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New Products (Feb 2001)

New Products (Feb 2001)

Feb 1, 2001 12:00 PM


AKG Emotion II series: The three new Emotion Series Models include the D440, the D550 and the D660. The D440 is a cardioid dynamic microphone with a wide frequency response that emphasizes the mid and treble ranges. The D550 cardioid dynamic instrument microphone features a wide frequency response that emphasizes the bass range. The D660 dynamic microphone features a transducer element that is designed for both sound reinforcement applications and recording on cassette tape or other typical home studio media. Except for the D660, all Emotion Series models use the AKG Varimotion diaphragm with dedicated zones of different thicknesses for optimum mid/treble and bass response. All models use a 3-pin XLR connector.
615-360-0499; fax 615-360-0275;; [email protected]

Workstation software system

Arrakis DL4-3PLAY: A 2RU black box that records and plays audio on hard disk. It is a broadcast audio appliance, not a PC with a sound card. The DL4 has 4 serial ports for control from Windows 95/98/NT PC computers. The Arrakis Instant 3-Play software is run on these PCs so that any of three studios may play jingles at the same time. If you need the ability to play multiple jingles at the same time in one studio, instant 3-play can do that as well. The unit is controlled via touch monitor, mouse, or keyboard.
970-224-2248; fax 970-493-1076[email protected]

File transfer software

Radiomax/Intermax InterMax: A software that, when coupled with end-user PC-based hardware and Internet connectivity, facilitates computer file transfer and sharing between co-owned radio stations. Each station in a station group has a standard PC running Windows 95/98, with an Internet connection (ISDN or similar technology recommended) to a local ISP (Internet Service Provider). Any station within the group may originate or receive a file transfer (any-to-any or any-to-all). User files of any kind or size may be transferred.
314-345-1030; fax 314-345-1090; [email protected]

Digital multitrack recorder

Fairlight USA Merlin: Embedded in the support circuitry are 24-bit A-to-Ds and D-to-As. Digital inputs and outputs incorporate true 24-bit sample rate converters. DSPs are 40-bit floating point to provide headroom during processing such as real-time cross fades and level changes. Fairlight has designed a custom power supply that is switched on the sample clock to avoid distortion products being introduced to the audio path. Features include through-noise and distortion better than -110dBs (-0.0007%); frequency response from 10 Hz to 20kHz, +0dB/-0.25dB and cross talk typically less than -103dB to adjacent channels at 10kHz. Merlin is fully 96kHz ready.
800-4-FAIRLIGHT; fax 323-465-0080;;[email protected]

Digital audio distribution amplifiers

Lucid Technology AES�4, GEN�6, SPDIF�7 and CLK�6: These digital audio distribution amplifiers feature a selection of outputs that distribute audio or sync signals to multiple destinations. The �RU AES�4 receives Word Clock or AES audio and delivers it to four AES-connected units. The GEN�6, a �RU amplifier, routes Word Clock or Superclock to six BNC outputs. With the flip of a switch, it operates as a stand-alone clock source, generating Word Clock or Superclock at frequencies of 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz. The SPDIF�7 can take S/PDIF stereo audio and feed to it four S/PDIF and two TOSLINK optical outputs, plus one AES output. Distribution in multiple formats is simultaneous. The CLK�6 passes sync information, in Word Clock or Superclock format, to six parallel outputs and is �RU.
888-349-3222; fax 425-742-0564;; [email protected]

Broadcast digital delay

TC Electronic D22: offers up to 1300ms of delay per channel on two channels and features 24 bit AD/DA converters as well as a complement of digital I/Os including AES/EBU, S/PDIF and Wordlock BNC 75V. Internal sample rates of 44.1 and 48kHz are supported with external rates of 32, 44.1 and 48kHz. Programmable setups can be stored for total instant recall. Additionally, a user interface lock mode is provided for set and forget purposes.
805-373-1828; fax 805-379-2648;; [email protected]

Powered monitor

Klein + Hummel MM 201 D: The BNC and XLR input ports for the AES/EBU and S/P-DIF input signals offer full flexibility for many digital audio processing systems. The rear panel has one XLR socket for the analog or digital signal and another BNC connector for a digital input or looping the signal. Main switch, volume control and analog/digital input selector are located at the front. The MM 201 D features a built-in D/A converter with 24-bit word length and 32 to 48 kHz sampling rate. Magnetically shielded, the monitor fits applications with digital workstations or digital consoles and patch panels. In fact, the MM 201 D, with its immediate feature to switch between analog and digital inputs, is a versatile tool for studio and service applications.
+49 711 45 89 30; fax +49 711 45 89 335[email protected]


LEDtronics LED lamp catalog: The catalog includes dimensional data, illustrations, specifications and applications. Cross-reference tables for incandescent lamps accompany each LED lamp listing. A comprehensive reference chart shows the available LED hues, wavelengths, forward voltages, intensities, viewing angles and dye materials. This publication may be viewed online or downloaded as a self-extracting .zip file at The miniature-based LED lamps catalog is free for qualified customers. Contact LEDtronics and request data sheet log UT005.
800-579-4875; fax 310-534-1424;

Storage management software

Dot Hill Systems Corp SANpath 3.1 and SANscape 2.3: These storage area network (SAN) management software applications have been enhanced. SANpath 3.1 now delivers dynamic LUN assignment, a timesaving capability that allocates and re-allocates server storage resources without interrupting critical applications. SANpath 3.1 also adds Linux, HP-UX, and Windows 2000 to its list of supported platforms. SANscape 2.3 is now more tightly integrated with SANpath and provides IT Managers with a drag & drop user interface for managing storage allocation operations, and also adds HP-UX, Linux, Windows 2000 and Netware to its list of supported platforms. Both applications work with Dot Hill’s carrier-class SANnet storage solutions to enhance performance, simplify storage management, and protect against component failures.
800-872-2783; fax 760-931-5527;; [email protected]

