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New Products (Jun 2005)

New Products (Jun 2005)

Jul 1, 2005 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

CD burning software
MP3 CD Burner version 4:
Version 4.0 automatically applies a fade out to incomplete songs so that it sounds like it naturally faded. The software will warn the user that it is incomplete by displaying the symbol next to it. This version will automatically analyze and determine if any song needs its level boosted to increase perceived volume. Many songs have extra silence, applause or advertisements. It is possible to remove them directly in the software by selecting the sound and then clicking the mixing button. The burner no longer requires users to convert to WAV files. All effects, processing and adjustments are burned on the fly.
fax 559-692-2214

Audio master/mixdown recorder
This high-resolution audio recorder includes DSD recording to DVD up to 192kHz/24-bit. The recorder features Sony’s DSD format, the basis for audiophile Super Audio CDs, as an available recording format. Its I/O includes balanced XLR connections, AES/EBU and SDIF-3, and it records standard CD-DA, WAV and DSDIFF files to CD and DVD discs. Advanced features include a USB 2.0 connector, RS-232 serial control and multiband compression and EQ.
fax 323-727-7635
[email protected]

Exposure safety signs
Richard Tell Associates
RF hazard signs:
Three basic sign designs are available including notice, caution and warning versions. Designed for tower applications, the sign puts climbers on notice that RF fields near some antennas on the tower may exceed FCC rules for human exposure, that they should be trained for working in RF environments and that they should use a personal RF monitor when working near active antennas.
fax 702-645-8842
[email protected]

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Spectrum analyzer
Rohde and Schwarz
The internal preamplifier of this analyzer provides a frequency range from 100kHz to 6GHz. The unit offers an average noise level typically of -135dBm (RBW 100Hz). Other features of this product are a 0.5dB level accuracy up to 6GHz, resolution bandwidths of 100Hz to 1MHz and a wide range of detectors: sample, max/min peak, auto peak and RMS.
fax 410-910-7801
[email protected]

Audio editor
Sydec Audio Engineering
Soundscape Editor 4.0:
This graphical interface is user-configurable and is the working environment for all Soundscape 32 and Soundscape 16 DAW configurations. It runs on Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP. It relies on the DSP in the Soundscape 32 or Soundscape 16 hardware for all audio processing, mixing, DSP effects, and disk handling and synchronization. Parts can be recorded to any one of 256 virtual tracks. During tracking the system responds like a tape recorder, with the non-destructive punch in/out, loop recording of multiple takes. The transport buttons can be controlled from the on-screen transport bar, the computer keyboard or a hardware control surface. Audio tracks can be armed for recording from the Arrange window, the computer keyboard, the Mixer window or a hardware control surface.
fax +32-3-7650104
[email protected]

Cobranet interface
Audio Science
A modular 1RU Cobranet interface, this interface can be populated with four function specific modules, allowing as many as 32 channels of analog or AES/EBU I/O and 64 relay-based GPIO outputs and 64 opto-isolated inputs. Each module has an interchangeable connector portion that may be configured with a pluggable terminal block, Studiohub or a standard 50-pin Centronics connector interface compatible with Audio Science’s sound cards. The base unit features 16 channels of Cobranet I/O and a Texas Instruments 32-bit floating point DSP that allows switching/mixing and broadcast specific features such as tone decoding. A graphic display on the unit’s front panel displays peak meters and network status. This device may be operated in a tethered mode, whereby it is connected directly to an ASI6416 Cobranet sound card with an Ethernet crossover cable.
fax 302-738-9434
[email protected]

Speakon combo
The speakon combo is a combination of a 1/4″ jack and the Speakon chassis connector NL4MD-V in one shell. The two-pole speakon combo is compatible with the existing NL4MD-V panel cutout and vertical PCB layout. The mating connector can be a speakon cable connector (NL2FC, NL4FC, NL4FX or NL4FRX) or a 1/4″ TS plug (such as NP2C). According to PA-wiring, the tip of the 1/4″ plug is connected to 1+, while the sleeve is connected to 1-. The combo is rated at 30A rms for the speakon contact and 15A rms for the 1/4″ contact. By combining the two-pole connector with a 1/4″ jack, the unit is more convenient and space saving for users.
fax 732-901-9608
[email protected]

Audio mixer
Studio Technologies
Model 740:
Targeted for use in electronic news-gathering vehicles, the mixer features six microphone and line inputs, a monaural output bus, a 10-segment LED meter and a flexible monitor section. All the unit’s controls and indicators are located on the front panel. The unit includes internal configuration jumpers that allow the performance to be optimized for each specific installation. This product mounts in 1RU. The mixer also features input present/peak LEDs, a studio-quality compressor and a setup oscillator with dedicated output.
fax 847-982-0747
[email protected]

Fanless mini PC
Hush Technologies
This fanless mini PC’s chassis dimensions are 37cm W x 34cm D x 5.9cm H. It is constructed of aluminum alloy up to 13mm thick. The front panel provides access to a power button, is HDD LED and an optional CD-slot is available. The power supply is 55W Morex external PSU or 90W Hush external PSU. A PCI slot is available.
fax 802-244-7938
[email protected]

Audio recorder, player
Using PCMCIA or Compact Flash memory cards, the unit records linear PCM mono or stereo audio. The unit is powered by five AA batteries or rechargeable cells to provide more than 10 hours of recording time. A 12-pin DIN connector provides the mic and line inputs. The recorder will work with the Nagra mono or stereo electret mics or with standard dynamic mics. Phantom +48V power is also provided. Instant start-up, one-button recording, a large back-lit display, automatic level control and internal loudspeaker are additional features. Optional internal software authorizations allow the machine to record MPEG compressed audio, to emulate a Digigram PCX sound card via USB and perform internal audio editing in the field.
fax 615-726-5189
[email protected]

Coaxial cable
RFS Broadcast
RG Flex:
The RG Flex braided cable range comprises three series of cables: the RG, RGC and RF series. These differ in the construction of the inner and outer conductors-combinations of copper, steel or bare copper wire, tinned or bare copper braid-dielectric medium of solid or foam polyethylene, and jacket material of PVC or polyethylene. The cable is available with impedances of 50 or 75 ohms and in diameters up to 1/2″. The RG Flex range is optimized for use between 1MHz and 2.4GHz. Shown are the RF-75, RGC-8 and RG-59 cables (top to bottom).
877-737 9675
fax 203-821-3852
[email protected]

Routable digital DA
Broadcast Tools
RDDA 4×4:
A routable, four-input, 16-output digital audio distribution unit, this product is capable of distributing the same format AES or word clock around a facility. Each input may be configured to feed any one or all of the four groups of outputs. Each group consists of four transformer-balanced outputs. Inputs, outputs and status are supplied on removable Euro block connectors. Input signal presence is monitored and displayed on four front-panel LEDs with remote control status provided on the rear panel. The half-rack profile allows the unit to be set on a desktop, mounted on a wall or as part of the new RA-1, Rack-Able mounting shelf. The unit accepts signals with sample rates from 8kHz to 96kHz.
fax 360-854-9479
[email protected]

Music, sound effects
Sound Ideas
Twisted Tiger Music, Latin Elements:
Twisted Tiger Music offers 100 full version themes on four CDs, providing rock, nostalgic rock, dance, trance, chill, soul, sports, corporate and romantic. Latin Elements features more than 530 Latin themes, grooves, accents and tags on two audio CDs. This collection provides traditional, modern, mellow and dramatic music.
fax 905-886-6800
[email protected]