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New Products (Dec 2007)

New Products (Dec 2007)

Dec 1, 2007 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Audio recorders


DRM85-LI DRM85-CLI: Developed in direct response to requests from broadcasters, the new models are line-input-equipped versions of the existing DRM85 omni-directional and DRM85-C cardioids, enabling journalists to record feeds often provided at press conferences. Both Flashmics feature a bantam TT jack input on the base of the microphone body. An XLR-to-bantam jack cable is supplied that switches out the microphone signal, recording only the line input signal. The Flashmic also now supports MP3 files. Existing owners can download the updated Flashmic Manager software free of charge at
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Digital audio and MIDI production software


Tracktion 3: The new production software 3 introduces more than 150 new features and improvements, while retaining the single-screen user interface. Tracktion 3 also continues to offer cross-platform compatibility, and support for industry-standard plug-in, virtual instrument and video formats. Among the enhancements in Tracktion 3 are the addition of time stretching and pitch shifting, and a loop browser that supports Apple, Acid and Rex.
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Inline surge protector

LEA International

SL: LEA’s SL is a high performance, inline surge protector ideal for safeguarding UPS and critical loads from damaging transients. The SL is available in single-phase 120V and 240V configurations and is rated for system exposure per IEEE C62.41 Category A.
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Inventory management

LAN International

Viero transact: This system exposes available inventory to an expanded pool of advertisers for all types of media buys from any location. Its traffic-centric approach tracks current available inventory and historical usage, recaptures inventory not sold by Google, and places advertisers into that availability. Throughout the process the platform ensures fulfillment with real-time spot insertion and verification. The system can use the existing infrastructure to conduct electronic business transactions, and is scalable and adaptable to changing revenue models.
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Mic line mixer


MX8-1RM: The Avlex MX8-1RM mic-line mixer is a 1RU rack-mounted audio mixer supporting eight mic/line channels � each with its own volume and tone control � is the ideal tool for a wide range of sound reinforcement applications. The front panel features a master volume control and a power on/off switch, and the MX8-1RM provides quick access to the mixer’s most critical functions. To accommodate a broad range of input sources, the MX8-1RM’s rear panel provides six channels with balanced XLR and quarter-inch TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) mic/line inputs, along with two channels of RCA unbalanced line inputs and quarter-inch TRS balanced mic/line inputs. With the ability to accommodate everything from wired and wireless microphones to CD players, the Avlex MX8-1RM Mic-Line Mixer is well suited for most any sound reinforcement task.
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Antenna arrays


HDR Plus Series: This series of antennas interleaves a digital antenna within an analog antenna’s aperture. This allows a station to transmit an analog and a digital signal with very high isolation between the two. Operating costs are substantially reduced by as much as 10 percent due to the system’s efficiency. The two interleaved antennas also provide redundancy since both arrays are capable of supporting either the digital or analog signal.
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Nickel-plated connectors


ITC (Instant Tool-less Connector): These nickel-plated connectors do not require a tool for termination. The ITC tool-less system lowers costs by reducing termination time, complexity and failure rate. To ensure long-term, reliable connections, the connectors feature a captive center pin that securely grips onto the center conductor using a unique spring tension system for maximum contact and conductivity. Thus, the connectors can be easily reused. The new nickel-plated series of ITC connectors is available in F, BNC and RCA connector configurations for 18-AWG, 20-AWG and 24-AWG coax cable.
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EAS station multiplexer

DM Engineering

Multi Station Relay Adapter: This device expands the allowable controlled number of stations from a single Sage Endec to a total of four. It is a microprocessor-based, three-stereo-channel accessory that interprets the Endec audio commands to select the appropriate station or stations for EAS broadcast. The MSRA communicates with the Endec via RS-232, and the EAS audio for the MSRA is derived from the Endec speaker line output. A multi-turn, recessed front panel input gain trim potentiometer and individual multi-turn station gain controls are provided for controlling the active stereo distribution amplifier sections having balanced output levels capable of greater than + 12dBm into a 600O load impedance. An optically isolated open collector tally output for user control applications is provided and is active when any or all of the three controlled stations are activated, and remains active until the end of the EAS activation.
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CD, DVD duplicator

Disc Makers

Medley: This an all-in-one disc duplicator and printer is enclosed in a protective housing with a small desktop footprint. It is designed for a wide range of uses and applications requiring DVD or CD duplication, on-disc printing, and automated ripping of audio CDs. Graphics software allows any user to create full-color images directly onto the disc face. The Medley also integrates with Itunes and Windows Media Player to automate audio disc ripping.
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FM transmitter

