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New Products (Jul 2008)

New Products (Jul 2008)

Jul 1, 2008 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Studio monitors

Samson Technologies

Resolv: In addition to woven carbon fiber woofers that provide tight and controlled low frequency response and a low diffraction wave-guide for precise imaging, Resolv monitors feature a 1-inch silk dome tweeter, offering a smooth, sweet high frequency response. For cooler operation and low thermal compression, each Resolv model has an external heat-sink, ferro-fluid cooling and a ventilated ceramic motor structure. Constructed with medium density fiberboard for maximum SPL, the monitors are also AV shielded, for operation near computer monitors. The new Resolv series is offered with three different woofer and amplifier configurations. The A5 has a 5-inch woofer and offers 50W on the low frequency driver and 25W on the high frequency driver. The A6 with its 6.5-inch woofer offers 75W on the low frequency driver and 25W on the high frequency driver. Finally, the A8 boasts an 8-inch woofer with 75W for the low frequency driver and a high frequency driver with 25W.
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Web, voice remote control system

Broadcast Tools

WVRC-4: The WVRC-4 provides a half-rack product for Web-based and/or recordable voice response dial-up transmitter site control. The WVRC-4 was designed from a user’s point of view, so all the basic functionality is included to control site equipment, while including the accessories other manufacturers consider optional. Each analog, status, silence and temperature sensor, and power failure input can be configured to e-mail up to four individual e-mail addresses, allowing different input alarms to be routed to different e-mail recipients. The WVRC-4 is equipped with a browser-based 100-event program scheduler for relay control and alarm muting, along with an FIFO 8192-event alarm logger. System expansion may be accomplished by cascading multiple WVRC-4s on the same telephone line and/or Ethernet switch.
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CD cases you can walk on

STIL Designs

Case solutions: Sturdy, resilient, STIL Designs’ Case Solutions are made of prime polypropylene, archival quality. The case is fully hinged with the disc hovering over the bottom of the case to prevent scratches. The new patented hub holds the disc without putting pressure on the center hole. A redefined eject system lands the disc in your hand.
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Active PA speakers


SRM150: Capitalizing on the technologies of Mackie’s SRM active loudspeakers and mixers, the Mackie SRM150 Compact Active PA System delivers superior sound quality in a compact package. With 150W of Class D amplification and the 5.25-inch EAW-designed, full-range neodymium driver, the SRM150 delivers high sound pressure levels (SPL). The built-in 3-channel mixer features two combo XLR/Line inputs (with 48V phantom power and a hi-Z instrument input), a stereo channel for CD/MP3 players, and Mackie’s musical 3-band active EQ. The SRM150 can even be mounted on a mic stand.
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Attenuator and phase reversal

Har-Ken Specialties

HK-113, HK-124, HK-112: The HK-112 audio pad allows for fine, accurate steps in attenuation, 2dB steps from 10dB to 40dB. The HK-113 puts the functions of phase reversal and ground lifting at your fingers in one compact in-line unit. The HK-124 Attenuator is designed to interface with home and commercial audio systems. It provides attenuation in 2dB steps from 0dB to 30dB.
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Wireless antenna


WA520: The WA520 Wireless Antenna covers the entire UHF range between 450 and 850MHz and consists of a directional component and an omni-directional whip element for re-transmission to the receiver. The two components are coupled via a 50O matching circuit. The WA520 operates by providing up to 7dB of isotropic gain via the LPDA in the forward direction in order to overcome the inherent loss incurred by re-transmission via the whip component. The resulting RF field signal strength is +0dBi or unity gain. Thus, the operating range of the WA520 is dependent on placement and the original RF field strength. Consistently good results have been obtained with distances up to 300 feet between the transmitter and the WA520 and then up to 20 feet between the WA520 and the receiver.
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Mic mute interface

Henry Engineering

Mixer Mate: This unit provides the needed radio studio control to use a live sound or PA mixer in a radio studio. Mixer Mate adds three functions to the mixer: on/off control of up to four microphones, monitor mute when a microphone is in use and control of on-air studio warning lights. Mixer Mate provides mic on/off control for up to four microphones. Its monitor mute programming feature allows the user to program which mics will activate the monitor muting function. It also interfaces to a Superelay, to control on-air tally lights. Mixer Mate is compatible with any mixer that provides a process insert on the mic channels.
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USB serial devices


SeaLINK+I.DIN, SeaLINK+2I.DIN: These devices offer designers the choice of one or two serial ports. SeaLink serial devices connect peripherals such as barcode scanners, serial displays and data acquisition modules to any USB port. Each DB9M serial port is configurable for RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 via dip switches accessible through the case, and optical isolation protects the host computer from damaging voltage surges and ground loops commonly found in industrial and OEM applications. Each adapter includes Sealevel’s patent-pending SeaLatch locking USB connector design that prevents accidental cable disconnection.
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Six-channel headphone amp

Presonus Audio Electronics

HP60: This headphone mixing system has six independent headphone amplifiers. The HP60 features dual stereo inputs as well as external input, for each channel allowing mixing between three stereo audio streams. Stereo output is also available on each channel to send line level headphone channel mixes to additional headphone amplifiers or monitor systems. Each channel features headphone level, mix control between A and B inputs, external input volume, mute and mono. The HP60 also features talkback via external XLR microphone input.
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Real-time Web page launches

Cynocast: With Cynocast, radio stations can launch any kind of digital media in real-time. DJs can deliver song lyrics, traffic maps, news articles, weather maps and sports scores directly to the computers of listeners during their radio show. Cynocast automatically generates an archive of the Web pages launched during the broadcast. The program builds an on-demand Cynocast the station can publish for its listeners at its website.

Microphone suspensions

Rycote Microphone Windshields

Invision: Invision microphone suspensions dispense with the elasticated cradles traditionally used to reduce microphone handling noise. Instead, this range is based on flexible, but virtually unbreakable W-shaped clips, known as lyres. Various sizes provide isolation from unwanted vibrations. Lyres of varying diameters are then combined in the eight different models in the Invision range to provide suspension systems suitable for a wide range of microphones. Models INV-1 to INV-3 are designed for smaller-bodied microphones in static use, while models INV 4-8 are designed for static and boom-mounted applications, and fit microphones ranging from 8mm to 30mm in diameter.
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Master clock generator


M-Clock Plus: This high-stability AES Grade 1 master clock generator supports clock rates from 44.1kHz to 192kHz and additionally incorporates dual sample rate converters, allowing material to be re-sampled and synchronized to the selected high-precision clock. M-Clock Plus can synchronize to an external word clock input or retrieve the clock from an AES audio signal via an AES11 input. The unit offers 10 word clock outputs. The exact frequency of the selected internal or external clock is measured and displayed with an accuracy of 2ppm.
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Upgrades and Updates

Omnia Audio has released the Omnia One AM for AM stations. It features a wideband AGC/leveler, four bands of AGC and a separate four-band limiter. (…Tascam’s DR-1 portable recorder has been updated to version 1.10. The update adds recording and monitoring features. (…An oft-used page on the V-Soft website is the free Zip-Signal utility, which uses a database updated on June 1, 2008. (…Airshift has updated its website, and with the update has posted evaluation versions of Airshift Studio 2.1 and Airtime 2.0 software for Windows, Mac and Linux. (…To counter counterfeiting, Neutrik is identifying its products with a hologram of the Neutrik name and logo. Neutrik will also include an authenticity seal on its packaging. (