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New Products (Jul 2004)

New Products (Jul 2004)

Jul 1, 2004 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

New products from 25-Seven, Acoustica, Audemat-Aztec, AudioScience, Blue, Bomar, Brother, Brother, Coaxial Dynamics, Eventide, Harris, Lawo, Nautel, Tascam and Total Training.


FM, digital transmitter
V10: The Virtuoso, V10, is a 10kW FM/HD Radio transmitter with a linear, adjustable-bias, broadband design. It is capable of 3.2kW digital, 7.7kW hybrid or 11kW analog operation. Because it is frequency agile, it can be used for N+1 configurations in conjunction with the Maestro digital exciter. RF power modules and associated switch mode power supply modules are hot-plug for ease of service. The unit features a graphic user interface, diagnostic flow diagram and event log. Compact and lightweight construction allows installation at sites with space and floor loading constraints.
fax 207-947-3693
[email protected]

Total Training

Adobe Audition Training
Adobe Audition training: With multitracking capability to record, mix and edit sessions with up to 128 stereo tracks, this audio program–Total Training Presents: The Essentials of Adobe Audition–offers four hours of instruction on two DVDs. The instructor walks users through the full scope of Audition’s advanced audio capabilities, from quickly constructing soundtracks with convenient looping tools, to creating high-quality effects, to using the program’s mastering tools to finalize the audio mixes.
fax 760-517-9060
[email protected]


Diatonic pitch shifter plug-in
Octavox Harmonizer: The Reverb and Octavox Harmonizer diatonic pitch shifter plug-ins for Pro Tools for Mac v5.1.3 or greater, are based on the sounds of the Orville digital audio effects processor. Octavox allows users to create stacked harmonies and wide choirs locked to the tempo of the session. The GUI allows the user to load, edit and save a preset, and allows access to the pitch-shifting capabilities, as well as providing musical control of the pitch and delays using the Notation Grid. Each reverb offers three-band stereo parametric equalization before and after the reverb, reverb contour for built-in tone shaping, a pair of delay lines with filters and a high-quality compressor.
fax 201-641-1640
[email protected]


DAW controller
US-2400: This controller features 25 touch-sensitive 100mm moving faders for full mix control without patching together multiple expanders. Each of the 24 channels has an assignable encoder with an LED ring that displays the current value or doubles as a signal meter. A full transport section is also included for DAW control, as well as a joystick for surround panning. Other features include touch-sensitive motorized master fader, 24 encoders assignable to pan, aux or channel strip and transport section with smooth jog/shuttle wheel. Bank switching provides access to 192 channels.
fax 323-727-7635
[email protected]

Lawo AG

Broadcast mixer
Z4: The Z4 is a digital, four-fader broadcast mixer including integrated signal processing with freely combinable interfaces. It is equipped with two fixed mic/line inputs and combinable analog and AES3 inputs. The unit offers as many as 14 local analog or digital inputs. Sample rate converters on the inputs and adjustable clock frequencies of 44.1kHz and 48kHz are also features. All output signals can be analog as well as digital. Other features of this product include 19″ 1RU mounting frame; remote control unit; different input interfaces; stereo, mono, left or right signal channel modes; four stereo summing busses with limiter and Ethernet 10Mb/s for control of external matrices.
+49 7222 1002 0
fax +49 7222 1002 24
[email protected]

Coaxial Dynamics

Remote wattmeters
RF Wattmeters: These high-power, remote wattmeters measure RF waveforms such as CDMA, DAB, CW and AM and FM. Several models are available to measure forward and reflected power in 50O coaxial transmission line systems with 5/10/25 or 15/30/60 scales. The 98952-A wattmeter with 5/10/25 scales includes two 10′ cables and an ac adapter. The 98954-1 with 5/10/25 scales includes forward/reflected switch, four 10′ cables and ac adapter. The 98958-A and 98959-A with 15/30/60 scales include forward/reflected switch, four 10′ cables and ac adapter.
fax 216-267-3142
[email protected]


Broadcast tuner adapter
ASI8702 and ASI8703: The ASI8702 is a universal PCI card that contains eight AM/FM tuners. Each tuner may be set to an independent AM or FM radio station. The audio from each tuner is presented to the computer host as a mono or stereo record stream, which may be accessed through a high-speed bus master interface. The ASI8703 is similar to the ASI8702 except it contains eight FM/TV audio tuners. The AM portion of each tuner (ASI8702 only) has a medium wave tuning range of 520kHz to 1,750kHz. FM capabilities include a tuning range of 76MHz to 108MHz with software-controlled stereo decoding. An onboard 225MHz 32-bit floating point DSP from Texas Instruments provides audio routing, processing and streaming allowing as many as eight stereo streams to be sent to the host PC for recording or further analysis.
fax 302-738-9434

[email protected]


