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New Products at NAB 2001

New Products at NAB 2001

Jun 1, 2001 12:00 PM

Digital audio console


ALM-12d: Combines the functions of a router and an on-air audio console into one package. The ALM-12d lets any input source be routed to any fader or monitor pot. Features include twelve faders plus two caller faders, four mic preamps, control room and studio monitoring, and built-in cue speaker and headphone amp w/concealed output jack. A complement of high-end features includes bright LED dot-matrix source displays above faders and monitor pots, and 24-bit A/D and D/A inputs and outputs. Its AES3 inputs have sample-rate converters, enabling them to work with virtually any digital source. Up to eight external source machines can be controlled via channel on/off switches (all opto-isolated). The dual-fader phone channel’s caller tools generate automatic mix-minuses, and any of the console’s four mix-minuses can be programmed to be pre- or post-fader.
252-638-7000; fax 252-637-1285; [email protected]
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Remote off-air monitoring


Goldeneagle FM: Goldeneagle FM is a multiple-FM receiver that automatically monitors, in real time, the quality and continuity of up to 40 FM signals. Use the Goldeneagle FM to check RF, modulation, audio, SCA level, analog and digital input; visualize the RF level of the complete local FM baseband with the 3D scanning module software; record and store measurements and events with the built-in PC; receive alarms (relays, e-mail); and to communicate with the unit via Internet Explorer in order to: check levels, listen to the audio or download the event log (measurements, alarm etc.). Suitable for networks of any size.
866-AUDEMAT; fax 703-433-5452; [email protected]
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Transmitter control enhancement

Armstrong Transmitter

Transmitter LCD controller: This multi-purpose tool stores the last minutes of data from all transmitter parameters. Non-volatile storage is continuously updated, giving an accurate record of the last minute of operation. This is designed to minimize trouble-shooting time in the rare event of an alarm or failure. In the event of a main controller failure, the LCD controller takes control of transmitter serving as a back-up to the main transmitter controller. An internal modem allows the LCD controller to dial out to alert of a fault condition. It can also be used for remote control and data acquisition. The LCD display screen allows instant access to all readings and functions. Software provided with the transmitter allows you to dial into the LCD to verify the transmitter’s operation, to receive detailed current readings or to review the last moments of operation before an alarm or fault condition.
315-673-1269; fax 315-673-9972; [email protected]
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Audio interface boxes


Redbox Series: New Redboxes include three stereo matching amplifiers for interfacing domestic or semi-professional unbalanced equipment, such as a CD player, to professional balanced line levels: RB-UL1 single unbalanced to balanced converter, RB-UL2 dual unbalanced to balanced converter, and RB-UL4 quad unbalanced to balanced converter, in 1RU. The RB-MA1 single microphone amplifier consists of a low-noise microphone pre-amplifier for converting mic-level signals to line level, or for driving long lines from microphones to mixing equipment. The RB-SM1 single stereo to mono converter converts a fully buffered and balanced mono line output from a stereo input. The RB-SD1 silence detection unit is used to monitor an unattended stereo studio feed. Remote inputs and outputs can be used to signal alarm conditions and to control the unit. The secondary input signal can either be in the form of a recorded message or a previously recorded program.
207-773-2424; fax 207-773-2422
[email protected]
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Stereo STL


TeleLink: The system consists of an enhanced encoder and decoder that permit wideband, reliable transmission over the Internet using a wideband, dedicated connection to and from the Internet. Broadcasters use the free highway to deliver a noise-free stereo program with stereo 22kHz response. The only operating cost of this system is the charge associated with the wideband Internet connections. The decoder of the TeleLink contains smart system, which in the event of an Internet overload or server overload, will reset the equipment in five seconds. If audio is not present within 20 seconds, a local pre-recorded fill from the internal hard drive will serve as the program, and an appropriate pager will be notified. The TeleLink hardware consists of two computers with software designed for the Internet.
888-324-6649; fax 518-758-1476
[email protected]
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Internet player


iSelector: A fully branded Internet player that harnesses the smarts of Selector with the power of the station’s listeners. This software is not just another web-based product to stream music, this is a true extension of the radio station. ISelector lives right on the listener’s desktop allowing him to listen while he works. Selector creates a playlist for each listener based on the radio station’s Selector. The listener communicates with iSelector while he listens by hitting iSelect buttons, which let the listener customize and shape the sound of the station. The longer the listener spends with iSelector, the better the station gets. When the station adds new music to its Selector, the new songs appear in iSelector � just like the format. ISelector gives the station ad insertion technology and shows the sponsor’s banner synchronized to the audio commercial.
914-428-4600; fax 914-428-5922; [email protected]
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Ad distribution/media asset management


adDIRECT: A service for the distribution and management of print advertising, adDIRECT offers such features as free 24 � 7 technical support; assistance with PDF file creation, setup and output procedures, Internet connection trouble-shooting, and emergency ad delivery services; secure and reliable service; and browser-based products, meaning no hardware or software is required to use the system. FastChannel Network members are also entitled to free utilities for automating the process of sending or receiving ads. All users have access to a 45-day archive of ad order data with customizable views and unlimited filtering and sorting capabilities. Data is exportable. AdDIRECT is comprised of adDispatch for ad delivery and adCaster for ad retrieval. FastChannel also offers customers utility applications that interact with adDIRECT to integrate and automate ad delivery.
800-499-0880; fax 617-489-3006; [email protected]
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Active reference monitors

