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New Products – Nov 2009

New Products – Nov 2009

Nov 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

High CFM split rear doors
Middle Atlantic Products
MW-CFRD: Protect equipment from the damaging effects of heat from servers, NVR’s and DVR’s with the adjustable six-fan High CFM Rear Door. This cupboard style split rear door pulls hot air from the rear of the cabinet and directs it up toward return air ducts. Fan placement is adjustable for optimal airflow and up to 10 additional fans can be added for 3,520 CFM of free air movement. Two adjustable half blank panels are included for versatile fan arrangement. Additional half blank panels are available for greater control of fan placement.
[email protected]

IP codec
Tieline Technology
Tieserver: Tieserver, Tieline’s IP traversal server and management software makes connecting over IP networks simple. It takes care of all the IP call routing automatically and works for studio-to-transmitter links, audio distribution between studios and remote broadcast connections. Tieserver is a secure independently hosted global server that tells your codecs how to find each other. Using a simple Web browser interface, you can log in and register your codecs to Tieserver. For networks with large numbers of codecs, you can create groups or buddy lists such as news or sports which will only display the codecs belonging to a specific group in the address book list. It can connect over wired and wireless IP networks including LANs WANs, the Internet, satellite IP, Wimax , Wi-fi, as well as 3G/3.5G/4G IP networks.
[email protected]

Anaconda digital snake system
Aphex Systems
Model 828M: The Model 828M features two MADI outputs as well as pass-through for digital audio at 96kHz sample rate via SMUX protocol. It is a point-to-point 64-channel bi-directional snake that easily and cost effectively connects preamplifiers, consoles, DAW systems, recorders, processors, etc. Comprised of two identical units on either end of a multimode fiber run, the Anaconda provides eight ADAT optical inputs and outputs on each unit. The 828M also offers an ultra-precision crystal generating internal word clock and one RJ-45 for control and metering/status feedback for any equipment.
[email protected]

Social networking community
Jelly Fish: Jelly Fish is an online community that combines the concepts of My Space, Facebook, Craigslist, Stumble Upon and Youtube into a single network. So much more than just another social media site, this niche community includes the best elements from other networks to be the go-to site for everything from industry networking and job postings to discussion forums and entertaining videos. Members of the Jelly Fish community start by making a profile and can get involved in many ways that include chat, classifieds, events, sharing and music.
[email protected]

Iphone application
Inergize Digital Media
Mobile Local News: Mobile Local News is an Iphone and Ipod Touch application that distributes locally branded news, weather, sports, politics and entertainment to consumer mobile digital devices. Television and radio stations, magazines, newspapers and other information publishers deploy Mobile Local News to provide text, images, photo galleries and videos while leveraging valuable revenue generating opportunities.
[email protected]

Voiceover unit
RB-MTV1: The RB-MTV1 voiceover unit is a 1RU rack-mount designed to be used in voice-over booths, news booths, commentary locations, for continuity announcements and for any other similar applications where voice needs to be added to program content and then monitored. Program feeds, auxiliary feeds and a talkback feed can be taken and monitored. The RB-MTV1 has four inputs and two outputs. It has a mono microphone input on XLR with switched coarse gain and variable fine gain control using a multi-turn preset potentiometer to give an overall gain range from +20dB to +80dB. There is also a switched LF rumble filter, switched +48V phantom power and switched level limiting control.
+44 1933 650 700
[email protected]

Microphone cords
Dazzler: Designed to replace a traditional microphone cord that connects to a hand-held microphone, Dazzler cords present a unique eye-catching element to any presentation or performance with Crystalcon, an XLR encrusted with Swarovski crystals on both ends or only on the microphone end. The ultra-flexible PVC satin finish outer jacket is available in black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, gray and white. Standard lengths range from 25′ to 100′ with custom lengths to order.
[email protected]

