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New Products at the 2012 NAB Show (March 2012)

New Products at the 2012 NAB Show (March 2012)

Mar 1, 2012 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

NAB Show Here We Come!

When you get the NAB Show, what will you be looking for? Do you center your trip around the exhibits? Are the sessions your main focus? Do you try strike a balance between the two? Do you end up trying to do more than is humanly possible the first day? We can help. As you have come to expect from Radio magazine, this issue has lots of information about the convention: new products being shown, a rundown of the Broadcast Engineering Conference sessions, and a pullout map of the radio and audio exhibits in the Central Hall.

Even if you spend the entire week in Las Vegas, time is precious. Before you leave for Las Vegas, plot a course to make the most of your time. The NAB Show is a concentrated dose of radio broadcast and media technology. You can”t see it all, but you can certainly see a lot. That”s where our NAB Show preview can help.

See you in Las Vegas.

– – Chriss Scherer, editor

Acoustical Solutions AcoustiArt

High-quality printed panels

Audio-Technica ATM510, ATM610a

Handheld microphones

Barix Reflector App

STL application

Belden Brilliance Waterblocked, Plenum, Banana Peel Cables

Audio snake cables

Broadcast Electronics SMS Campaign Manager

Mobile marketing tool

Burk Technology Climate Guard LT

Server room environmental monitor

Clark Wire and Cable 700 Series

Multi-pair audio cables

Digigram Cancun

USB sound card

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New Products at the 2012 NAB Show (March 2012)

Mar 1, 2012 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

Digital Alert Systems R198

Multichannel AES switch/converter

Digital Rapids TouchStream

A/V streaming

Enco Systems ENconveyor

Audio file transfer system

Fraunhofer Institut Sonnox Fraunhofer Codec Plug-in

Consumer plug-in

Gefen USB Audio Amplifier

Computer audio amplifier

Glensound Electronics COIN GT-013

Commentary/intercom unit

Henry Engineering Talent Pod

Mic and headphone controller

Jampro Antennas RCCC-102-FM

Constant impedance FM bandpass combiner

Junger Audio Studiotechnik D*AP LM2, D*AP LM4

Digital audio processors

Omnia Audio F/XE

File-based audio processor and encoder

Primera Technology Bravo 4051

Disc publisher

RCS Selector2Go

Multi-platform scheduler

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New Products at the 2012 NAB Show (March 2012)

Mar 1, 2012 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

RDL (Radio Design Labs) FP-MR2

Message repeater

Roland Systems Group VR-3

A/V mixer

RTW TM3 TouchMonitor

Audio signal monitor

Sennheiser Electronic HD 700

Open-ear headphones

Sennheiser Electronic HD 700

Open-ear headphones

Sonifex Pro Audio Streamers

IP-to-audio/audio-to-IP streamers

Studer OnAir 1500

Digital mixing console

Tascam iM2

iPhone/iPad/iPod microphone

Tieline Technology USB Module, 4G Modem

Wireless interface

Worldcast Systems APT Worldcast Oslo AoIP NextGen

Audio multiplexer

WorldCast Systems Audemat FM Receiver Silver

FM rebroadcast receiver

Yamaha 01V96i

Digital mixer

March 2012

The 2012 NAB Show preview, update on STLs, the Kansas City Chiefs broadcast in surround, and Field Reports on Liquid Compass with AdsWizz and Sony Sound Forge Pro 10….

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