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New Products (May 2005)

New Products (May 2005)

May 1, 2005 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

USB audio interface
This USB audio interface is supplied in a 17cm x 22cm bag. The unit features two balanced analog input and two balanced analog outputs on Neutrik XLRs, 24-bit/48kHz resolution, a dynamic range greater than 103dB (A-weighted) and a 1/4″ headphone output. Once connected to a USB port on a computer (Windows 2000 and XP, Mac OS X, Linux), the unit is automatically recognized as a USB audio-compliant device without needing additional drivers. External power is not required.
fax 703-875-9161
[email protected]

Flat-screen mounting arms
Innovative Office Products
7500, 9120 and Arc View:
Model 7500 supports one monitor up to 42 pounds, tilts more than 200 degrees, offers nearly 16″ of vertical movement, extends 27″ and folds into 3″ of space. Cables are integrated inside the arm. The 9120 dual side-by-side pole mount gives users up to 14″ of extension on the standard arm, with a tilt mechanism that allows greater than 200 degrees of tilt-upward, downward as well as portrait to landscape viewing modes. It provides 200 degrees of rotation at two pivot points. The Arc View flat panel mounting system features an arched pole, to support as many as four-flat panel monitors, ranging from 2′ to 6′ long. The system is specifically designed for users needing a bank of monitors that can be arranged easily in cockpit fashion.
fax 610-253-9521
[email protected]

Compressor limiter
DBX Professional Products
Based on the Blue Series 160SL compressor limiter, this device offers a maximum input level of 24dBu balanced, and its connectors are XLR, 1/4″ electronically balanced/unbalanced, RF filtered. The unit’s bandwidth is greater than 200kHz. The system provides a dynamic range of greater than 118dB and a signal to noise ratio of +4dBu. The threshold range for the compressor is -40 to +30dBu and the limiter’s threshold range is +4 to +24dBu.
fax 801-568-7662
[email protected]

Codec pre-conditioner
Neustar Ultralink:
Ultralink improves audio performance and quality across platforms that use data reduction or compression, including HD Radio, DRM, DAB, audio over ISDN, satellite uplinking and Internet streaming. The pre-conditioner uses a determined amount of bits to eliminate noise and reduce resolution on audio as it passes through a codec so the true audio signal is cleaned and properly conditioned before transmission.
fax 513-459-3890
[email protected]

Broadcast furniture
CAD/CAM manufacturing processes are used in the furniture line to ensure precision fit and finish, repeatability and ease of modification. Layouts are fit tested and photo-documented prior to shipment. Surfaces are typically high pressure laminate with a variety of substrates. Other options include solid surface and Marmoleum for countertops. Edges are finished with matching or contrasting tee-molding for comfort and durability.
fax 415-332-2607
[email protected]

Audio processor
Optimod-FM 8400 Signature series:
This series features 10 European presets and a newly designed front panel. A new pointing device and large color LCD display make it easy to navigate through the 8400’s menus. The device offers the same basic processing structures as the 8200. New distortion cancellation techniques and overshoot compensation for the 15kHz lowpass filters yield clean and tight control. All clipping occurs at 256kHz sample rate, and the clippers are fully anti-aliased. The processor offers TCP/IP networkability as well as Orban’s traditional dial-up PC remote control.
fax 510-351-0500
[email protected]

Portable recorder, wave editor
Use the 40GB hard disk drive for extended recording and record four channels at once. The device can record 17 hours at maximum sound quality or 58 hours at CD quality. The portable recorder can also edit waveforms on the recorder itself. Choose 16-bit or 24-bit quantization and a sampling rate of 44.1kHz, 48kHz or 96kHz. Save data as WAV files. The four XLR/phone combo jacks come with switchable phantom power and give users a choice of mono, stereo, stereo x 2 or four-channel recording. Digital input and output is also provided. The recorder can also write the required metadata to comply with the BWF standard.
fax 360-594-4271
[email protected]