High-torque turntable

Gemini Sound Products PT-2400: Features of this turntable include high-torque direct-drive professional turntable with quartz lock; a large LCD display showing: speed, pitch & platter direction; locking platter reverse button located in battle position; a 3-speed design: 33, 45 and 78 RPM; �10% pitch control; up to 7 grams of tone arm pressure; pop-up target light; anti-skate adjustment; strobe illuminator; soft-touch start/stop button; removable headshell and a dust cover. The unit is 115V/230V switchable. Also available is the PT-2410 with translucent finish.
732-969-9000; fax 732-969-9090;; [email protected]

Wireless telephone adapter

JK Audio Dapter One: This little black box converts the 2.5mm headset jack on your cell phone to a modular jack. This RJ-11 jack connects directly to any JK Audio RemoteMix series mixer. You will continue to use your wireless phone to dial or answer the call, but will use the microphone and headphones plugged into your RemoteMix during the call. Daptor One does not require any batteries or power supply. It contains a mini hybrid circuit that converts the earpiece and microphone signals into a balanced RJ-11 phone line signal. Mic signals from the RemoteMix are sent into the wireless phone, while the earpiece signals from the wireless phone are sent into the RemoteMix Headphones. The hybrid circuit minimizes crosstalk between transmit and receive.
800-552-8346; fax 815-786-8502; [email protected]

Internet communication program

ITXC Push To Talk: This program offers three different types of communication: talking over the Internet, over the phone, or communicating via text chat. Website visitors choose the most appropriate option. Two-line users can use the Call Me Now option and recive a call back from the agent at the phone number they provide. One-line users with a multimedia PC can click on Talk Over the Internet, and their phone will behave like two, allowing consumers to continue browsing the Internet while talking to an agent. One-line users who do not own a multimedia PC can click Text Chat and use their keyboard.
609-750-3333; fax 609-419-1511; [email protected]

Multichannel audio and data transmission system

Otari LightWinder: Consists of two to 16 mainframes, each holding two to eight modules. Modules can be custom configured. Features can be controlled and monitored by LightView software. Video link option allows for broadcast-quality transmission of NTSC and PAL video.
800-877-0577; fax 818-594-7208;[email protected]

Online network An interactive service that connects the audio professional with a national network of thousands of independent pro audio retailers, and a database of available pro audio gear from a variety of manufacturers, opens up the national pro audio equipment marketplace to dealers who might not have the physical or financial resources or Web E-tailing skills to market their company on a nationwide level. Moreover, if you are a retailer trying to build your online store, you can do so with the domain name of your choice with’s customized web site design resources.
415-643-7000; fax 415-206-7370; [email protected]

FM transmitter

Marti Electronics PNP-150: This Plug N Play device uses the latest in RF technology coupled with proven exciter technology. The exciter portion of the transmitter is digital and takes advantage of recent advances in DSP speed and efficiency. The PNP-150 offers customers a built-in stereo generator and audio processor and accepts analog or digital audio input from an STL, ISDN or direct feed. The digital input is AES/EBU, SPDIF, TOSLINK, and analog input is composite or left and right audio. The unit is full remote-control ready, rack mountable or suitable for tabletop operation, and offers up to 150 watts into 1.5:1 VSWR.
817-645-9163; fax 817-641-3869;; [email protected]

Vacuum tube microphone preamplifier

Universal Audio 2-610: A two-channel tube microphone preamplifier based on the Universal Audio 610 modular console, the Universal Audio 2-610 is a tool for tracking that can be used in conjunction with a compressor. Features include two channels of tube pre-amplification; microphone (female XLR), balanced line (female XLR) and unbalanced line/instrument (�” jack) (DI) inputs; and balanced line (female XLR) outputs. Front panel controls include input select, variable gain/input feedback control, output level control, HF shelf EQ, LF shelf EQ, polarity reverse swtich and 48V phantom power.
831-454-0630; fax 831-454-0689; [email protected]

Rack enclosures

BGW RN Series: This series features a fully welded construction, a removable top and bottom rear plates for cable pass through, 14-guage steel tops and bottoms, 16-guage steel single piece sides, 11-guage steel where rail brackets are welded to sides, 2 pairs of 11-guage, 10-32 threaded rackrail, abundant cable lacing points, adjustable or fixed rail mounting positions and a black textured powder coat finish.
800-468-2677; fax 310-676-6713;;[email protected]

Spectrum analyzer

Belar CSA-1: May be used to view the real-time spectrum of a wide variety of input signals, for AM, FM, TV and audio frequencies. Equipped with 2MHz RF/IF, 150kHz wide-band composite, and 24kHz L/R audio inputs (analog or digital), the CSA-1 is a value, compact, and accurate FFT (fast fourier transform) analyzer. Featuring an adjustable 120dB dynamic range, the CSA-1 resolves to 0.1dB accuracy. Linear (percent) and dB scales, infinite peak hold, peak hold, average display or real time are all user selectable. As are sum and/or difference of L/R analog or digital inputs. Completing the package are a vacuum fluorescent 256�64 display and an on-screen cursor that permits direct reading of any frequency or amplitude.
610-687-5550; fax 610-687-2686; [email protected]