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New Products (Apr 2006)

New Products (Apr 2006)

Apr 1, 2006 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, senior associate editor



NAB booth C2020

FMVee: The FMVee antenna offers useful characteristics for FM stations desiring the advantages of top mounting and combined-station operation. This antenna is designed for digital, analog or both types of service. With a full 20MHz bandwidth and power ratings for up to 10 Class C stations, this system is useful for multistation operation. For analog and digital services, this antenna provides a means of combining the signals at the antenna element level, eliminating the need for inefficient signal injecting or mid-level combining.
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Speaker cable


NAB booth C1655

Brilliance Low Cap: The cable’s performance gains are achieved through the use of high-conductivity, oxygen-free copper conductors that are void of impurities. The speaker cables are available with 10, 12, 14 or 16 AWG bare copper conductors and feature round, brightly colored and satin-finished PVC jackets. Distinctively colored jackets provide ascending/descending sequential markings at 2′ intervals and print legends that incorporate location information and also facilitate accurate, streamlined installation.
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Solid-state transmitter

Crown Broadcast

NAB booth N3912

FM10K: The Crown FM10K is a 10kW solid-state transmitter with features such as a wideband frequency range, a small footprint and a three-year warranty.
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Exstreamer Gold

Barix Technology

NAB booth N1531

IP audio distribution: The Exstreamer Gold is an MP3 player that can pull digital audio from the network while converting it into music or voice. This device features a built-in amplifier and speaker output. The system communicates over a standard network connection with PCs, digital audio servers, Internet radio stations and analog audio sources using the Instreamer audio encoder. The unit offers audio synchronization technology built in to allow more than one unit to be installed. It is controlled using a standard Web browser or IR remote control (Barix accessory).
+41 43 43322 11
fax+41 44 2742849
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T1/E1 multiplexer


NAB booth N4519

E1/T1 Multiplexer: This system transports voice channels, audio and data across 2.048Mb/s or 1.544Mb/s structured links, using time-division multiplexing (TDM). The multiplexer supports four E1 or T1 links. It is possible to drop and insert time slots across any of the connected T1 circuits. Audio coding options are J41, J42, J57, ISO MPEG Layer II, ISO MPEG 1/2 Layer III, G711 and G722.
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Audio networking system


NAB booth C807

PR&E Vistamax Envoy: This system provides a way to achieve simple audio networking. It can be rack-mounted anywhere network inputs and outputs are required, including talk, on-air, production or news studio. Vistamax Envoy also is a way to expand inputs and outputs on an existing Vistamax system.
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Audio networking system

Audioarts Engineering

NAB booth N1815

AE-Net 8: Designed for small- to mid-market stations, the system connects as many as eight studios and operates autonomously with no external PC required other than for initial set-up and source naming. Once configured, the PC can be disconnected and the system will run stand-alone. Installation requires eight CAT-5 cables that interconnect eight studios. The router is capable of 44.1kHz, 48kHz or external sync operation.
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Portable CD recorder


NAB booth N600

CDR632: This CD recording technology hosts sync (level-dependent) recording, and programmable auto fade-in and auto fade-out recording. Any CD-R recordable or CD-RW re-recordable disc media may be used for recording, and the system can playback unfinalized CD-R and CD-RW discs. Data and digital audio disc formats are supported for CD-R and CD-RW. MP3 playback is available from CDs, allowing for long playback times. There is a MP3 directory feature for easy navigation to the exact file the user wants to play. CD text display is supported, and CD text may be entered from the front panel. Features such as power-on play allow audio to begin playing back as soon as the unit is powered up. It offers four playback modes: continuous, shuffle, programmable and single-play. Stereo analog I/Os are provided, as are RCA and TOSlink digital I/O in S/PDIF format.
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A/D-D/A converter

NAB booth N4507

RB-ADDA2: A new version of the combined stereo RB-ADDA A/D-D/A converter, this system is 192kHz, 24-bit compatible. Features of this converter include an optical input and output, front-panel push-button controls and separate AES/EBU and word-clock synchronizing inputs so that the A/D and D/A sections can be used independently.
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Studio-to-transmitter link

NAB booth N3335

Telelink II: This link offers Linux-based hardware and software that permits broadcast quality STL over a reliable Internet or LAN connection. Service can be provided anywhere network access is available.
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Content adaptive processing

NAB booth N617, C2507F

CAP: Content Adaptive Processing enables instant changes to Omnia audio processing settings based on currently playing content. The optimum audio processor setting for voice, genre, recording age or other variation can be defined in DAD’s library, automatically providing unique sound quality without compromise. CAP resets the processor automatically for live content when automation is not running providing complete flexibility for achieving the perfect sound.
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Analog, digital translator

Armstrong Transmitter

NAB booth N611

TRX-HD series: Designed to transition a translator station from analog-only broadcasting to digital, the TRX-HD receives an FM station’s entire signal payload over the air, including its HD Radio digital component. The signal content is transferred to the TRX-HD transmit side for retransmission on the translator frequency. The TRX-HD10 provides 10W in the hybrid digital mode, the TRX-HD50 provides 50W hybrid digital, and the TRX-HD100 is a 100W hybrid digital translator. Higher hybrid power levels are achieved by adding an Armstrong solid-state amplifier.
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Accessories, rack systems

Middle Atlantic Products

NAB booth SL1181

Music Accessories: This brand includes pop filters, rack systems, rack panels, fan systems, storage and hardware. The flagship introduction of the line is the Split Screen Pop Filter with Air Pressure Dispersion Technology (APDT). It provides an optimized separation space between two screens to diffuse harsh consonants as well as an added measure of air dispersion. The Ultra-Quiet Fan Panels will enable cooling while quiet fan operation will not disrupt live recording.
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Signal processor


