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New Products (May 2001)

New Products (May 2001)

May 1, 2001 12:00 PM

Software codec

Audio TX Communicator: Runs on Win98 or WinNT and uses any standard sound card. Runs well on a laptop. AudioTX Communicator connects directly to all major ISDN audio codecs and automatically detects the type of codec to which you are connecting and configures itself. The system provides live audio links over IP networks using a standard IP network port by default, but this can be changed to suit the local network configuration. AudioTX will run over private leased lines and allows a live audio connection over the Internet using your choice of high-speed connection. The unit uses the existing networking setup of the PC on which it runs for audio transport. Or you can use specialized ATM hardware � as long as it presents an IP network connection capable of carrying TCP packets on the PC. Audio TX is distributed by MusicamUSA in North America.
+44 121 248 0200;;[email protected]

Condenser microphone

Audix USA SCX25: A brass condenser microphone with a 25mm gold sputtered diaphragm, the SCX25 features a suspension mounting system that effectively isolates the capsule from the housing and the electronics, thereby minimizing reflective surfaces and maximizing phase coherence. This also means that the microphone does not require a shock-mount clip. With a low-noise pre-amp design, the SCX25 provides a wide cardioid pattern with the open-air sound quality found in classic microphones.
800-966-8261; fax 503-682-7114;[email protected]

Website features

Access Broadcasting Internet services: Each revenue module solves a specific need for the station’s Web strategy while providing a new source of revenue. The modules include: advertiser business directories tied to full-page Web ad and online discounts and coupons; a promotion/contest/news/event manager with tile ad sponsorship tool built in to create sponsorship opportunities for each of the categories; and opt-in e-mail, local classifieds and personals, and listener management tool to increase TSL and interactivity with a station’s P-1s and P-2s while generating revenue from tile ads and e-mail sponsorships. In addition, with flat monthly pricing, stations can increase their bottom line significantly. Also among the new tools is the expanded version of Access Broadcasting’s Loyal Listener e-mail and promotion tools.
541-431-0036; fax 541-431-3408
[email protected]

Stereo rackmount mixer

Studiomaster 162BP: Boasting a full 16 XLR microphone input complement, the 162BP features all-steel construction and is internally modular. Mono channels 1 through 14 provide three-band EQ with mid sweep, channel direct outputs, inserts, two discreet auxiliary sends, LED overload indicator, PFL listen and 60mm faders. Channels 15 and 16 provide the same features with the exception of a two-band channel EQ, but with the ability to use the XLR microphone and the stereo line inputs simultaneously. Other features include: 48V global phantom power, balanced XLR outputs, output inserts, 12-segment LED metering, stereo playback bus with independent level control, stereo record bus with independent level control, and headphone bus with level and 60mm master faders. The 162BP also features back patching, which keeps the cables tucked away from the front panel controls.
714-998-2102; fax 714-998-2086;[email protected]

POTS codec

Musicam USA Voyager: This POTS codec/mixer achieves 15kHz mono audio over a standard analog telephone line. Low (100ms) delay even at bit rates as low as 24kb/s, means Voyager covers the full frequency range of FM. A custom-designed modem enables broadcasters to keep the sound flowing, regardless of changing conditions on the POTS line connection. Voyager allows users to renegotiate their connection or re-equalize the line for complete stability within 1.5 seconds. Audio frequency response degrades smoothly as line connections fall below 24kb/s, with Voyager improving on regular analog line quality down to 9.6kb/s. Voyager’s built-in telephone coupler can be used to connect in standard telephone mode. The bi-directional Voyager extends the expertise of studio personnel to the remote location.
732-739-5600; fax 732-739-1818;[email protected]

CD recorder/player

Tascam CD-RW2000: Features include comprehensive audio I/O, word sync input, call function for checking play cues, incremental play function, auto ready (single play) mode, input monitoring, digital gain adjustment and digital fade in and fade out. The CD-RW2000 is made for professional use. A RAM buffer is included to ensure tight ID markers without danger of clipping the start of the track, and the SCMS code can be set via the user menu. Digital gain adjustment allows you to boost level adjustments without going back to the analog source, and the adjustable auto cue function lets you locate right to the start of actual audio, rather than the track ID.
323-726-0303; fax 323-727-7635;[email protected]

FM stereo transmitter/exciter

Ramsey Electronics PX1: This transmitter is designed for worldwide service and operates on 110 or 240VAC power. The PX1 can also run on 12VDC for remote or emergency operation and is appropriate for use as an exciter for higher power broadcast stations. Features include an 8� oversampled stereo generator with true analog filters. The power amplifier is over-temperature and VSWR protected. A five-button user interface gives the user access to all operating parameters and adjustments. The two-line vacuum florescent display provides verification of all parameters. The PX1’s microprocessor continuously monitors, and makes subtle adjustments to various circuit parameters based upon frequency, temperature, power, audio level, and deviation. The PX 1 is housed in a 2RU case.
800-446-2295; fax 716-924-4555

Software module and user interface

Enco Systems AirPlay: A new virtual machine within DADPRO32 intended for live assist use. With easy to read cut information and many customizable features, AirPlay is a fourth-generation user interface designed for the most intensive live on-air usage, with features based on dozens of user interviews. Nearly everything on the AirPlay machine can be customized by the end user, from number of playback slots to the background and foreground colors of slots while playing and while in ready mode. AirPlay takes advantage of higher screen resolutions available on larger monitors and can be used on its own or together with other DAD machines such as Mini-Array or Script.
800-362-6797; fax 248-476-5712;[email protected]

