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New Products – August 2009

New Products – August 2009

Aug 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Professional powered mixers

PPM Series: Each model in the PPM Series features custom-designed Mackie Class-D Fast Recovery Amplifiers, which are cooler running and more efficient than their predecessors. Mixing tools include premium Mackie preamps, two built-in DI boxes, three-band active EQ, and in-line compressors. The new onboard 32-bit RMFX+ effects processor boasts a useable set of Mackie reverbs, choruses and multi-tap delays. The PPM608 eight-channel, 1000W powered mixer includes eight premium Mackie mic preamps, 48V phantom power and six TRS inserts. The PPM1008 eight-channel powered mixer provides 1600W of power, eight premium Mackie mix preamps, 48V phantom power and six TRS inserts. The PPM1012 12-channel powered desktop mixer features eight mic/line mono inputs and two stereo line inputs � all the features of a Mackie mic/line mixer, with the added benefit of powerful built-in amplifiers.
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Keylock switches
NKK Switches

CKM Series: The CKM Series on-off-on switch models with tubular keys feature a push-and-lock mechanism that indicates when the switch position has been changed. They also feature a vertically rotating switching mechanism and self-cleaning sliding contacts to ensure a long operating life, smooth operation and guaranteed circuit contact. Incorporating an antistatic insulating material, the Series is able to withstand 15kV of electrostatic discharge. Their strength rating is 1,500V between contacts and case for a one minute minimum. In addition, the terminals are epoxy sealed to prevent the entry of flux and other contaminants. A 16mm double flatted bushing ensures the CKM Series fits securely in panel mounts. These switches are available in single-pole configuration and two-position and three-position models. The two-position models feature a 90 degree angle of throw and the three-position models a 45 degree angle of throw. Keys are supplied with randomly assigned key numbers and one key is provided with each switch.
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In-rack monitor

AM-04: The AM-04 works anywhere numerous audio signals must be monitored, even those that are part of a video broadcast. It accepts four analog audio signals, has two pairs of AES digital audio outputs with an additional analog audio signal, and an SDI video embedded audio signal. The AM-04’s control system with single rotary controls and switches has no menus to navigate. It works in three ways: individual left and right high frequency, with common low frequencies, has a headphone output, and sports two pairs of tri-color peak VU meters, each with 26 LEDs, and a phase control between each pair of VU meter bars.
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PCI Express digital I/O interface adapter

DIO-32.PCIe: The DIO-32.PCIe is a PCI Express digital I/O interface adapter. It provides 16 optically isolated inputs and 16 reed relay outputs, which can be utilized for PC-based control and automation of equipment including sensors, switches, A/V studio automation, security control systems, and industrial automation systems. Sealevel PCI Express serial boards are designed for computers with X1 PCI Express slots. Software for standard PCI boards will also work with PCI Express boards, simplifying your transition to this next-generation PCI bus.
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New Products – August 2009

Aug 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Hermaphroditic connectors
Gepco International

Amphenol TAC-4, TAC-12: Gepco has added Amphenol TAC-4 four-channel and TAC-12 twelve-channel hermaphroditic connectors. The connectors are industry standard, multi-channel formats designed to withstand use and abuse in harsh environments. As with all of the company’s fiber assemblies, Amphenol assemblies are factory terminated by Gepco and feature precision, machine-polished contacts that offer UPC quality to achieve -55dB return loss specifications. This process helps to attain excellent optical clarity and alignment, reducing back reflection and minimizing insertion loss. For further transmission assurance, all assemblies are 100 percent tested and verified for consistent performance and feature premium quality connectors and components.
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Programmable voice processor

Voice Processor 2x: This microphone processor offers a comprehensive set of voice enhancement tools. The 2x’s Windows software application enables total control of all essential parameters. Once a desired sound is dialed in, all settings are saved as named presets for later recall from the front panel or remotely. Any mic can be optimized for a diverse air staff. The device has two inputs selectable as line or mic level with phantom power and four outputs. All signal processing is controllable via software. Audio inputs and outputs are accessed via rear panel XLR connectors.
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AM transmitter