Balanced power conditioner
Furman Sound
P-2300 IT E: Designed for the most critical, ultra-low noise installations, the P-2300 IT E can supply balanced and isolated ac power broadcast stations. Furman’s symmetrically balanced power provides dramatic noise reduction through the use of a symmetrically balanced isolation transformer. This noise reduction is extraordinarily efficient and linear across a huge frequency range, eliminating the masking effects of ac line noise, especially with high-bandwidth, high-definition program content. The P-2300 IT E offers 14 balanced, GFCI-protected IEC C-13 outlets with a total operating capacity of 10A.
[email protected]

Upgrades and Updates

Audio Science has received certification from Ibiquity for its ASI8914 four-channel HD Radio tuner adapter. The ASI8914 is a universal PCI card that contains four HD Radio/AM/FM tuners. (,…Audio Precision has introduced the BW52 high-bandwidth option to extend the APx’s FFT capability to 1 megahertz, with 24-bit amplitude resolution and 2Hz frequency resolution. The option is for the APx525 family of audio analyzers. (…Comrex has released 2.7 firmware for its line of Access IP codecs. Enhancements include HTTP streaming, added support for 3G wireless devices, and N/ACIP compatibility with other IP codec brands. (…HHB has updated the firmware for the CDR-882 dual CD recorder. (

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New Products – Nov 2009

Nov 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Portable HD headphones
Sennheiser Electronic
HD 428, HD 438 and HD 448: The HD 428, HD 438 and HD 448 headphones are optimized for portable players but also deliver strong audio performance on home hi-fi systems. The HD 448 model offers a lifelike sound experience with precise detail. The HD 438 also offers a natural sound signature, while the HD 428 is more focused on the lower frequencies and delivers powerful bass response. Each model features a closed-back, around-the-ear design that provides impressive sound isolation. For perfect sound on a home stereo system, each headphone comes with a gold-plated quarter-inch stereo adapter.
[email protected]

Software modules
Netia Digital Audio
IP Recorder and IP Player: These two software modules allow Open NET users to simplify the acquisition and distribution of IP-based content. The IP Recorder and IP Player modules reduce the complexity of taking SDI video from the camera to editing by eliminating the need for a video server. A simple file server and a facility’s existing architecture can instead be leveraged for acquisition and delivery of digital video. The IP Recorder streamlines acquisition of SDI content, accepting the encoded IP stream and delivering media to the file server, where it is available for editing, archiving and autoindexation. The elimination of the video recorder, video grid, and video encoder reduces overall costs and supports a fast, completely digital workflow with more timely delivery of rushes and replays of live content with delay. A simple computer system can be used for review and quality control.
[email protected]

Custom Consoles
System Two – Lite: System Two – Lite is a single-surface electrically height-adjustable desk designed specifically for use with flat screen monitors. At the touch of a button, it can be adjusted in height between 660 and 1,200mm, enabling operators to vary their seated or standing posture throughout the working day. An electronic anti-collision sensor safeguards the desk if it comes into contact with an adjacent object during height adjustment. The desk has a 2,000 by 900mm footprint and curved corners with PVC edging. It incorporates a wood finish with a hard-wearing Marmoleum dual-colored work surface. Other finishes are available on request. Additional features include four front-facing worktop-mounted USB ports, five individually fused mains sockets and and two rear-facing RJ-45 adapters.
44 1525 379909

IP audio endpoints
PYKO-in, PYKO-out: PYKO-in converts mic (with phantom power) or line analog audio sources to high-quality MP3 or PCM IP streams. This device can also be used in mono-in, mono-out mode for intercom in PCM or G711. PYKO-out plays audio from standard MP3 or PCM IP streams or locally stored MP3 files. Together with Digigram Audio Manager software, PYKO IP-based network audio terminals enable designing fully managed audio distribution solutions.
[email protected]

Wirless photography system
Hilo CAM Mini: This system has a 65′ range, is license exempt, features an 8″ preview screen and removable, rechargeable battery pack. There are no wires, and no computer is required. It features an aluminum case, and zoom, shutter and pan/tilt are controlled from remote control.
407-688 2806
[email protected]