Straight-arm turntable

Stanton Magnetics STR8-80: Features of this turntable include reverse and motor-off functions; 3.5mm line input built-in cable; key adjustment (master tempo); quartz lock (zero pitch); three speeds: 33, 45, 78 rpm ; selectable pitch adjustment (�8%, 12%); skip-proof straight tone arm; blue LEDs; remote start; adjustable feet; and dust cover and slipmat. The STR8-80 comes with a Stanton 520 SK cartridge pre-mounted on a silver headshell, S/PDIF digital output, a direct drive motor, an aluminum platter, a target light and a blue strobe indicator.
954-929-8999; fax 954-929-0333;[email protected]

RF field-strength measurement

Audemat Fieldstar: This mobile RF field-strength measuring unit can automatically measure up to 99 stations simultaneously. Fieldstar measures, and immediately displays on geographical maps, the effective coverage area of all stations received in a target market. Fieldstar includes a GPS receiver and RDS decoder, easy operation and user-friendly ergonomics, high performance professional FM receiver and an optional cartographic (map) display. Fieldstar is an evolution of the Audemat FM-MC-3.2.
866-AUDEMAT; fax 703-433-5452;[email protected]

Internet broadcasting service

RealNetworks Radio Business Applications, v2.0: An Internet broadcasting service for traditional radio broadcasters that enables them to generate in-stream advertising as well as e-commerce revenues through CD sales; verify advertising and traffic numbers through third party measurement firms; Use RealNetworks’ ad sales force to represent and sell broadcasters’ ad inventory; offer custom-filtered digital content � local and national news, sports and weather to end-users; and provide an on-line end user experience featuring such enhancements as Now Playing details with album, song title and artist name as each song is broadcast online.
206-674-2700; fax 206-674-2698;

Stereo effects processor

Eventide DSP7000: A new design, evolving from Eventide’s DSP4000 series processors, the 7000 has four times the processing power of the previous-generation DSP4000, plus a host of new features and capabilities. More than 500 factory presets are included for lush reverbs and accurate, high-quality pitch change programs. Features 24-bit conversion at 96kHz. The DSP7000 provides analog and digital I/O with separate gain controls and metering for each domain. Offers the user extensive programmability and remote control capability. More than 150 user presets can be stored internally, and hundreds more can be stored on removable PCMCIA cards. Accommodates presets and preset library cards developed for the DSP4000 series Ultra-Harmonizer units.
201-641-1200; fax 201-641-1640;[email protected]

Voice editing system

Audion Laboratories VoxPro PC: This PC version has the same look, feel and functionality of the Mac VoxPro but includes many new features. Some of these include: a large re-sizable sound window that displays seven to 15 seconds of a recording, the ability to import and export .WAV, AIFF, MP3 and other file formats, unlimited undo, unlimited hot keys, and the ability to run on any Pentium II or higher, Windows 98, ME and 2000. Mac versions released in Q3 2000 run on the G3 and G4 platforms.
206-842-5202; fax 206-842-6029

Mic pre-amp and mixer

Shure FP23 and FP24: A battery-powered mic pre-amp suited for on-location recording or broadcast environments, the FP23 offers 24 hours of operating life with two AA batteries. Features include all-metal construction, special filtering and transformer isolation. The FP23 offers a maximum of 66dB of gain, adjustable in 11 discrete steps, delivers resistance to outside RF interference, features a selectable low-frequency roll-off, and input and output transformers. The FP24 is outfitted has up to 66 dB of gain, transformer-balanced inputs (assignable to the L-C-R outputs), a built-in slate microphone, 1 kHz tone oscillator, and a headphone monitoring amplifier. Input transformers provide quiet operation and freedom from RF interference, while high-current, balanced output drivers maintain signal integrity. The FP24 features: a dynamic range exceeding 110 dB; a bandwidth extending from 10 Hz to 50 kHz; and low distortion characteristics.
800-25-SHURE; fax 847-866-2279;;[email protected]

Reference monitor

Alesis/GT Electronics Monitor One Mk2: The monitor’s updated voice coil provides improved performance and longer throw. Additionally, an industrial cabinet design offers longer and more rigid porting tubes for a punchier sound, while rounded corners reduce edge diffraction and improve the quality of sound. Monitor One Mk2’s crossover point has been adjusted to 2kHz, which provides a truer, flatter frequency response than the original unit. The renovated 6.5 inch low-frequency driver provides a more detailed and controlled low-end. Mk2 also features the next generation of the Alesis exclusive SuperPort venting technology, which eliminates the choking effects of smaller, shorter ports.
800-5-ALESIS; fax 310-255-3401

Magnetic data storage

Emtec Pro Media DLT series: The three new products in this line have a configuration to fit every need. The EMTEC DLT III tape can store between 2.6GB and 10GB of uncompressed data on Quantum and HP DLT drives, up to 20GB of compressed data on a DLT 2000 drive. The EMTC DLT III XT tape can store 15GB (uncompressed) or 30GB (compressed) of data. The EMTEC DLT IV can handle between 20GB and 40GB of uncompressed data, and up to 80GB of compressed data on a DLT 8000 drive. All three products in the DLT series of linear data backup media have lifetime usability estimated at up to one million write/read cycles � at least 15,000 hours of use, with a storage lifetime estimated at up to 30 years. Precision of writing and recalling data is assured with EMTEC’s leader block with enhanced guidance and spool control mechanisms for consistent tape tension.
888-295-5551; fax 661-295-5554;[email protected]