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New Products (Aug 2004)

New Products (Aug 2004)

Aug 1, 2004 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

Stereo sound card


LCM220 version 2: Replacing the LCM220, the LCM220v2 sound card offers 2/2 balanced analog I/Os. The new board is targeted at broadcast automation, permanent playback, logging and other pro audio applications. The card offers simultaneous and independent record and playback capabilities, as well as real-time, simultaneous MPEG Layer I and Layer II compression and decompression during record and playback. New features include 24-bit converters, analog and digital level control on the outputs, short length PCI format (or 6.875″), as well as Universal PCI bus (5V, 5V+3.3V, or 3.3V) and PCI-X bus compatibility. Additionally, the card is compliant with Digigram’s recently launched PC codec MP3.
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[email protected]

Audio level interface

Aphex Systems

228: By converting eight channels of unbalanced -10dBu audio to balanced +4dBm audio this interface allows multiple audio channels to be converted without the need for multiple discrete interfaces. The front-panel extended-range VU meter provides calibration and monitoring of each channel individually. Eight two-color signal presence/clip indicators show signal presence and overload conditions. Front-panel gain trims for all eight channels are provided. The front-panel indicator lights can be dimmed if desired. All connectors are gold-plated.
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Vocal eliminator


Playmate Vocalist: This vocal remover and microphone processor with a built-in CD player can adjust music tempo and pitch independently. This allows a vocalist to sing any song in the optimal key and to slow down complex passages for easy learning and singing in different key ranges and tempos. The system also includes 100 reverb algorithms, allowing the user to match the ambiance of the music, or use reverb effects more creatively. Other features include the ability to transpose music �7 half-steps, and adjust pitch �18 percent; adjust tempo from 50 percent to 150 percent; digital vocal effects processor with selection of reverbs and an XLR microphone input.
fax 310-255-3401

Mic/line mixer


8002MCB-FP: With the upgrade of this front-panel control mic/line mixer, features include eight inputs by two outputs, bus selectors per channel, low cut filter and front-panel channel gain and mic/line pad. The mixer was designed for broadcast vehicles and other applications where rear-access to the mixer is limited. Eight-channel, dual bus mic/line mixing, studio quality compression and limiting, actively balanced inputs and outputs, a dual-function LED VU meter, phantom power, a headphone out, ac or dc power and XLR connectors are also features of this product.
fax 608-831-1833

Multi-track DAW


PCM-H64: This system’s TNG3 processor card is capable of editing, equalizing, controlling dynamics and mixing into full surround of as many as 64 channels of 48kHz/24-bit audio, or as many as 16 channels at 192kHz/24-bit. A fully modular system, its inter-card bussing enables complex mixer structures to span multiple processing cards. Input/output options include analog, digital and MADI at standard or higher sample rates. As many as four cards can coexist in the same system. The hardware is supported by Sadie V5.3 software.
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Console controller

Broadcast Tools

CC-5: This controller allows non-broadcast consoles or digital workstations to interface to any type of studio. The switch console and controller may be separated. The unit includes five channels of insert switching to turn on or off console input channels or other source equipment. Channel LEDs that may be programmed to flash when activated. The controller also offers balanced stereo monitor amplifier mute control and the ability to program channels 3, 4 and 5 for momentary operation, which is useful for intercom and special mute functions when activated. Additional features: stereo balanced internal or external monitor switcher; the controller may be purchased separately and controlled from user-supplied switches and indicators.
fax 360-854-9479
[email protected]

Mic preamp


Onyx 800R: The 1RU Onyx 800R features simultaneous analog and 24-bit/192kHz digital connectivity via ADAT Lightpipe, AES/EBU and S/PDIF to work seamlessly with analog and digital systems. The front panel provides easy access to useful features such as selectable mic/line inputs per channel, and two instrument input jacks, replacing the need for an outboard DI box.
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[email protected]

Modular on-air console


On Air 500 Modulo: Based on the On Air 500 in its fixed-frame version, this console also offers the ability to place individual modules wherever is most convenient for the users. The console consists of one or two fader modules, one master module, the meterbridge and a 19″ electronics rack, resulting in either a 6- or 12-fader mixing desk. Technical specifications and configurations remain identical to those of the standard Studer On Air 500.
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[email protected]


Tunetracker Systems

Tuneprepper: Tuneprepper rips songs from CDs, locates them online in a CD database, normalizes the cuts, removes the silence from the front and back of each cut, encodes them to one of more than a dozen possible formats, copies the CD database information to its corresponding file attributes and stores them in the location of your choice. When the ripper has finished with the songs, they are prepped and ready for broadcast in Tunetracker or any other radio automation software that supports the MP3 format.

Rugged XLR connectors

Pomona Electronics

6852, 6853, 5109 and 5110: The unique clamping mechanism of these connectors can withstand 100 pounds of pull without disconnecting the cable. Designed to deliver low-noise audio transmission, the XLR connectors feature gold contacts and black nickel coating to reduce reflection. They also feature a smooth, best-of-breed latching mechanism for easy, more secure connections. These connectors are also available on 10′ to 25′ cable assemblies made with Belden 1172A four-conductor Star Quad, low-impedance cables.
fax 425-446-6070
[email protected]

Kit for concrete shelters


Hip Roof Kit: Suitable for areas where regulations require that the shelter roofline match that of surrounding buildings, this kit contains the materials necessary for constructing a hipped roof, including trusses, roof decking, nails, clips, shingles, felt, lumber, anchors, tapcons, ridge vent, fascia board, vinyl soffit and paint. The hip roof materials are shipped to the shelter site in kit form.
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[email protected]

Remote monitoring


SL-10: The unit’s small size and -48Vdc operating voltage can monitor environmental conditions within the cramped quarters of pole-mounted, surface and subterranean enclosures at microwave relays, transmitting stations, fiber-network hubs and cable booster sites by converting contact closure inputs, voltage inputs, temperature and humidity into SNMP trap alarms. The monitor offers additional utility to telecoms, cable companies and broadcast operators who have equipment functioning in -48Vdc environments, as the unit has a power output function (up to 9Vdc at 1A) that can drive low-cost routers, hubs or other low-powered network components at the site.
fax 206-624-5610
[email protected]

Upgrades and Updates

Pulse Communications (Pulsecom) has upgraded the Program Channel Access Unit (PCAU) for stereo. The updated feature set ensures that the stereo imaging between the left and right audio channels is retained. The Pulsecom PCAU was developed in conjunction with APT.

Lynx Studio Technology has released the OSX Core Audio drivers for the company’s Lynx Two, L22 and AES16 products. The final release allows the Lynx products to use Apple Computer’s Core Audio protocol, and operate with all G5 model computers.

Mackie is now shipping the dxb*200 and dxb*400. Both products provide a tactile surface to operate a DAW via Firewire and the Mackie Control Universal logic.

Disc Makers has introduced a USB 2.0 connect for its line of Reflex duplication towers. The Reflex USB 2.0 connect package is included on the Reflex1 duplicator and can be added as an option to the Reflex Pro4 and Reflex Pro7.

Moseley now offers SL9003Q configurations allowing up to six channels of linear 32kHz or four channels of 44.1kHz uncompressed audio in standard 950MHz STL allocations.

RCS Mobile has exclusive availability of the SMS short code 22022 and other memorable short codes to radio station programmers in the United States.

Cakewalk, MOTU, Steinberg and Emagic, now support the Tascam FW-1884 audio/ MIDIThe FW-1884 adds workstations controls to a Mac or PC through a Firewire cable.