Hafler Professional

TRM8.1 and TRM6.1: Magnetically shielded and able to be mounted in two different positions by using Omnimount parts, The TRM8.1 is based on Hafler’s Diamond Series Transnova amplifier technology. The TRM8.1 is a bi-amped, two-way system offering a free field frequency response of 45Hz to 21kHz. The peak acoustic output per speaker pair using music as a sound source is 123dB or greater, accommodating the ever-growing dynamic range needs of digital audio playback. Based on the same performance as the TRM8.1, the TRM6.1 two-way bi-amplified active speaker system is magnetically shielded and is based on Hafler’s Transana amplifier technology. The TRM6.1 is a bi-amped, two-way system offering a free field frequency response of 55Hz to 21kHz, �2dB. The peak acoustic output per speaker pair, using music as a sound source at 1m, is 120dB or greater.
888-HAFLER1; fax 480-894-1528; [email protected]
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Streaming ad substitution

ENCO Systems

I2E (Intelligent Insertion Engine): A hardware and software product that works with DADPRO32 digital audio delivery systems as well as other automation systems. In one Windows 2000 workstation, you can replace offending commercials, split Internet streams and sync a streaming playlist with the playlist in DADpro32. The I2E also contains all of the software and hardware needed to begin streaming using Windows Media Encoder for those stations not yet streaming. Some custom software charges may apply. There are several configurations available supporting rack mount hardware as well as configurations supporting non-DAD delivery systems.
800-362-6797; fax 248-827-4441; [email protected]
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Broadcast audio processor

Aphex Systems

2020 Mk II: A self-contained FM broadcast and webcasting processor in a single chassis; all functions are integrated within one interactive, stable and optimized processing framework. Features include a Split-Band Optical Pre-emphasis Limiter, a patent-pending Overshoot-Compensated, Low-Distortion Low Pass Filter and New Processing Algorithms that make the Model 2020 sound even louder and cleaner than its previous generation. The Mk II can be run in dual-mono mode, making it applicable for installations requiring multiple single-channel processing. The Model 2020 is online with an increasing number of webcasters. Because of its new circuits and processing algorithms, the Mk II is suitable for CD and DVD mastering.
818-767-2929; fax 818-767-2641;; [email protected]
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Digital recorder/player

Register Data Systems

The Replicator: The Replicator works with almost any source of equipment, including satellite receivers and telephone autocouplers. With the Replicator it’s just as easy to delay Sunday church programs as it is to delay hourly news and commentary. With optional audio switchers, the Replicator can automatically select different program sources for recording. The Replicator can also close relays to select transponders and audio channels on satellite receivers. All systems can record one stereo program or two mono programs while airing another program. Larger systems may record three programs while airing a fourth program. The Replicator can also air a program before recording is complete. Both recording and playback can be pre-programmed with a weekly schedule of events.
800-521-5222; fax 912-745-0500;
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File conversion system

Cartworks/dbm Systems

aptXchange: Batch mode converts entire libraries between apt-X and WAV effortlessly at speeds of up to 15 times real time. Perfect for studios changing or adding wav format digital audio systems, or popular digital audio editors. The unit supports standard IDAS, DSS, AUD, and other apt-X file types, as well as uncompressed WAV files and the Cart Chunk standard. Users can exchange audio files between systems from various manufacturers or the Internet. The system runs on standard Windows PCs and uses new SOFT apt-X technology so no ACE100 audio card or other DSP-based hardware is required. Features include negligible coding delay and immunity to multiple encode/decode cycles.
800-795-7234; fax 601-853-9976; [email protected]
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Music scheduling software

Micropower Corporation

Powergold 2000 v.6.0: Features include an easier and more powerful Logon window, which automatically stores all data directories you’ve visited. This is stored per machine. When you click the New button to create a new database, a dialog appears where you can tell Powergold 2000 where to create your new data directory. Internally, Powergold 2000 now uses UNC file paths; you no longer have to map a network drive to a letter for Powergold 2000 to see or use it. Powergold 2000 automatically turns share mode on if you try to log onto a network database. If your Powergold 2000 data resides on a Windows 95/98/ME computer, that data can now be opened by Powergold 2000 from a computer with Windows NT or Windows 2000. Automatic data conversion will upgrade your database to version 6 at startup and/or upon restoring a backup from a previous version.
800-870-0033; fax 501-221-3200
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Automation software


Digilink Free: Windows PC software for live and automated On Air Radio, and this software is free. Digilink-Free operates on inexpensive PCs using the built-in sound capabilities of the PC itself. Features include one-week automation schedule for true walk away operation; easy-to-use voice tracking for hard disk automation; one-week time record schedule for news recording; uncompressed WAV, or compressed MP2 or MP3 file formats and network support for multiple studios and multiple sites. Users can import traffic and music schedules and export MP3 file formats.
970-224-2248; fax 970-493-1076; [email protected]
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Content substitution software system

OMT Technologies

iMediaAdCast: Multi-purpose Internet-streaming software that features seamless content substitution, track titling data, and will offer simultaneous Internet-stream encoding with both Real Networks and Microsoft Windows Media technology. A content substitution software system for streaming Internet broadcasts, iMediaAdCast is designed to be compatible with most automation systems.
888-665-0501; fax 204-783-5805;
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Digital audio network router


Bridge 2001: Features bi-directional fiber optic or CAT-5 interlocation connectivity, digital-domain AES switching, analog or digital inputs and analog and digital outputs, all in a seven-inch 5RU rackmount digital routing cage. Each cage handles up to 512 simultaneous audio channels on its backplane. The 2001 handles smaller applications, yet offers growth potential via stackable units to upgrade to larger system configurations. Cages can be separated by great distances with many studios connected to a central rack room, providing shared resources yet permitting independently functioning satellite studios. Mixed signal switching is accomplished with a choice of AES digital or analog 24-bit A/D input cards, or 24-bit D/A analog output cards, all of which can be serviced from the front of the cage.
252-638-7000; fax 252-637-1285; [email protected]
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