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New Products (Jan 2003)

New Products (Jan 2003)

Jan 1, 2003 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

multichannel sound card


Part of the VX series, this sound card is useful for pro audio production, as well as archiving and logging applications. With its 4/4 balanced line inputs and outputs, 96kHz 24-bit converters, its low latency architecture, and its additional stereo AES/EBU input and output, this product is a linear multichannel sound card with analog and AES/EBU inputs and outputs. It supports Windows and Mac platforms with a set of drivers that make it versatile in multiple environments. The control panel provides easy routing and digital mixing of inputs and outputs.
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AM/FM IBOC signal generator

Broadcast Electronics
FSi-10 and ASi-10

This third-generation IBOC signal generator takes advantage of the ability of the FXi60 to accept a direct digital input and provide an analog FM and FM IBOC signal. All operating parameters are programmable from the front-panel VGA touch screen. The generator accepts AES-3 input and provides all signal conditioning needed for use in a high- or low-level combined system. Its output directly feeds the FXi60 or FXi250 digital FM exciters, when fitted with the IBOC input option card. The AM version, the ASi-10, can also act as the digital signal generator for an AM IBOC system. The phase and amplitude output are fed directly into a solid-state AM transmitter, and with audio processing a station is ready to begin broadcasting digital AM.
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Digital console


Based on the technical architecture of the D-5000, the modular D-4000 features a stainless-steel meter bridge and wrist rest, new work surface graphics and composite fused-finish end caps. The console features include: hot-swap design, four stereo mix buses, six true VU meters, any mix of digital and analog inputs, AES and balanced analog outputs, choice of master clock rates, as many as four mix-minus outputs and 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion on analog inputs. This console also provides A/B source switching with fully independent logic and machine control mode selection on stereo inputs, low profile drop-through counter design and multiple studio outputs with talkback interrupt.
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Analog FM tuner/monitor


This rack-mount FM tuner offers three audio outputs (hi-level and low-level unbalanced and XLR balanced), one composite output with level adjust and BNC antenna connection. It is useful for translator and repeater remotes, and offers a high level of RF sensitivity (30�v for 50dB quieting in stereo), and first- and second-adjacent rejection (25dB and 80dB respectively). Other features include eight presets with exclusive UNISET programming control, wide and narrow IF band switching for selectivity and a fluorescent green display. This tuner/monitor offers options such as carrier sense to detect low or no signal at a translator/repeater site, RS-232 Data I/O and full-function IR remote control. The battery-backed microprocessor returns tuning to the exact same settings that were in play at the time of a power failure. The power receptacle accepts an ISE modular power cord and is fused at 0.5A. All boards are directly replaceable and do not require in-service alignment.
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Large diaphragm microphone

DPA Microphones

This omnidirectional mic offers more flexibility in terms of preamplification options. With low self-noise and high sensitivity, the mic is useful for detailed work, such as vocals, strings and other acoustic instruments with large dynamics. This product offers a low self-noise of 8dB(A) and maximum 9dB(A), a THD less than 0.5 percent at 120dB SPL peak. The microphone is now available in three versions: a unique modular design enables the capsule to be unscrewed from the preamplifier, offering options of a 48V or 130V powered solid-state preamplifier and a 130V tube technology preamplifier. The solid state is chosen for the most transparent reproduction, whereas the tube system adds a slight musical coloration to the recording.
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Audio adapter


The ASI5111 provides one stereo analog and digital input, one stereo analog and digital output, a microphone input, two record streams and four play streams. Audio formats include 8, 16 and 32-bit PCM. Analog and digital interfaces are standard on the adapter. The analog interface is balanced and uses 24-bit over sampling converters to deliver more than 100dB of dynamic range with THD+N better than 0.0025% at sample rates from 32kHz to 96kHz. The digital interface can be software configured for AES/EBU or S/PDIF operation. The balanced microphone input works with professional studio microphones requiring +48V phantom power. Gain is adjustable via software up to 60dB. Processing effects.
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