Crown Broadcast

FM300E, FM300R, FM300T: The FM150 broadcast transmitter offers a frequency-agile front panel, SWR metering from remote control and the ability to control output power from a remote control. The FM300 is available in three configurations: FM300E is a basic exciter with composite input only. The FM300T is suited for lower power broadcasters with its built-in audio processor and stereo generator. The 20 percent upgrade in power over the company’s previous FM250 accommodates line loss without upgrading to the next higher power unit. The FM300R is the translator option with built-in receiver. With low loss circuit boards and copper heat spreaders in the RF chain, the unit functions with less heat and improved life span. A robust power supply with switching voltage and power regulators for ac or dc operation allow the FM300 to be used anywhere power can be generated.
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Connectors for CAT-6 cable


Ethercon series: This rugged patch cable includes a metal housing for RJ-45 cable connectors to protect the connector against mechanical load. It is equipped with Neutrik’s chuck-type strain relief with a separate push-pull locking mechanism, to avoid accidental unplugging. The cable is available in custom lengths and the receptacle will accept a standard RJ-45 cable end in addition to the Ethercon patch cable.
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Coaxial Dynamics

6902-BNCF Series: The broadband 6902-BNCF series of 2W BNC attenuators rated from dc to 4GHz includes WiMax, Wi-fi and WiBro testing applications. VSWR is 1.25:1 maximum through 4GHz and the accuracy is 0.3dB to 6dB, 0.5dB to 20dB and 0.75dB to 30dB. Standard decibal values include 3, 6, 10, 20 and 30dB with others available on special order. All BNC models have bi-directional operation and other connector types are available. The length is 1.4 inches maximum.
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LED bulb


B321-XIW: This multiple voltage, bipolar 9mm miniature bayonet-based LED bulb is designed to replace many incandescent bulbs. Operating voltages include 6V, 14V, 24V, 28V, 48V, 60V and 120Vac lamps. The bulb comes in a T 3-� bayonet base that mounts directly into standard sockets. Solid-state lamps are iimpervious to shock, vibration, frequent switching and environmental extremes. With an average life span of 100,00-plus hours, LED lamps operate more than 20 times longer than the equivalent incandescent lamp.

Asset management extranet

Winmedia Software

Winweb: Winweb is a series of software modules to organize the station workflow. The Sales Module allows the sales director to set objectives so account executives can handle their prospects, realize their offers and input their ad-booking demands in a collaborative booking grid that will calculate the price in real times on a seniority basis on the fill rates, the volumes and the demands anteriority. The Producer Module defines and plans spots and voice tracking to be produced. The last module supervises announcer schedules, organizes and checks contests and stock of prize inventory.
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Router control software

Axia Audio

Pathfinder PC: This software package allows the user to construct custom, conditional audio routing applications for Axia IP-Audio Networks. Pathfinder PC automatically scans an audio network for Axia audio nodes and gathers information about the audio sources and destinations and presets it to the user. Snapshots can be created and recalled to make multiple routes with a single mouse click. These snapshots can make changes to many routes, or it can make changes to just a few routes, such as routing audio from one studio device to another. Pathfinder PC also combines audio and machine logic into a single virtual router to route bi-directional audio and GPIO simultaneously. Built-in audio metering, combined with a configurable silence sense, sets up automated watchdogs on important audio sources, automatically switching to a backup source if audio is not present.
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Tower ice and rain sensor

New Avionics Corporation

Ice Meister Model 9734: This ice sensor can be tuned for the specific installation to function as an ice/no-ice indicator. At maximum sensitivities, it detects the incipient formation of any kind of ice. It will even sense the condensation from human breath. At minimum sensitivity it distinguishes between ranges of accumulation of ice. The unit offers an optional deice heater for system reset. The unit consumes about 1W of power from an ac or dc supply. Data is output via indicator LEDs and isolating relay contacts.
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Stereo microphone

MXL Microphones

V67Q: As a studio quality stereo condenser microphone, the new V67Q features dual 22mm capsules with gold sputtered diaphragms aligned in a 90-degree XY configuration. With electrically balanced output and low self-noise, this pressure-gradient stereo condenser microphone produces a smooth, even frequency response ranging from 30Hz to 20kHz. Additionally, the V67Q is internally wired with Mogami cable. The V67Q includes a 10-foot, 5-pin cable that breaks out to two, three-pin XLR cables.
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Grounding wire