Transmitter building
Balsys Technology Group
Plug and Play:
Each precast concrete building is custom sized and configured for the specific CP and its unique requirements. Electrical and physical specifications adhere to local codes. All equipment is installed pre-wired and tested at the Balsys Orlando facility. When delivered to the final site it is placed on a user-supplied pad. Electrical and transmission lines, phone lines or STLs are connected, the system is proofed and the job is done. This process maximizes efficiency, and minimizes on-site time.
fax 407-656-5474
[email protected]

Cart replacement
OMT Technologies
This cart replacement software is useful for live assist stations needing a commercial, ID and promo playback system. An infinite number of categories can be created.
fax 204-783-5805
[email protected]

Talkback intercoms
TB-6D, TB-6R:
Initially designed to interface with the S2 mixer, the TB-6D desktop and TB-6R rack-mount units can be used for general inter-studio talkback. There are also versions that work with the Sonifex Station Master studio switcher (TB-SD and TB-SR). Each studio has a desktop, a rack-mount or mixer-mounted intercom containing a row of six switch buttons. Each switch button connects to another studio and routes the presenter’s audio to it.
fax 207-773-2422
[email protected]

Vector network analyzer
Rohde and Schwarz
With analog and digital interfaces this analyzer offers dual-channel signal processing and generation, recording and replaying of audio signals, a sampling rate up to 192kHz and comprehensive FFT analysis. Other features include user-programmable filters for analyzers and generators and a jitter analysis and interface tester. The unit features a vector network analyzer, frequency ranges of 4GHz and 8GHz with two or four test ports and balanced measurements, mixed-mode S parameters.
fax 410-910-7801
[email protected]

Fanless PC
Hush Technologies
Hush ATX:
This fanless PC uses heat dissipation technology for the CPU, Northbridge and GPU to keep the computer quiet. Its front panel features a power button, HDD LED, optional I/R, two firewire, two USB, and two 3.5mm audio jacks.
fax 802-244-7938
[email protected]

Compact mixer
MX152 Mixmate:
This half-width, 1RU mixer can handle two microphones and three stereo inputs. Each microphone channel has a level and tone control. Stereo inputs one and two have level adjustments and share bass and treble controls, while stereo input three has a level control only. The mic inputs are on balanced XLR jacks, and the stereo inputs and main outputs are RCA jacks. An included 12Vac adapter powers the unit. Six rear-panel DIP switches provide 12Vdc phantom power to the individual inputs; sum the program material of input three to mono; sum the overall output to mono; provide priority ducking to input three; and configure mic input one as a paging input by ducking the other microphone and the stereo inputs one and two.
fax 801-263-9068
[email protected]

Bandpass filter
Shively Labs
Series 2600:
These bandpass filters feature a footprint 1/3 the size of filters with comparable performance. Standard features include configurations of three and four resonators, low loss and high isolation and natural convection or forced-air cooling. This filter is useful for low-power and IBOC installations and those who have minimal space in their transmitter equipment compartment. The filters frequency range is 88MHz to 108MHz and its I/O is 1-5/8″ female flanged.
fax 207-647-8273
[email protected]

Tape label makers
Rhino Pro series:
The Rhino Pro 1000 labeling tool features one-touch hot keys flagging and fixed length labels, plus dedicated keys for common audio electrical and safety symbols. The label maker works with Rhino Pro labels 1/2″ wide. The 3000 labeling tool works with heavy duty Rhino Pro labels up to 1/2″ wide. The 5000 meets ANSI/TIA/EIA-606-A standards and features hot keys for automatic formatting of labels for wires and cables, terminal blocks and patch panels. The 5000 works with Rhino Pro labels up to 3/4″ wide.

Bandpass filter
Bartley Machine and Manufacturing
Ultra-Q series:
Eliminating RF interference in VHF, UHF 800MHz and 900MHz applications, the active bandpass filter system consists of a bandpass filter in a 19″ rack-mountable unit, software for PC use and a power supply. These filters offer high selectivity by eliminating adjacent-channel interference and offer programmable gain or attenuation. After the parameters are set, the unit is disconnected from the PC and all the information entered remains stored in the filter’s nonvolatile memory.
[email protected]

