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New Products (May 2004)

New Products (May 2004)

May 1, 2004 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

New products from Advanced Digital Systems, Behringer, Broadcast Electronics, Carlsboro Electronics, Heil Sound, Kroy, Middle Atlantic, Soundcraft, Tieline America, Whirldwind.

Portable label printer


K5100: The K5100 hand-held portable label and wire-marking printer replaces the K2500. New features of this printer include auto sizing, faster print speeds, self-contained battery charger, quicker response time, downloadable fonts and symbols, added memory and a print resolution of 300 dpi.
fax 216-426-5601

15kHz stereo POTS codec

Tieline America

G3 Imix: With this six-input digital remote codec/mixer, left and right audio channels can be phase locked over two telephone lines to deliver 15kHz stereo programming. Also available is the provision for a dual 15kHz mono transmission from a single POTS codec. This third-generation design incorporates an expansion slot that allows users to select from a range of new hardware modules to suit individual remote applications. The modules include GSM to land-line wireless, stereo/mono ISDN, stereo or dual-mono POTS plus new IFB and telephone talkback caller facilities.
fax 317-913-9615
[email protected]

Digital STL

Broadcast Electronics

Big Pipe: Big Pipe is a different kind of studio-transmitter link. With scalable, bidirectional capabilities, up to 45Mb/s, analog and digital audio, HD Radio data, Ethernet, ser-ial data and tele-phony can be interchanged via a wireless or wireline path. This STL works for studio facility interconnects and other media transport needs.
fax 217-224-9607
[email protected]

Flat-panel speakers

Carlsbro Electronics

Nlightn: This flat-panel speaker doesn’t need a woofer, tweeter or crossover. Just a tiny magnet, a moving coil motor and a resin-infused paper membrane mounted on an aluminum panel. The conventional crossover is elimin-ated. The speaker uses a rigid panel, or membrane, which serves as a diaphragm. The diaphragm is actuated by the tiny vibrations of five moving-coil motors. The motors vibrate in microscopic motions, never exceeding 40 microns. Instead of moving in unison, the panel diaphragm, responds with a series of bending waves in chaotic patterns that cover the entire surface. It approximates the resonance patterns of the musical instruments producing the sound with its chaotic bending wave resonance.
+44 1623 753902
fax +44 1623 755436
[email protected]

DAW remote control

Advanced Digital Systems

Red Rover: The USB device features standard multitrack transport controls that interact with and control Adobe Audition’s on-screen displays. In addition, the control unit provides unlimited access to 128 tracks of possible audio on Audition. This software controller works with any sound card and lets the user track and control any number of tracks.
fax 562-926-0518
[email protected]

Dynamics processors


Pro XL series: All the processors in this series feature an Interactive Dynamic Enhancer, which compensates for the compression-induced loss of treble energy. The three models share the Interactive Ratio Control expander, which automatically adjusts the ratio setting for inaudible noise suppression. The Interactive Gain Control offers dual-stage peak-limiting circuitry that combines a clipper and a program limiter. The Autocom and the Composer have an all-new switchable voice adaptive de-esser. The VAD differentiates between male and female voices. Additions include LED displays to set the de-esser levels and a switchable enhancer.
fax 425-673-7647
[email protected]

Portable micro-mixers

Soundcraft USA/BSS Audio

Compact 4 and Compact 10: These micro-mixers are suited for applications that require simple mix facilities in a compact size. Both mixers feature mono mic or line inputs, direct instrument inputs, stereo line inputs and equalized phono inputs. A complete monitor section provides a separate mix of external inputs or playback combined with the console mix, which is useful for remote broadcast setups requiring a mix-minus feed. The Compact 4 features two mono inputs and two stereo inputs, while the Compact 10 features four mono inputs and six stereo inputs. Additional features include three-band EQ on the inputs, phantom power, balanced and unbalanced record and playback connections, dual independent headphone outputs and monitor outputs.
fax 818-920-3208
[email protected]
[email protected]