NAB booth N1815

HD P-3: This HD Radio multi-band processor features an interactive user interface that provides remote monitoring and control.
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Remote monitoring


NAB booth N3039

Easi-8: By connecting this Ethernet-based remote monitoring and control system to a LAN hub, concentrator or Ethernet switch, the system can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world. A unit will monitor eight inputs and each input can be individually set as metering (voltage monitoring) or status (binary). Multiple units can be tied together via the software control panel to monitor more than eight sources. Voltages from zero to 160V ac or dc can be measured and set to auto-ranging or user-defined at one, four, 16, 64 or 256V full scale. The ac frequency tolerance ranges from 20Hz to 400Hz.
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Router and console control surface

Sierra Automated Systems

NAB booth N907

Riolink-Rubicon: Riolink now operates stand-alone as a 32×32 router and mixer in conjunction with a Rubicon, Rubicon-SL or Rubi-T console control surface. Add a second Riolink for 32×32 audio I/O, analog and digital.
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T1 and IP codec

Audio Processing Technology

NAB booth N1217

Worldnet Oslo Updates: New options for the Worldnet Oslo have been added for increased flexibility. An IP transport is now available in addition to the existing E1/T1 connection options. The Ethernet interface can also be used for WAN/LAN data transfer. A Quad Encoder and Decoder module that offers four simplex channels per card has been added. Using a Quad Simplex Card along with a duplex stereo card will provide a 5.1 transport method.
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Time reference for digital sync


NAB booth N2414

Lucid Genx192: Designed to fit in a variety of digital audio situations, this system provides a low jitter master clock reference in a variety of digital audio formats. It is capable of handling sampling frequencies up to 192kHz, and it features two operating modes that are accessed through the front-panel interface. A Sync Source knob allows the operator to choose internal reference and distribution functions. In distribution mode, an external AES or word clock sync source fed into the device appears at each of the Genx192’s 14 sync outputs. The unit also includes circuitry that examines the word clock connections and indicates, via a rear-panel LED, whether that particular connection is properly terminated.
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Interface for IDI 20 importer

Broadcast Electronics

NAB booth N1808

Dashboard: A new Dashboard interface helps the company’s IDI 20 data importer in encoding the HD Radio bitstream for HD2 multicasting. This importer includes a click-and-go startup feature that can be remotely accessed through a network or Internet connection. A default TCP/IP communication link between the IDI 20 and FSI 10 HD Radio signal generator is also part of the upgrade to improve system robustness and reduce network packet losses typical of earlier UDP communications.
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Audioarts Engineering IOC-16

Input/output center

NAB booth N1815

IOC-16: This audio routing and switching system switches 16×16 stereo signals per switcher. Inputs and outputs can be a combination of analog or digital signals, and it combines 24 logic ports with multiple I/O centers, which may be linked together though AE Net to build a 256×256 mixed signal matrix. The Audioarts I/O Center works with AE Net and Net 75 Panels.
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Rugged optical connectors


NAB booth N3518

Opticalcon: The new system is based on a standard optical LC-Duplex connection, however, these connectors ensure a safe and rugged connection. It enables four copper wires to run power or data signals. A special SMPTE-version 1 has been optimized for broadcast applications, which provides an additional ground-shell contact. To create a simplified installation, the user can connect a conventional LC-Duplex connector on the rear, which causes the chassis connector to act as a feed-through. The cable connector comes pre-assembled with a choice of three mobile field cables, which can be ordered at almost any length.
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Breakout boxes


NAB booth N1222

Bob8, Bob12: The Bob8 features four analog and digital stereo input connectors plus four analog and digital stereo output connectors. It works well with the PCX882HR, PCX881HR, VX882HR, VX881HR sound cards. The Bob12 features connectors for one analog and digital stereo input as well as six analog digital stereo outputs and is designed specifically to work with the PCX1222HR and PCX1221HR sound cards. Like Bob8, Bob12 offers four mounting configurations.
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Digital mic processor


NAB booth N1815

M-1: Part of the growing Vorsis family, this is a low-cost, digital mic processor that features an interactive user interface that provides remote monitoring and control.
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Distribution amp


NAB booth C6033

DA-26: This analog audio distribution amplifier feeds one input to 12 outputs or two inputs to six outputs in 1RU. Each output features its own level control and galvanic isolation in all inputs and outputs through audio transformers.
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Dielectric Communications

Switchless combiner

NAB booth C2020

Opto-SXFM: Dielectric’s Opto-SXFM combines the outputs of two transmitters operating at power levels up to 35kW, allowing for a total combined power level of 70kW. The Opto-SXFM allows switching between transmitters under power, eliminating the need for powering down to complete the switching process. The system uses a patented non-contacting coaxial phase-shifter design, providing a phase shift of at least 180� at three distinct shift positions.
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Upgrades and Updates

Broadcast Electronics has added expanded functions to The Radio Experience with new studio applications for text generation and management as well as an RBDS generator and RBDS data receiver. (…Firstcom Music has released its 15 libraries in the Broadcast Wave file (BWF) format. More than 2,000 CDs containing about 40,000 compositions are included in this update. (…Gepco is now shipping its X-Band microphone cable. The flexible, high-bandwidth cable series has been designed for use in critical recording studio facilities or live sound venues. (…Audemat-Aztec has received Ibiquity Digital certification on the Goldeneagle HD AM monitoring unit with a spectrum analyzer option. Audemat-Aztec received certification of its Goldeneagle HD FM in October 2005. (…Audio Design Associates (ADA) has begun shipping several models of tuners with HD Radio reception capability, including multicast decoding. (…Vorsis has added software enhancements to its GUI of the AP3. Users of the remote monitoring software now have the choice between two processing modes: production and air chain. (