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New Products (Feb 2005)

New Products (Feb 2005)

Feb 1, 2005 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

Contour Hardening
AC generator
Real Power:
Real Power integrates into the existing control units of a truck. Unlike the inverter-based generator systems, this system requires no alteration of the truck’s existing dc electrical system. There is no need for a dc converter or inverter with this ac generator. The unit mounts between the truck’s frame rails and is driven by the truck’s transmission. The 8kW model offers 120V and 240V outlets with 8,000W of continuous, ac power and the 12kW model offers 12,000W of continuous, clean ac power. This unit is maintenance-free because there are no brushes to replace.
fax 317-879-2484

Firewire expansion card
The IF-FW/DM is an expansion card that follows the same design as the ADAT, AES/EBU, TDIF and analog expansion cards for the DM-24. Features include 24-channel input and 24-channel output when used with the DM-24; 16-channel input and output when used at 88.1kHz or 96kHz sample rates with the DM-24; MIDI input and output for use with DAW software; supports ASIO, MME, WDM and Apple Core Audio standards; is Mac OS X and Windows XP compatible and provides two IEEE-1394 firewire jacks.
fax 323-727-7635
[email protected]

USB audio, MIDI interface
This USB audio/MIDI interface features an aluminum chassis, which offers two benefits: It can withstand hard impacts that are normally associated with traveling or working in the field, and the aluminum acts as a shield against high-frequency interference from other electrical components. This product is USB powered, so users never have to plug it into a wall socket, but it manages to power condenser microphones with 48V phantom power. The unit’s audio output is +4dBu from the balanced 1/4″ outputs. This system has an analog mild compressor built into the interface, which allows more discrepancy in setting the microphone levels and allows the user more freedom from audio clipping. The interface provides 24-bit/96kHz audio performance, MIDI I/O, S/PDIF optical I/O and Neutrik XLR/TRS inputs with microphone preamps.
fax 360-594-4271
[email protected]

Kenneke Communications
Audio restoration, transfer services
Audio restoration:
This company restores and transfers old audio recordings from tape, vinyl or wire to modern digital media, such as CD, DVD and MP3. Using specialized computer equipment, it can remove hiss, pop and static from old, damaged recordings. It can also restore damaged, unplayable magnetic tape. Kenneke Communications can provide media transfer and restoration services for common and uncommon magnetic media. Its restoration services can restore most audio magnetic media, such as reel-to-reel, cassette, cart and other standard magnetic media. Using a digital audio workstation it can edit and enhance source material as well.
[email protected]

Software upgrade
Symnet Designer v5.0:
The most important feature included in the 5.0 release is support for the line of Symnet Express hardware. The addition of these units brings the total number of audio processors in the family to 15. Units will now return to last state when the power is cycled on and off. This is critical in live performance situations where parameter changes can occur on the fly. Portions of the software code have been rewritten to optimize certain processes, and to take advantage of the more efficient 100MHz SHARC processors used in the Express hardware. An auto firmware upgrade function has also been added to simplify the process of upgrading hardware sites from previous software versions.
fax 425-787-3211
[email protected]

LED lamps
PNL-1145 series:
These direct incandescent replacements for the discontinued GE ET5/6 incandescent high-voltage panel indicator lamps are found in a wide range of products. These energy-efficient, long-life illuminators feature a fixed LED, a removable lens, a threaded metal shaft and adjustable nuts and washers that enable the lamp to be front-mounted or rear-mounted in panels as much as 2.2″ thick. Additionally, 12″ leads are provided to expedite integration into the electrical system. These lamps are available in several voltages: 24Vdc, 48Vdc, 125Vdc and 250Vdc. The lamps may be ordered in 67Vac, 115Vac and 230Vac.
fax 310-534-1424

PDX2000, PDX2300:
The PDX-2000mkII offers the same features as its predecessor, including a high torque motor design, fast start up time (from zero to full speed in 0.5 seconds), fine pitch and ultra pitch. In addition, the PDX-2000mkII features a new, streamlined platter and next generation ASTS (anti-skipping tonearm system) design. The PDX-2000mkIIPro and PDX-2300mkIIPro offer the same features as the PDX-2000mkII, with the addition of Vestax’s proprietary, dynamic, spring-balanced tone-arm system to further reduce tracking error during scratch performances.
fax 516-333-9108

Cable tester
The CPU-controlled CT100 accepts most connector types: XLR, mono and TRS (1/4″, 1/8″ and TT), RCA and MIDI. It shows which input pin is connected to which output pin. Separate LEDs indicate proper shield connection and phantom power presence. The tester also offers an installed cable test mode and a continuity check plus a test tone generator with output levels of -50dBv, -10dBv and +4dbV at 440Hz or 1kHz. The unit can also indicate the presence of phantom power.
fax 425-673-7647
[email protected]

Ethernet audio bridges
ES220 and ES220-L:
The ES220 converts two analog audio channels into digital audio to insert them into an Ethersound network, and simultaneously extracts two digital channels from the network to convert them into analog audio. It offers a cost-effective solution to build Ethersound networks with inputs and outputs in many locations for applications such as audio distribution, background music and paging, monitoring or archiving and logging. The ES220-L is configurable to provide two Ethersound inputs or two Ethersound outputs at a time. Both feature GPIOs and offer 1RU mounting for three units and mounting brackets for under-table fixing are available.
fax 703-875-9161
[email protected]

Upgrades and Updates

Broadcast Electronics is providing an upgrade path for all stations using the BE Audiovault with the PRSS Content Depot delivery system. Content Depot will be implemented in 2005 by National Public Radio’s Distribution division. All Audiovault users, regardless of the age of their system, will be able to interconnect their system with Content Depot at no charge.

Orban is now shipping the Opticodec-PC LE, which was first shown at NAB2004. The pro version, PE, has been shipping for some time. The LE version limits a netcaster to one stream at 32kb/s or less. The Opticodec-PC uses Coding Technologies’ AAC Plus codec.

Edirol has begun shipping the R-1 portable WAV/MP3 recorder. Since its announcement, the unit has been refined to version 1.03 offering compatibility with 4GB Compact Flash cards. The R-1 is a mobile recording device that offers 24-bit effect processing, and operation from two AA batteries.

In the January 2005 Field Report on the SAS Rubicon, the Performance at a Glance section stated that the surface has four bus assigns per module. There are actually eight bus assign buttons per module. Each module can support as many as 18 bus assignments.