Surface-mount AV plate
SP107-101: Designed for tables, podiums and other AV furniture, the SP107-101 provides surface level connection points for a variety of audio and video inputs, providing an easy and convenient means of patching a laptop computer or other AV equipment on the surface to a presentation system’s connections beneath the furniture or in another room. Featuring a black painted finish that mounts flush with the surface, it offers interconnections for the most frequently used AV presentation inputs, including AC power, computer audio, video, Network and USB. Computer connections include a 15-pin HD female RGBHV video port, a 3.5 mm female stereo audio jack, and an HDMI Digital Video input. Video connections include an RCA Composite Video input, a 4-pin Mini Din S-Video input, plus left and right female RCA audio inputs.
[email protected]

Mic disinfectant
Microphome: Microphome is a safe and easy-to-use disinfectant/deodorizer for microphones. Available in individual 50ml bottles (enough for more than 100 applications) and as a complete cleaning kit, this fast-drying cleaning foam takes only two minutes to use and kills 99.9 percent of all germs. The secret to its effectiveness lies in its alcohol-free formula and foam aeration system. The antimicrobial cleaning fluid is pumped in a measured dose of gently aerated foam that clings to the external microphone surface, never touching the internal electronics, then completely dissipates within two minutes.
[email protected]

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New Products – Nov 2009

Nov 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Solid-state FM amplifiers
RB 5000: The Bext FB Series, previously available in the 2kW and 3.5kW power levels, is now available also in the 5kW version, still in the same extremely compact size. In just four standard rack spaces, Bext provides broadcasters with a remarkably space-efficient FM Transmitter: a 5kW so small and lightweight you can carry it with you and install virtually anywhere. Highly energy efficient, the FB 5000 will also cut down on your utility bills. Like all other FB Series FM Transmitters from Bext, the enclosure is solid stainless steel, and the unit offers flexibility, ease of operation and local or remote control through user friendly menus, all backed up by the Bext reliability and customer service.
[email protected]

Broadcast traffic management
Broadcast Traffic Systems (BTS)
BTS Express: BTS Express is a downloadable broadcast traffic management system based on the BTS Enterprise application. An expandable, modular package, Express provides traffic and ad-sales management for single-channel or multi-channel presentation suites and playout centers.
[email protected]

Three-way DSP system
8260A: The 8260A features advances in audio driver technology and Genelec’s proprietary Minimum Diffraction Coaxial (MDCTM) mid/high driver technology, which prevents acoustical diffractions. It combines a coaxial driver with a modern waveguide technology ensuring that drivers couple coherently over their full operating bandwidth, as well as creating coincident mid-frequency/high-frequency point source. The 8260A also features Genelec DSP signal processing responsible for all loudspeaker functions.
[email protected]

Blue Sky International
SUB 212: Blue Sky’s SUB 212 is a sealed box, dual 12″, push-pull, 400W subwoofer. It features an anechoic frequency response of 25Hz to 200Hz, +/-3dB. In addition, the SUB 212 also has built-in 2.1 bass management electronics with both a fourth order 80Hz Linkwitz-Riley low-pass filter and a second order 80Hz high-pass filter perfectly matched to the response of the SAT 8 (the SUB 212 is also compatible with the SAT 12, SAT 6.5 and SAT 5). The SUB 212’s push-pull configuration is designed to increase output and reduce distortion. A push-pull subwoofer uses two drivers: one mounted facing forward, the second mounted backward with the magnet facing out.
[email protected]

Broadcasting tape
RMG International
Studio Master 468: This high-bias studio tape offers excellent dynamic range over the entire frequency spectrum, minimal print-through, high level uniformity up to the highest frequencies, excellent winding even at high speeds allowing flangeless operation and archiveability, long term stability.
[email protected]

Portable PA
Europort EPA900: The Europort EPA900 PA system is a complete sound reinforcement system in a small suitcase for ease of transportation. It features 900W of power, eight channels, 10″ woofers and 1.35″ aluminum-diaphragm compression drivers, a 24-bit stereo FX processor with 100 presents, feedback detection, four mic preamps with switchable +48V phantom power for condenser mics, stereo aux inputs, and an integrated storage compartment for mics, cables and accessories.
[email protected]

