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New Products (Jan 2005)

New Products (Jan 2005)

Jan 1, 2005 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

Stereo audio meter

DK Technologies

MSD100C: Engineers have only three presets to choose from: two PPM analog input mode, two PPM digital input mode and four PPM both analog and digital mode. The meter features a color VGA screen and comes with two audio input pairs: one stereo analog and one AES-3 digital input channel. It accepts 96kHz on the digital input and offers 24-bit A/D. The meter also incorporates a Goniometer (audio vector oscilloscope) and a phasemeter. The meter supports multiple PPM standards. Other features include a level meter with user definable scales and reference levels and a wall plug power supply.
+45 4485 0255
fax +45 4485 0250
[email protected]

Short-form PCI audio cards


PCX924v2, PCX22v2 and VX222v2: These stereo cards have been resized to the short-length PCI format. With a length of 6.875, the boards now fit in the most compact computers with 5V, 5V+3.3V or 3.3V PCI busses, as well as computers with PCI-X bus. The new sound cards are fully compatible with existing drivers for the longer versions of PCX924v2, PCX22v2, and VX222v2. The PCX924v2 is a full-duplex stereo sound card for simultaneous and independent record and playback. The PCX924v2 features 24-bit converters, balanced analog and AES/EBU I/Os, an external AES/EBU synchronization input, a headphone jack, as well as Wave and Digigram np Runtime drivers. A playback-only card, Digigram PCX22v2 offers two analog or digital outputs only. The VX222v2 sound card includes balanced 2/2 analog inputs and outputs with 24-bit converters, as well as a stereo AES/EBU input/output.
fax 703-875-9161
[email protected]

SPL meter


SLM-100: This device features a large analog meter for quick measurements. The frequency ranges from 32Hz to 10kHz, and it makes A and C weighted measurements with peak or averaging response. The meter includes a seven-range selector switch, calibration control and a test signal output via an RCA jack. A 9V battery supplies the power. SPL ranges from 50dB to 126dB, referenced to 0.0002mbar, are possible. A threaded insert allows the meter to be mounted on a camera tripod. The unit measures 6.25″ � 2.5″ � 1.75″.
fax 215-443-0331
[email protected]

Surge suppressor

LEA International

Powervantage: Powervantage is designed for low clamp, ease of service and enhanced diagnostics. The system is field-upgradeable in terms of surge capacity. The surge suppressor features MOV modules built to meet industry standards for sensitive load applications. Color-coded, compact modules feature two simple attaching screws and redundant monitoring capability. Its modules deliver low clamp point while handling overvoltages by providing maximum sharing across MOV surface areas.
fax 208-762-6099
[email protected]

Digital FM antenna


HD Plus: Integrated alongside existing analog FM antennas, this antenna provides an interleaved antenna solution for HD Radio broadcasts. Special design considerations between the analog and digital antenna bays provide for isolation that exceeds 40dB; 10 percent more than the 36dB required by the FCC.
fax 207-655-7120
[email protected]

Portable mixer

Professional Sound

PSC M6 Mixer: Designed for extreme field operating conditions, the mixer uses rotary pot faders because of their immunity to dirt and dust. The mixer offers provisions for direct mounting of a recorder. This unit also offers six inputs with switchable mic powering, line or mic inputs, phase reversal, two-way EQ, pan pot and two aux sends. Its output section contains two large, easy to read LCD peak meters, slate microphone, private line to boom operators, full duplex boom communication, recorder remote rolls, reference oscillator, four selectable headphone feeds, two main outputs and two aux outputs. The mixer measures 14″W � 15″D � 2.25″H and it weighs 11lbs without batteries. Internal power is provided by 10 D alkaline cells and its external power is 10 to 18Vdc at 10W. The unit offers a 1KO input impedance with balanced XLR 600O outputs.
661-295-9395; fax 661-295-8398
[email protected]

Cobranet PCI audio adapter

Audio Science

ASI6400: The ASI6400 series is a broadcast specific line of PCI audio adapters to provide Cobranet audio networking. Using a Texas Instruments 32-bit floating point DSP together with Cirrus Logic’s new CS18101 Cobranet interface allows the card to simultaneously record and play 16 mono or eight stereo streams of 24-bit audio over a 100Mb/s Ethernet network. All the features of other ASI6000 series adapters are available such as MPEG Layer 2 and Layer 3 compression, MRX multi-rate mixing, TSX time scaling and flexible mixing.
fax 302-738-9434
[email protected]

Modular tuner

Audio Design Associates

Tune Suite: This computer controlled modular tuner can be configured with any combination of FM, AM, WX (weather band) and XM Satellite Radio service. Users can listen to four radio stations simultaneously or cascade seven Tune Suite mainframes together for any combination of 27 AM, FM, WX or XM channels at once. Three front-panel knobs allow users to select as many as 30 RF preset stations, tune or seek radio frequencies and change the frequency band. The four line front panel displays information such as the station frequency, band, preset number and stereo/mono status for RF modules. In the XM mode, the display automatically shows the category, channel number and preset number. Each of the modules can be computer or infrared controlled while providing complete operational status.
fax 914-946-9620
[email protected]

Upgrades and Updates

OMT has released Imedialogger version 2.5. Enhancements to this release include an enhanced graphical-user interface for greater ease of use; access to the built-in Web server through corporate firewalls and Internet routers; the ability to split stereo inputs to discrete left and right; greater compatibility with recorded files and third-party audio editors and improved functionality and performance.

Audion Labs Vox Pro PC version 3.3 is now shipping. This update revises Vox Pro PC’s internal database format, allowing for gain increase for selected audio for one or both tracks, and a resizable interface, from minimal to full screen. It is compatible with most sound cards. Mouse click and drag audio highlighting; MP3 import and export of multiple files; streamlined administrative features; and faster access to folders containing thousands of files are other added features.

The Cedar audio restoration tools have been updated for Cambridge v2. The update adds numerous new modules and features to earlier versions 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 which are now obsolete.

A new module, the Audemat-Aztec Manager Client Server, enables alarm reception on filtered stations, filtered geographical areas or filtered event types. Application of this option is to use the complete data offered by Manager software to propose specific services (specific alarms) to radio and TV stations.