFE insulator. The connectors permit parallel routing of cables, horizontally or vertically, for well-organized cable dressings with less stress on conductors. They also offer a 50W impedance, zero to 4GHz frequency response, a voltage of 500V and insulation resistance of 5,000MV minimum. The 6717/18/19 coaxial 50W connectors with adapters come with white valox or metal cases, nickel-plated brass bodies with gold-plated center contact pins and sockets with a PTFE insulator. Users can mount two BNC connectors in the same PCB space that was required by one. The voltage is 500V and insulation resistance of 5,000MV maximum and it offers a shock og 50G, vibration 20G from 80 to 2000Hz.
800-490-2361; fax 425-446-6070;[email protected]

Acoustic treatment


Microtraps: This product is 2′ � 4′ and 1″ thick, making them lighter than the company’s Minitraps while occupying less space. A dual-layer membrane enhances its low frequency absorption. Like the original Minitraps, these are made with rigid fiberglass and metal, so they have a Class A fire rating and can be installed in public venues.
860-210-1870; fax;;[email protected]

Disk editor

SAW Studio

Saw Studio Version 3.6b: The latest version of this product features slower mixer settings and a scrolling-adjustment mode to be less sensitive to small mouse changes. This results in an overall feeling of more control. The SRP/Rec latch operation has been enhanced to automatically detect a marked area and override the latch function for auto punch-in at the marked area. Also, the SRP punch-in code has been adjusted to help eliminate record buffer overruns under certain conditions on certain systems.;[email protected]

Midfield monitors

Adam Professional Audio

S2.5 and S2.5-A Nearfield: The high frequencies in these monitors are reproduced by the A.R.T. tweeter, a transducer that squeezes air in and out in a 4:1 ratio instead of pushing it in a piston-like 1:1 ratio. The woofer has an 8″ diameter and uses a Hexacone diaphragm. Its diaphragm is 3mm thick and consists of a honeycomb core that is coated with Kevlar on both sides. These monitors are useful for small to medium control rooms and production or broadcast studios. In its active version, it has a control panel on the front that carries a stand-by switch, as well as tweeter level and shelving filter controls to adapt to different room acoustics.
49 30 86300970; fax 49 30 86300977;;[email protected]

Structure security alert

Resonant Results

Tower Watcher: This security alert system protects a site from liability, base jumpers, damage, intruders and vandals. The unit detects movement and activates a remote control system. It is a structure security alert with a large-object detector. It monitors tower activity and features a remote-control interface, along with universal mounting. The system is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
608-839-3950; fax 608-839-3949;

Talkback monitor

Coleman Audio

TB4: The TB4 has four stereo inputs and two alternate speaker outputs that are all balanced on XLR connectors. The control room signal path is passive and uses a stepped attenuator that tracks to 0.05dB for level to the speakers. There is also a balanced stereo cue input and output on �” RTS jacks with a master level control for the headphone amplifier feed. The remote talkback mic is connected with a 12′ cable and has a separate level control. The engineer headphone output can select the main signal or the cue signal.
516-334-7109; fax 516-344-1420;


Sound Toys

Ultra FX: Featuring eight plug-ins, the first to be released is Filter Freak. This is a digital plug-in that captures the sound of analog filtering. Built around a steep 48dB per octave analog modeling filter, nearly any filter character and sound can be created. Some modulation features of this product include programmable rhythmic filtering, triggered envelopes and tempo-controlled LFOs. The unit supports Digidesign’s HTDM, RTAS and Audiosuite plug-in formats and Pro Tools HD, LE and Mix systems. The Phase Mistress plug-in combines the warmth of analog phasing with tempo-locked modulation and programmable LFOs. This plug-in’s features include true stereo output, programmable modulation modes, MIDI tempo synchronization for re-mix and dance music, the ability to design sweep shapes for infinite variations of filter sweep effects and adjustable control of the intensity and depth of the phasing effect.
877-COOL-EFX; fax 802.951.9799;[email protected]