Two- and three-conductor mic cable

Heil Sound

Heil Wire: This is a specialized audio and control cable. The unit can also carry dc control lines from a push-to-talk circuit or a computer keying system. The key to this new wire is to reduce the capacitive coupling between these two signals and shield the sensitive audio lines from the outside RF environment to reduce interference that the transmitter may create. This product contains two 18-gauge audio leads residing in a silver-braided shield. Along the side of this shield is another pair of 18-gauge control wires that can carry the push-to-talk circuits and keep the dc components away from the ac audio signals. The outer jacket is a PVC jacket that was designed to fit into the cable clamp system of the eight-pin Foster plug. No extra fill grommets or heat shrink is necessary to make the Foster clamp work.
fax 618-257-3001
[email protected]

Digital snake


E Snake: Using a 48kHz sampling rate and a 24-bit word length, this audio transport device is not affected by interference and is not subject to ground loop problems. The snake’s lightweight cabling network adds flexibility for routing the cable overhead, around obstacles or underground. Set up and tear down are faster and splits can be accomplished with standard Ethernet switches to connect multiple receivers. This router is a combination of an E Snake Frame and E Snake Control software for managing the system. Each ESF consists of a motherboard that can accept as many as four input and ouput cards. This modular design allows each ESF to transmit and receive as few as eight or as many as 32 channels of real-time audio.
fax 716-865-8930
[email protected]

Wall cabinet

Middle Atlantic Products

EWR series: This series of wall-mount cabinets feature the Tool-Free Quick-Mount system, which is a hinge pin system that allows the rack’s center section to be mounted to the backpan on the wall without using tools. The center section can easily be mounted by one person by connecting the top and bottom pivoting corners to the backpan where the hinge pin is inserted and simply tightened by hand. Cable management capabilities featured on the wall cabinet include multiple electrical knockouts at the top and bottom of the backpan as well as UHF/VHF antenna knockouts. A larger laser knockout in the backpan permits a 10�” � 10�” pull-box sized opening for convenient cable passages. The EWR series is optimized for passive thermal management, featuring strategically positioned vents at the top and bottom of the center section to maximize passive convection of the enclosure.
fax 973-839-1976
[email protected]

Upgrades and Updates

Digigram has released a new driver set v2.00g for its Mixart 8 range of multichannel sound cards, which includes the Mixart 8, Mixart 8 AES/EBU, and Mixart 8 CN. The driver set features an ASIO driver in addition to the existing .WAV and Digigram np drivers.

DG Systems has implemented a third pathway to deliver audio spots to radio stations. The system uses the Internet and is called DG Online. The additional pathway complements the two existing methods DG uses to deliver radio advertising: its dedicated telecommunications network, where a proprietary DG server receives and manages spots sent through a secure virtual private network, and by DG’s compact disc overnight distribution service.

DK-Audio has released a remote sensing platform for its modular MSD600M family of audiometers. The platform features a 19″ frame that allows the audio signal connections and the sensing modules to be separated from the user.

The Soundelux E49 large diaphragm condenser microphone, based on the original 1952 German IRT design, is now shipping. The Soundelux E49 is a remote variable pattern tube mic that uses Soundelux’s KK47 large diaphragm capsule.

Omnia Audio has released Omnia-3fmt, a new version of the existing Omnia-3 processing platform, which provides three additional bands of AGC/compression to the three existing bands of limiting currently found in Omnia-3fm.

Steinberg Media Technologies has released the latest version of Wave Lab audio editing and mastering application. Wave Lab 5 shipped to Steinberg resellers in April.

The Symetrix Air Tools 6100 is now shipping. The unit is a 24-bit profanity delay that provides as much as 20 seconds of delay time.

TC Electronic has released a new software version for the Reverb 4000 and a Macintosh-compatible version of the TC Icon editor program used to control it. The version 1.10 update and Mac Icon editor are available as free downloads.

Audemat-Aztec is now shipping the AM Fieldstar, which features a calibrated AM receiver, an integrated GPS receiver and rotating, directional, calibrated antenna.