Audio-over-IP codec
BW Broadcast
IPCA1: Using latest-generation IP and audio coding technologies, the IPCA1 was designed for stable operation with the lowest latency and best audio performance possible based on network characteristics. To keep latency as low as possible, it uses a proprietary, dynamically adjustable jitter buffer that adjusts to network conditions, providing 24-bit audio, with up to 48kHz sampling, at the lowest possible delay at all times. Supporting UDP, UDP Multicast and TCP/IP protocols, the unit includes a range of low delay codecs operating at bitrates as low as 32kb/s with fewer quality/bit-rate trade-offs.
[email protected]

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New Products – Nov 2009

Nov 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Vistamax software
Vista Vue: Vista Vue is a software application that gives on-air and production personnel more control and visibility of the Vista Max network operation. The centerpiece of the Harris networking and infrastructure equipment range for the radio broadcast industry, the Vista Max audio management system provides routing and connectivity across the radio broadcast studio to more efficiently share resources while reducing costs associated with traditional audio routing systems. Vista Vue software provides a choice of two user interfaces and flexible access rights that can be defined for each user. Individual and community macros provide one-click routing changes and supplement scheduled and automated macros available through Harris Vista Touch software. Definable interfaces for each user simplify changes to signal routing.
[email protected]

Multi-channel mic-pre
Focusrite Audio Engineering
Octopre MkII: Octopre MkII features eight channels of pre-amplification and a built-in 24-bit/96kHz ADAT output, providing an affordable input upgrade for your Pro Tools system, or any digital audio workstation. It combines Saffire Pro pre-amps with digital conversion and JetPLL jitter elimination technology. The digital output allows users to make the most of often-neglected ADAT inputs. It is equally suited to the live environment as a quality mic-pre expansion for any analogue or digital console, or hard disk recorder.
[email protected]

Portable recorder
Sound Devices
788T-SSD: The premium model of the 788T replaces the 160GB SATA hard drive with a factory-supplied, high-performance 256GB solid-state drive. The addition of the SSD provides several important benefits including: vast internal storage capacity; continuous recordings of more than 60 hours of 24-bit, 8-track audio; increased transfer speed versus a spinning hard drive; increased immunity to shock and temperature extremes; and zero acoustical output.
[email protected]

USB Type A connector
L-com Global Connectivity
USBAFT: The USBAFT is a unique, field terminate USB Type A connector deigned to be used in the field for quick and easy terminations. Separate connection points are provided for all four positions of the connector plus the ground. Terminal block design with set screws provides reliable electrical connections utilizing no special tools. The terminal block area is clearly marked making proper termination virtually foolproof. The USBAFT is panel mountable using 4-40 screws provided.
[email protected]

Messaging technology
Voice-to-content messaging: Voice-to-text technology allows listeners to contribute to a radio show’s dialog by speaking messages that are then converted into text and either read on air by the hosts and/or posted to the show’s website. Listeners can leave short and concise messages without being put on hold or talking to a call screener first. While similar radio call-in shows invite listener participation, the opinions that make it to air are selected to keep the conversation moving forward. With the Spinvox technology, radio hosts are able to sort through these messages quickly and deliver more of the most salient thoughts on the air.
[email protected]

XLR in-line RF iso transformer
XLR-ISO: XLR-ISO is a new product for inline matching transformers. It is an XLR Female 0dBm at 600 ohms to XLR Male 600 ohms line level matching transformer in a shielded case. It features a compact transformer with XLR male and female ends. The shield is lifted from input to output. It removes hum and passes phantom power to condenser microphones.
[email protected]

Software for radio
Digital Juke Box
Public Inspection File: This file inspection software will help you take a nerve racking experience into a very simple task. All documents are stored electronically, make your PIF file available on your website, maintain your PIF files from one central location, turn an FCC inspection into a stress-free situation and save space. If it’s on a computer, nobody can steal your original documents. They are always backed up, ensure completeness and comply. A 15-day fully functional demo is available on the company’s website.
[email protected]