Copperweld: Nott now distributes Copperweld grounding wire. This wire has been used by the electric utility industry for many years and just now comes to broadcasting. Standard Copperweld wire is not annealed, making it very springy. However, their ground wire is annealed and handles just like pure copper wire. It can also be silver soldered like pure copper. Tests indicate erosion may occur at the ends of buried wires, but will go no more than two wire diameters into the metal. In the case of #10 wire, this is less than 1/4″. RF current travels only on the outer surface of a wire due to skin effect, so most of the current will be flowing in the copper skin. Bending it into a sharp radius does not cause the copper skin to crack. Wrap it as tightly as needed, then silver-solder it.
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Shared media storage system


Editshare v5.0: The new version improves ergonomics, simplifies administration and expands capabilities to the Editshare shared-storage environment. New administration features and functions allow Editshare administrators to synchronize two or more servers regardless of geographic location, receive daily health reports detailing server activity, and minimize time to deploy with a new plug-and-play configuration. The simplified file management structure enables users to more easily organize media files.

Audio editing software

Adobe Systems

Audition 3: With comprehensive audio mastering and restoration capabilities, Adobe Audition 3 helps professionals create music and radio spots, as well as restore imperfect recordings with sophisticated editing tools. New features include VSTi virtual instrument support with MIDI piano roll, enhanced spectral editing options, fast fade and cross fade controls, and advanced multi-core support.

Measurement software

Audio Precision

APX500 v2.0: The APX is a dedicated multi-channel audio analyzer. Now available in an 8- or 16-channel configuration, the APX is capable of taking 14 measurements in seven seconds, automatically generating a report of results and saving all test settings in a single, sharable project file. The analyzer is designed specifically for power amp and CD/DVD/MP3 manufacturers for use in R&D and production test, with multiple channels, Dolby/DTS confidence testing, multi-tone analyzer, input regulation, and CEA-2006 and EIA/CEA-490-A measurements.
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Audio cabling system


DT12: Ideal for broadcast trucks, where space is often limited, the Wireworks DT12 welded steel breakout boxes are a quarter the size of traditional stageboxes. Wireworks’ slim in-line DT12 breakout box is engineered to withstand the rigors of being dragged across a stadium or field. At just three inches square – virtually the same size as the DT12 connectors themselves – the DT12 breakout box is compact without compromising strength or dependability. The breakout box also features male and female DT12 connectors with cover caps. Recessed Neutrik XLR black/gold connectors and dual-sided channel identification allow for use in any orientation. Wireworks’ DT12 trunks are manufactured with full-sized 22 AWG conductors, providing lower signal loss, especially in long run cables commonly required in remote sporting environments. All cables are 100 percent shielded to prevent electrical interference and cross talk.
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Universal drive adapter

Newer Technology

USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adapter: This adapter moves data from one hard drive to another via USB. No software is required for the use of the adapter with a Mac running OS 8.6 or higher. A CD is included with the drivers required to use with Windows.

A/D converter

Lavry Engineering

Lavry Black DA 10: A complement to the Lavry DA 10 digital-to-analog converter, Lavry’s design philosophy is one of transparency in conversion. Like the DA 10, the AD 10 offers ultra-stable clocking, extremely low THD and wide dynamic range. The AD 10 has -10dbV TRS and +4dBu XLR inputs, and clocks externally from 32kHz to 100kHz. Both units operate at fixed sample rates of 44.1-, 48-, 88.2- and 96kHz. The AD 10 obtains its time reference from an internal crystal, while the DA 10 operates in crystal mode to reduce jitter effects.
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Shielded twisted pair cables


New Generation STP: These plenum-rated cables are a series of low capacitance, two- and three-pair cables featuring a smaller outside diameter and economical, low-smoke insulation and jacket. The cables are constructed with 22 AWG stranded tinned copper conductors and a common 24 AWG stranded tinned copper drain wire. Both are NEC and CEC CMP rated and available in 500- and 1,000-ft lengths, with white or blue jackets.
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Upgrades and Updates

Auralex Acoustics’ Part Science Space Array and Space Coupler have recently passed the requirements of a Class B fire rating in accordance with ASTM E84. (…Burk Technology is now shipping the Plus Connect for Harris Z transmitters. The Plus Connect brings more than 400 transmitter parameters onboard the ARC Plus using a single serial connection. (…RCS has enhanced RCS News. Version 3.1 features a revamped toolbar that can be customized to only show the commonly used tasks, the ability to more easily dock and undock windows, and new messaging when key mappings are applied. (…V-Soft‘s Probe 3 program will incorporate an automatic update that will be implemented in two stages. In Probe, there will be a new item under the Help menu allowing a user to set the update settings including the username, password, location of where to save previous versions, and number of backups to keep. (