10-channel logger
Digital Juke Box
Multi Station Audio Logger:
Users can record as many as 10 audio streams in mono on a PC with this logger. The unit also records to MP3 files and can record 15-, 30- or 60-minute files. Users can select days, hours, bit rates and record sample rates. The logger uses multiple inexpensive audio cards and can be used with any PC with Windows XP or Windows 2000 with a 256MB memory and at least a 40GB hard drive.
fax 443-241-2514
[email protected]

CD, DVD duplicators
Disc Makers
Reflex Max and Reflex Ultra:
The Reflex Max and Reflex Ultra towers are enclosed in silver cases with cooling vents on the front and side panels and a system of cooling fans inside to keep drive temperatures as much as 30 degrees cooler than other units. This prevents drives from overheating and shutting down. The towers are built with 52x CD-R and 16x DVD-R/48x CD-R Plextor drives. An optional USB connection package is available that allows users to send disc images directly from their PC or Mac to the Reflex duplicator.
fax 856-661-3455
[email protected]

Offset antenna
Patriot Antenna Systems
2.4 Meter antenna:
This antenna is modeled after the 3.8 and 3 meter antennas. The system provides cross-pol and sidelobe rejection and is available in single or dual optics. Like the 3.8 and 3 meter systems, the 2.4 will be a petalized design that eases installation and reduces shipping charges. The antenna feeds are interchangeable, which allows users to switch between C, Ku, Ka and X-Bands in a matter of seconds.
fax 517-629-6690
[email protected]

Sound library software
Creative Network Design
Netmix Pro:
This software offers Windows XP integration with Avid Pro Tools, enabling Pro Tools and Avid editors to search for sound effects and production music quickly, and transfer sounds with the click of a button into Pro Tools, Avid and many other editing environments. Users can search, audition, track and manage audio files. With playback up to 24-bit and 192kHz, the software can be scaled to 100 users with a customizable server database.
[email protected]

Music, sound effects
Sound Ideas
Series 6000 Ext V:, Elements Cafe, 9 and Elements Cafe, 10:
The General Series 6000 now includes 10 new audio CDs and more than 1,200 new effects. The Series 6000 Extension V features: Drag Racing, Paintball and NASCAR and Freestyle Motocross effects. Elements Cafe, 9 offers more than 420 imaging elements on one audio CD. Elements Cafe, 10 is a blend of more than 430 imaging elements on one audio CD.
fax 905-886-6800
[email protected]

Upgrades and Updates

Broadcast Electronics has released a software update for the Audiovault digital audio system. The new version includes a text data interface and dozens of new failsafe features. Version 9.0 improves TCP/IP and network delivery with a total of 37 enhancements. ( … In addition to the Standard and Enhanced Apt-x algorithms, the APT Worldnet Rio now incorporates MPEG Layer II and III for increased compatibility with other audio codecs. The system is also now available with an SNMP option for remote operation. ( … The Sonifex S2 mixer now offers a 53-LED stereo meter panel. The S2 is a small format, modular digital I/O analog mixer. ( … The HHB Portadrive, able to record more than 75 track/hours of uncompressed 24-bit/48kHz audio onto a removable 40GB hard disk, can be updated with version 1.4 software. Enhancements of the software include disk mirroring, USB target mode, IXML support and improved auto-shutdown modes. ( … Digidesign has released the EQ III Digirack plug-in as a free download. This high-resolution, double-precision 48-bit EQ plug-in is available for Digidesign Pro Tools and Avid systems. EQ III supports TDM, RTAS and Audio Suite formats, and is available in single-band, four-band and seven-band configurations. ( … Nautel and Burk Technology have partnered to deliver the One Connect interface, which provides a direct serial link between Nautel transmission equipment and Burk Technology’s GSC3000 transmitter remote control system. One Connect provides integrated remote monitoring and control of the Nautel V10 transmitter with the GSC3000 using a serial connection. (, … Pristine Systems CDS32 version 3.0 includes support and new features that allow stations to integrate with the PRSS Content Depot. The newly introduced File Express will retrieve audio files from a Content Depot Storage Receiver and import them into the station database using each file’s Cart Chunk data. ( … Clients of Media Monitors services will be able to view the name of the ad agency of record for advertisers, as well as target demo for a particular spot or campaign. This data will be applied to selected radio stations and newspapers being tracked daily by Media Monitors. (