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New Products (May 2002)

New Products (May 2002)

May 1, 2002 12:00 PM, By Cindy Holst, associate editor

Studio furniture

Mager Systems
Sound Choice Furniture

This new series of stock studio furniture offers high quality materials throughout. Vented cabinets have curved corners and countertop edges are rounded. A standard color choice is available. Various riser heights are available for the rack turret. The cabinets are 19-ply, 1-inch thick plywood and do not use particleboard or melamine. The countertops are solid-surface Avonite. No cabinet assembly is required. All surfaces are fully sealed with no laminate to crack, chip or peel.
fax 623-780-9860
[email protected]

Remote control interface

Syntrillium Software
Red Rover

Adding functionality and ease of use to the latest version of Syntrillium’s Cool Edit Pro, the Red Rover multitrack remote control interface provides a dedicated remote control that operates seamlessly with the software package. Red Rover is a USB device that features standard multitrack transport controls that seamlessly interact with and control Cool Edit Pro’s on-screen displays. In addition, the control unit provides unlimited access to all 128 tracks of possible audio on Cool Edit Pro.
fax 480-941-8170
[email protected]