Portable labeller
PT-1400 and PT-1600: With an easy grip, rubber impact guards and carrying case, the PT-1600 is designed for everyday use in the field and on the go. The labeller features rotated text, easy-swap tape cassettes, bar code symbologies, telecom/datacom templates and built-in telecom and data symbols. The PT-1400 offers easy-swap tape cassettes and the ability to automatically number the labels. The vertical handheld design with its calculator-style keypad provides six built-in telecom/datacom specific templates and 10 pre-formatted general label designs and print options for printing multiple copies, serialized labels, vertical, horizontal, rotated and mirror text. The labeller also offers memory functions and a built-in library of symbols.
fax 908-704-8235


Audio file converter
MP3 To Wave Converter: Features of this converter are: converts MP3 into CD quality format WAV files ready to burn; converts freely between WMA, MP3 and WAV; batch convert folders and subfolders with a single right click; automatically normalizes audio files to a consistent volume level; will sense incomplete music downloads or blank songs; automatically trims unwanted silence from the start and end of songs; and converts music play lists (.M3U, .PLS) to WAV.
fax 559-692-2214


RBDS generator
FMX480: This product combines a stereo generator with a full range of RBDS services in a system that can be securely managed from anywhere via TCP/IP. The unit includes a digital stereo generator with analog and digital inputs, the FMB80 RBDS encoder and a digital composite clipper. The generator uses high speed DSP to create the stereo signal and RBDS subcarrier. Plug the unit into any data network, or the Internet, for secure management of the signal and messaging from anywhere in the world. Subcarriers are combined in a single digital operation for a clean signal. There are no analog bandpass filters in the encoder to degrade audio quality.
fax 305-682-2233
[email protected]


Class-A discrete mic preamp
Robbie: Robbie is a single-channel Class-A discrete tube microphone and instrument preamplifier with no ICs and discrete components from input to output. Features of the mic include audiophile-grade ultra low noise metal film resistors and polystyrene capacitors. The mic preamp provides an electronically-balanced, fully discrete input stage, tube gain stage (ECC88 twin triode), and an electronically-balanced solid-state output stage. There is no switching crossover distortion in the balanced audio signal path. The unit achieves 34dB headroom before clipping.
fax 818-879-7259


Crimp connector for coax
Crimp RCA Connector: These crimp-on plugs are designed for RG59 and RG6 coaxial cable and are the latest addition to the Specialty Broadcast Connector series. The high frequency, 75O impedance of the RCA plugs offers audio accuracy. Manufactured of precision-machined brass with heavy nickel plating, these corrosion-resistant interconnects feature gold-plated, semi-captive contacts for durable, long-lasting connections. The connectors’ shielding technology provides isolation from EMI and RFI interference. A crimp tool is also available.
fax 973-347-2111
[email protected]


On-air console
RMX Digital: The newest addition to the family of Vistamax-enabled, networkable consoles is the RMX Digital on-air digital radio console. The RMX Digital was developed for radio broadcasters who want a digital version of the PR&E Radio-mixer analog console, but with the features of the BMX Digital and Legacy consoles. RMX Digital offers a secure upgrade path with analog and digital inputs and outputs, allowing broadcasters to start with analog and easily upgrade to digital when they are ready. The system features the same BMX Digital switches and LED illuminators, and the same construction with support for multiple telcos.
fax 513-459-3890
[email protected]


Time shifter
Audio Time Manager: ATM allows users to delay the start of live programs and shorten their duration, in real-time, to accommodate unexpected breaks or to create additional availabilities on an on-going basis. Its time compression technology is clean so that users can conservatively add about three minutes per hour to a schedule. Depending on the program source, users can more than double that and still maintain acceptable broadcast spoken language quality. The scheduler does not remove important content, change pitch, damage inflection or create artifacts. It integrates into digital and analog facilities providing smooth content insertions, network rejoins and broadcast delays.
[email protected]

Upgrades and Updates

Orban has released version 3.0 software for the Optimod-AM 9200. The software adds two new presets as well as improved PC Remote Control software, which increases connection reliability over modems and adds Ethernet connectivity.

Adobe has unveiled Audition 1.5. This software release is the first revision since the product was taken under the Adobe brand. New features of the software include integrated CD burning, pitch correction, automatic click/pop elimination and the ability to save custom keyboard shortcuts.

Eventide has added a 40-second option to the BD500 profanity delay. Existing BD500 units can be upgraded.

Harris has released version 1.6 firmware update for the Sage Endec. It adds new event codes, subdivision names and marine location FIPS codes to the EAS system as per the April 2002 FCC Report and Order. Users are cautioned to use versions 1.7 or greater of the Endec Pro and Endec DJ software packages or version 2.0 of the Endecset program.

The Logitek Audio Engine router and its line of digital console control surfaces now offer intercom functionality that may be run as a stand-alone system or may be integrated with a Logitek digital console. Switched or party line operation is possible, along with Director priority switching and standard IFB functions.