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New Products – July 2009

New Products – July 2009

Jul 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Modular broadcast console
Axia Audio Element 2.0:
Element 2.0 has features such voice and headphone processing by Omnia, peak and average metering, one-touch phone recording, automatic mix-minus for every fader, an eight-channel virtual mixer that lets users combine multiple audio streams and control them with a single fader, motorized faders that can assume pre-set levels automatically, and show profiles that instantly recall talent’s favorite settings. Element uses avionics-grade switches rated for millions of operations, bullet-proof optical encoders, conductive-plastic faders and a frame made from thick aluminum extrusions. It is available in sizes from two to 40 faders.
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Web camera
Blue Microphones
Eyeball: Eyeball is a Web cam with high-quality audio and video, making it perfect for instant messaging and video conferencing. It features Blue’s condenser capsule, premium lens with Super HD video, camera-off privacy position with lens pop in and out, and plug-and-play ease of use. Using the same integrated stand and case design as in Blue’s Snowflake USB mic, the Eyeball also includes a custom designed monitor adapter making it simple to position it on virtually any laptop or desktop monitor.

Tri-amplified monitoring system
1038CF: The 1038CF tri-amplified active monitoring system features loudspeaker drivers, slim speaker enclosure (only 9.25″/235mm), dual eight-inch throw bass drivers, multiple power amplifiers and active, low level crossovers. Designed for medium-sized control rooms, the full-range monitor has low-end response down to 30Hz. The system has a built-in tri-amplifier unit, delivering a total of 420W into two 8″ long-throw bass drivers, a 5.12″ proprietary Genelec midrange driver and a 1″ metal dome tweeter.
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Audio processor
BW Broadcast
DSPX-AM: The DSPX-AM includes a wideband window-gated AGC, a four-band window-gated AGC and a four-band limiter followed by an oversampled distortion-controlled clipper. A separate look-ahead final limiter allows simultaneous full 20kHz processing for digital radio. Like its little brother, the DSPXmini-AM, it also features adjustable low pass filtering to accommodate all AM standards, high frequency equalization, asymmetrical clipping, low frequency transmitter tilt compensation and a tone generator to facilitate easy installation and adjustment. A range of factory presets were designed to produce loud and intelligible sound for talk radio as well as achieve the best fidelity on music formats. The DSPX-AM is a 1RU processor with front-panel LED metering that is also remote controllable via TCP/IP or direct serial connection.
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FM transmitter
Gamma 3000: The Gamma 3000 features 1,250W power amplifier modules coupled with the hot pluggable power supplies. The power amplifiers and power supplies are independently operated and removable from the front of the unit while it is installed. They are load sharing. The minimal 10W of drive required can be provided with the optional PTEK FM25ES exciter. The Gamma 3000 is simple and quick to install. The system is 4RU weighing 88 pounds.
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New Products – July 2009

Jul 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Low-latency sound card platform
Lola: Lola is a low-latency sound card platform for logging and multi-channel recording. The main features of the first Lola product � the Lola280 � include eight line level inputs, two line level outputs and an optional eight-channel microphone pre-amp in a 1RU rackmount package. The sound card is Digigram’s first in a low profile PCI Express bus form factor. It also includes a built-in mixer with automatic gain control (AGC) and a software control panel, allowing inputs to be summed prior to recording and to directly monitor inputs.
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Antenna positioner
Accupoint: The Accupoint AP-100 is designed to deliver maximum performance for top-of-the-mast antenna positioning. Key features of the AP-100 include more capabilities, improved safety and easier maintenance. Design highlights feature optimized gear and motor ratios for enhanced performance, 100-pound payload capacity and easily accessible adjustable-limit cams for service. Additionally, the AP-100 features an easy to replace breakaway base with lanyard for added safety.

FM modulation and AF spectrum analyzer
Sierra Multimedia
Microgen TS9080: The TS9080 FM modulation and AF spectrum analyzer, has been designed for precision monitoring of FM radio broadcasts. Connected to a standard Windows PC via a USB port, its user-friendly interface displays all modulation data on screen for analysis. The enclosure is a custom-designed dual-chamber aluminum extrusion. Audio outputs are provided for high quality headphone or loudspeaker monitoring, with full RBDS decoding available and live off-air data recording. Broadcast data is automatically logged with the included Ilog software. Remote control is possible with simple text file commands allowing the unit to be controlled from third party software applications. Unique to this class of product is a FFT spectrum analyzer.
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Upgrades and Updates

JK Audio is shipping the Innkeeper LTD hybrid, which was introduced at the 2009 NAB Show. (… Dave Scott, former CEO of Scott Studios, and Enco Systems are teaming to service and support SS32 stations. The venture is Scott-Enco. (…Tascam has updated its 202 dual cassette deck to the 202mkV. The new model adds a return to zero function and A-B repeat. (…Racktools 3.5, the free layout and specification software package that includes all products from Middle Atlantic, has been updated with new shapes for user-defined components and greater drawing export flexibility. (

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