Music scheduling software


Powergold: This 32-bit Windows music scheduling system can handle simultaneous, multi-user access, and it supports Novel networks, Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 networks or peer-to-peer networks with or without Windows NT. The software allows the user to share songs from one central music database. Users can create a music schedule in one database and send it to other databases in the company. Each station then has the ability to automatically merge user-defined portions of that schedule into its own schedule. Open and edit in multiple windows at the same time, such as the schedule editor, the music library and the clocks. Rotate and schedule non-music events with the same power and control as song scheduling from one piece of software.
800-870-0033; fax 501-221-3200


Crest Audio

ST series: Designed for use in live and fixed installations, this series of amplifiers offers a resonant mode power supply. This technology results in an amplifier sounding like one with a classic linear power supply, without the size, weight and thermal waste. Long-term reliability and efficiency is improved, plus a 20dB lower noise floor is achieved. The amplifiers are built with large storage capacitors in the power supply that contribute to solid low-frequency performance. Topping off at 1,000 WPC at 4V, the largest model, the ST2000, weighs 24lbs. in 2RU. All ST series amplifiers have a frequency response of 10Hz to 20kHz.
201-909-8700; fax 201-909-8744;



M-20: This near- and mid-field monitor features a flat, wide baffle across the tweeter and a narrower baffle surrounding the woofer, providing more even dispersion and enhanced imaging over an extended listening area. There are no parallel surfaces inside the M-20’s cabinet, so internal standing waves remain random, affording an improved overall midrange frequency response of 45Hz to 20kHz �1.5dB. The monitor is sold by the channel, and includes a 250W monaural control amplifier that fits in a single rack space. The amp features boundary compensation, listening distance proximity and switchable input sensitivity as well as a diagnostics window to display the average power output, heat sink temperature and line voltage.
800-648-9993; fax 707-748-5945;

Noise filter


DF330: The DF330 offers frequency-controlled low-pass filter circuitry that sets itself to open and close bandwidth to the highest frequency of input audio. A nine-segment LED shows the high frequency cut off of this auto filter. The unit also offers a downward expander section used to reduce as much as 40dB of broadband noise during momentary silences in the program. When the program begins, the expander release restores full gain. The attack time of the expander is self-setting and the release times are variable with a five-segment LED gain reduction meter. Other features include an overall bypass switch, rumble filter bypass, separate expander bypass and variable filter bypass, plus a stereo link switch. Inputs and outputs are -10dB (�-inch unbalanced) and +4dB (XLR balanced) so outputs from -10dB tape machines can be de-noised and converted to +4dB.
+44 1924 378669; +44 1924 290460;;[email protected]

Radio transmitters

Nexus Broadcast Products

NBEA 2kW: With its solid-state Mosfet design, this amplifier offers a switching power supply of 90V to 220V. It covers the entire FM broadcast band and features an output power of 2kW �0.5dB. Other features of this amplifier include a female N input connector, an input/output impedance of 50V; an AM signal-to-noise ratio greater than -55dB synchronous and asynchronous, a Mosfet efficiency from 60 percent to 70 percent and RF unit cooling 2h.p. axial fans.
800-219-7461; fax 903-524-2260;[email protected]

Equalizer and mic preamplifier

Toft Audio Designs

AFC-2: This unit provides two independent channels each with switchable mic/line input, selectable 48V phantom power and instrument input. Input phase reverse operating is possible on mic and line inputs on each channel. Musical four band sweep equalization ranging from 40Hz to 15kHz in overlapping ranges is also available. The amp is a compact 1RU system with internal power supply. Other features include balanced XLR input for mic input and jack for line input and line output and �”-thick anodized aluminum sculptured front panel.
877-563-6335; fax 310-373-4714;

Tower lights alarm monitoring


Alarmsoft: Unattended alarm monitoring of tower lights is enabled with this central station monitoring system. This feature allows tower companies to self-monitor, labor free, their alarm events such as lights, temperature, power, burglary or fire. This product can be used to monitor tower lights, HVAC, pump stations, refrigeration, temperature, or any event that would normally be monitored by an alarm comp-any or an answering service. It can also keep a log of employee access to the tower or other sites. During an alarm event, the system will auto-locate a representative of the tower firm for response to the alarm.
800-234-0064; fax 757-855-7314