NX25: The NX25 offers digital pre-correction, 2.7MHz direct digital modulation and 88 percent efficiency. All NX Series transmitters are unique in their ability to add an optional HD Radio Exgine embedded signal generator card directly within the transmitter. Nautel’s module-level design of the NX Series provides redundancy and enables users to interchange NX25 parts if needed with an other NX series transmitter. Nautel’s Advanced User Interface is included on the NX25. This 17″ color LCD screen with configurable displays includes real-time impedance measurement, instrument grade spectrum and audio analyzers, IBOC modulation analyzer, module-level monitoring and control/logging of all functions. The AUI can be controlled by touch screen or via a mouse and keyboard; users also have 100 percent remote access to the NX25 via a Web browser.
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Modulation monitor
Day Sequerra

M2HDSP: The M2HDSP, Day Sequerra’s newest modulation monitor for HD Radio employs the company’s recently developed digital signal processing (DSP) architecture, first introduced in its M4DDM. The M2HDSP runs Day Sequerra’s new proprietary Time Lock algorithm to automatically maintain perfect alignment of the HD Radio main program signal (MPS) analog and HD-1 digital audio. Using its selective off-air tuner, the M2HDSP measures the MPS analog and HD-1 digital audio diversity and generates a continuous stream of correction vectors to keep the analog and digital audio perfectly time and level aligned. These correction vectors are then sent via Ethernet to an HD Radio embedded exporter or compatible audio processor to provide the necessary adjustments to the analog audio delay.
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New Products – August 2009

Aug 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Recording microphone

IXM: IXM overcomes the imbalance of microphone and recorder performance. The microphone heads are optimized for high speech intelligibility and low handling noise sensitivity thanks to Beyerdynamic. The heads are exchangeable to suit different recording environments. Omnidirectional, cardioid and supercardioid pick up patterns will be available. Capsules are automatically detected for automatic gain and DSP adaption. The IXM utilizes an intelligent leveling algorithm that takes advantage of the higher ADC to file resolution by four bits. Files are stored on an exchangeable SD memory card as WAV, BWF, MP2 or MP3.
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Pro sound system packages
Anchor Audio Communications/Portaco

Explorer: The next generation Explorer Pro is for sound projection in indoor or outdoor settings and playing music. The unit delivers 110dB of intelligible speech from one sound system designed for users with no technical knowledge. The new Explorer Pro is versatile with true ac/dc, a 110/220 power supply and improved battery life.

Rackmount voltage regulator
Furman Sound

P-1800 AR: The P-1800 AR rackmount voltage regulator/power conditioner is a successor to Furman’s popular AR-15 II. The P-1800 AR provides stable voltage protection and line noise filtration for any A/V installation where reliable, comprehensive protection is needed. It provides consistent 120V output (�5 volts) from input voltages ranging from 97Vac to 137Vac. Unlike commercial voltage regulators, the P-1800 AR’s new true RMS voltage regulation technology, features an ultra-low-noise, microprocessor-controlled eight-tap toroidal autoformer. The P-1800 AR offers Furman’s advanced Linear Filtering Technology, SMP surge/spike protection, and EVS (Extreme Voltage Shutdown) technologies for professional-level protection from spikes, surges and dangerous prolonged voltage conditions. The 15-A unit features eight fully regulated, protected and filtered rear-panel outlets and a front-panel convenience outlet.
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Radio automation interface

VM Quadra: The VM Quadra radio automation software interface increases functionality, reduces complexity and creates new workflow options to and from automation servers, digital audio workstations and satellite systems. Each VM Quadra interfaces with up to four automation computers and connects via CAT-5 to Vistamax audio management system frames. The complete solution provides greater flexibility in audio source and destination connectivity, and minimizes the complexity of the distributed computer network and the number of audio channels required for each automation computer.
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Live podcasting/broadcasting
Small Plate Radio