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New Products – Nov 2009

Nov 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Acoustics analysis programs
Auralex Acoustics
Room Analysis Plus and Room Analysis Pro: Auralex Acoustics can now lend its acoustical expertise to any project through its Room Analysis Plus and Room Analysis Pro programs. Room Analysis Plus is an off-site analysis service where dealers/integrators can download an audio file featuring a swept sine signal from 20Hz to 20kHz at Users can then record the sweep with an omni-directional measurement microphone in the location of the room in question. All files can be sent via e-mail, along with the Personalized Room Analysis Form, directly to Auralex for examination by their acoustical engineering staff. Frequency and impulse response, waterfall plots and reverberation time values can all be generated from this service without ever having an acoustician step foot in your room. A written report will be presented back to the user within three to five business days. Room Analysis Pro is an on-site analysis of room acoustics and sound quality conducted by Auralex’s lead acoustical engineer, Gavin Haverstick. Haverstick will work directly with the dealer to coordinate the project details. Acoustical measurements will be taken and then analyzed in order to create an analysis report within five to seven business days of the on-site visit.
[email protected]

Broadcast supplier
Bay Country Broadcast Equipment
Equipment Dealer: This broadcast equipment dealer offers a 15-day return guarantee. In business since 1998, the company sells used equipment and rents test equipment. The company’s website includes a list of recent used equipment offerings as well.
[email protected]

Cam-locking, demountable panel system
Eckel Noise Control Technologies
Acoustic panels: Eckel studios feature 4″ cam-locking attenuating panels in a fully demountable system. They also feature single- and double-wall construction, silent ventilation systems, single-, double- and triple-safety glass window designs, flush sill doors with double-magnetic gasket seals, non-visible, internal electrical wiring, vibration isolated floors or low-profile, easy access floor design, a wide variety of lighting options and custom designs.
[email protected]

Loudness display
RTW Radio-Technische Werkstatten
Loudness Family: The Loudness Family, with its Surround Control, Surround Monitor, and Digital Monitor, now includes an integrated loudness display conforming to the ITU BS.1771 guideline as a standard feature. With this line-up, RTW now offers easy-to-use solutions for monitoring the loudness of stereo, multichannel and surround signals in a wide range of applications, as a complement or an alternative to conventional peak meters. Users can select integrated loudness measurement, as per ITU BS.1771 for stereo signals, as an alternative to the usual peak meter bar graphs. This feature can be activated quickly and easily via suitably programmed presets.
+49 221 709130

DLD Media & Software Development
The Broadcast Clock Creator: With Broadcast Clock Creator, broadcast professionals can create a variety of broadcast show clocks, easily add, remove, insert and adjust segments, use custom colors and fonts for text and segments, modify the styles, layout and appearance, adjust comments inside or outside of the clock, add and modify text boxes, insert images and logos, export to PDF for websites and save clocks for future use. Program changes can occur quickly and The Broadcast Clock Creator was developed by a broadcaster with day to day operations and programming needs in mind.
[email protected]

Playback software
Sonic Studio
Amarra MINI 1.0: Amarra MINI is a smaller, simpler version of the Amarra ultrafidelity music player. Sharing the same Sonic Studio Engine (SSE) playback as the full version, it provides bit-perfect output of standard and hi-res audio files to your audio interface and DAC, supporting sample rates up to 96kHz. Amarra MINI features automatic hardware sample rate management, advanced dither and digital volume, and uses Itunes for compressed and rights managed music.
[email protected]

TT preamp
Dee Jay Trim 4&6: Dee Jay Trim 4&6 is a USB audio interface built for advanced DJs who already have a DJ control surface but no audio interface. This professional audio interface not only provides you with an extra USB hub that prevents compatibility issues on some laptops, but also offers a way to preview, talk over and export your mixes. The four input/four output configurations can be switched to a two input/six output configuration, enabling users to transfer two stereo tracks separately to an external mixing deck, while adding a third stereo track for samples, loops and effects. The four-channel input has a line level for connecting and mixing with an external MP3/CD player and a phono level for connecting vinyl turntables.
+33 2 99 08 08 80

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