Media transfer


IQ Light Speed: Designed to provide high speed and secure transfer of media and broadcast data, this system allows the user to transfer files seven to 39 times faster over the Internet or local networks. The system integrates extendable encryption and proprietary algorithms to achieve reduction in media transfer times. This product can transfer all types of media files while managing the security and bandwidth limitations implicit to FTP and VPNs. It allows transmission of multiple compressed, encrypted files asynchronously, with built-in resiliency. This product has an automatic restart (fail over) feature that leads to high fault tolerance. When there is an unex-pected interruption of the media transfer, there is a restart of the transfer from the point of communication failure.
800-842-1470; fax 205-631-1514

Portable digital audio recorder

Core Sound

PD Audio-CF: Rather than being a single piece of hardware, this system is produced with inexpensive hardware and software components the user can select to assemble a compact recorder. The centerpiece of the PD Audio system is the PD Audio-CF, a Type I Compact Flash S/PDIF interface with optical and coaxial inputs. The unit can be mounted in PDA hosts that run Windows CE, PocketPC or Linux, or used with laptop and desktop computers running Linux, Windows 2000 or Windows XP. The PDA-based PD Audio operates on rechargeable batteries and can quickly transfer audio data to a laptop/desktop computer via removable solid-state memory cards, removable PC card hard drives, CF card hard disk drives, high capacity external 2.5″ hard drives using the PC card interface, SD cards and via wired and wireless LAN.
888-937-6832; fax 201-801-0912

Satellite receiver


TRS: The Transline TRS, DVB audio receiver demodulates a single-channel and multi-channel-per-carrier DVB transport stream to the stereo audio output and data output and was developed for closed network broadcasting applications. An AES/EBU digital audio output, ASI output and X.21 MPEG audio output extends the functionality toward full digital transport and remultiplexing of the transport stream in DVB or DAB without decoding and re-encoding artifacts. The wide symbol rate from 256kb/s to 30Mb/s allows for single carrier per channel and multi-carrier per channel operation. The receiver supports MPEG Layer 2 and Layer 3, analog and digital audio output, X.21 and ASI output.
31 26323 6969; fax 31 26323 3952;;[email protected]

Interactive media service

Yes Networks

Yes: With more than 1,000 radio stations tracking more than two million songs per week in every genre of music, listeners can now identify, interact with and purchase the music playing on the radio, as well as the products and services associated with their favorite songs and performers. By adding two lines of programming code, a station can provide its listeners an easy-to-use tool for identifying songs playing on the air and buying the CD, merchandise and concert tickets. The service works by monitoring radio stations across the country. Using digital fingerprints of each song, the technology identifies the pattern of a song as it plays, matches it against its database and within seconds, presents the name of the song and links directly to the products and services associated with it.
610-699-1908;;[email protected]

Stereo line mixers


Sine SLM162, SLM82, SLE82: Housed in compact enclosures, this trio of stereo line mixers cater to studio and field applications that require flexible mixing in a small space. Offering 8 or 16 inputs with a stereo output, the 1RU mixers offer a signal-to-noise ratio of greater than 97dB and frequency response ranging from 20Hz to 20kHz, ensuring incoming signals are routed through with no signal loss.
+49 2157 8179-918; fax +49 2157 8179-22;[email protected]

Digital accessories

LA Audio

Digiboxes: These digital toolboxes are housed in compact aluminium cases, and are comprised of an AES channel divider, AES and S/PDIF converter, AES three-way splitter, S/PDIF four-way splitter, word clock/super clock generator, word clock/super clock converter and four-way clock distributor.
+44 20 8418 0778; fax +44 20 8418 0624;[email protected]

Graphic equalizer series


Graphi-Q 3100: This equalizer provides the user instant hands-on, front panel control, or the user can choose the blank front panel versions for the ultimate in system security. RS-232 remote computer control, 70 on-board program memories and remote switching via contact closures are standard in all units. The GRQ-3102 and 3102S are dual channel units and the GRQ-3101 and 3101S are single channel units.
800-626-7394; fax 904-418-2001;[email protected]

Backup system

Tunetracker Systems

Tunebacker: Tunebacker is a double-redundant backup system consisting of two removable hard drives, allowing radio stations to keep one drive attached, to accept daily backups, while the other drive is kept stored in a fireproof box or other safe location. The new system, which is intended for use with the Tune Tracker Radio Automation System, works completely automated and requires no user intervention once installed, other than to swap drives once a week.