Internet Radio/Audio Studio: Clients can leverage Small Plate Radio in two ways. The first is Live Podcasting, which lets brands, businesses and lifestyle interests broadcast live 30 to 60 minute shows from anywhere, engineered from the Small Plate Radio studios in Portland, OR. Shows are pre-promoted and broadcast live with the ability for end-users/listeners to interact with the show via instant message, e-mail and phone. Shows are hosted by Small Plate Radio then podcast and promoted after the live broadcast. All shows are created as private-label and clients own 100 percent of the content. The second part of Small Plate Radio is Live On-Site Broadcasting. Xhang Creative has set up successful stations that broadcast live at conferences and events around the country. It has grown to include pop-up radio stations for the Radio Advertising Bureau, the Association of National Advertisers and the American Association of Advertising Agencies.
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New Products – August 2009

Aug 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

EAS watch Endec Serial Monitor
Cascade Technology Corporation

ESM-1: The ESM-1, Endec serial output monitor, is a freestanding unit designed to monitor an Endec for received EAS alerts. The ESM-1 provides reports for required weekly and monthly tests, saving time by eliminating the need for station test surveys and county check-ins. When the unit detects Endec activity, it converts the alert message into a digital packet and sends the information to the server through an Ethernet connection via Internet. Unlike the RSM and OSM models, this unit does not monitor on-air broadcasts and therefore does not report whether the station is on or off the air. Connectivity is regularly confirmed by communications with the server. Should there be a connection disruption, the unit stores alert information and updates the server as soon as the connection is restored. The ESM-1 reports all alerts sent to the station’s Endec allowing the EAS Watch server to detect and track spurious EAS alerts.
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Announcer’s turret
Dixon Systems

AT-22: The Dixon Systems AT-22 is an announcer’s turret that will work with almost any broadcast console. The turret controls two microphones (on/off) and includes two stereo headphone amplifiers with individual gain controls. A talkback receive function is built in. Its compact size makes it perfect in the booth or studio. All switching and indications are simple ground starts. The switches use surface mount LEDs and light pipes. Audio inputs are left and right, plus talkback. Talkback audio is fed to left when activated. There are no mic pre-amps in the turret.
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Pro lightweight rack case
Ace Products/Kaces

KPRC-2, KPRC-4: KPRC-2 and KPRC-4 lightweight rack cases feature rigid plastic panels designed to absorb shock and protect equipment; a water-resistant luggage-grade nylon exterior; and 20mm padded laptop pocket that opens to the interior of the rack case so cables can be pre-wired for quick setup and easy transport. Rigid flaps open in the front and back. A front flap has additional 20mm foam padding to protect knobs and front panels. Rack rails are recessed 1″ to allow additional room between front flap and equipment. Comfortable bolted soft rubber handles are on top and bottom for multiple transport options.
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Chassis connector protecter

Dummy Plug: Neutrik is helping keep the dust out of unused chassis connector inputs through its newest product accessory, Dummy Plug. Because dust can build up, especially with larger audio consoles with several inputs that are not all necessarily being used at the same time, Dummy Plugs are designed to protect unmated Neutrik 2- and 4-pole speakon chassis and powercon chassis connectors. Dummy Plugs are rubber covers that fully protect the connector in the unmated condition. They can also provide convenience and security in the studio or out on the road, as unused inputs can be covered, avoiding any confusion or miswiring during setup.
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Upgrades and Updates

Audiofile Engineering has released version 1.1 of Fire, its field recording app for the Iphone and Ipod Touch. The app update adds varispeed playback, multiple VU meter styles and adjustable input gain.�Middle Atlantic Products is now offering its signature Signal Safe cords on all power products at no extra charge. The cable technology is designed to reduce radiated ac magnetic fields in AV systems that induce noise in signal wiring. (

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