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New Products (Oct 2001)

New Products (Oct 2001)

Oct 1, 2001 12:00 PM, By Cindy Holst

Coaxial cable connectors

RFS Broadcast

A line of single piece high performance coaxial cable connectors, Rapid Fit connectors are designed to provide a quality connector to cable interface while simplifying and speeding up the attachment of connectors to CELLFLEX coaxial cables. As a result of their mechanical design, Rapid Fit connectors register the low VSWR and consistently low and stable intermodulation (IM) levels. Totally waterproof, the new Rapid Fit connectors provide safe, long-term operation in the harshest of environments and conform to IP66 and IP68 requirements. Rapid Fit connectors are fully tested for mechanical and electrical compliance with IEC/DIN/MIL specifications. They are available in popular cable sizes in both type N and 7-16 DIN interface.
fax 203-239-9260

Portable mixer

AETA Audio

Weighing less than 2kgs, the unit is equipped with insulation transformers and offers 46dB input headroom with an equivalent input noise of almost 130dB. Master control stage uses VCA circuits allowing outstanding precision and stability of the built-in selectable limiter and compressor. A portable ENG mixer is available. An optional AET/EBU digital output enables a direct connection with linear and non-linear recording and transmission devices. This four-channel mixer also provides all types of microphone supply, pre-fade, independent monitor and master output, MID/Side coding/decoding, panning and an adjustable brightness monitoring bar graph display with a scale ranging from -40dB to +8dB.
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Mic processor

Thum + Mahr GmbH/Yellowtec
VIP/Digital2nd generation

This broadcast tool is now available with extended features and increased digital performance. Announcers can carry their personal sound setups by using the Yellowtec smartcard, and the Windows configuration software offers many sound improvements. The DSP powered VIP/digital is operated via chip card memory, bundled with natural reverb and delay. The DSP algorithms allow microphone processing to work with a station’s general sound processing. All systems setups are editable via PC-based Windows Software. Since presets are stored on a smartcard, users may go from control room to news edit, from recording to audio workstations.
+49 2173 967336
fax +49 2173 9672400
[email protected]

Digital audio adapter


The ASI4100 family of digital audio adapters enable multi-stream recording and reproduction of MPEG Layer 2 digital audio on the PC platform. These cards use the 32-bit PCI bus and the latest generation of 24-bit DSPs from Motorola. The ASI4113 has the following features: four streams of MPEG Layer 2 playback and one stream of MPEG Layer 2 record simultaneously; all streams have independent sample rate and compression format; three physical outputs; balanced audio input and output; AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital audio input and output; 20-bit A/D and D/A converters; 2MB DRAM for on-board buffering; programmable non-volatile memory for OEM data storage; automatic volume fade implemented by DSP for cross-fade and mixing effects; and up to four cards in one system. DOS, Windows 95 and Windows NT software drivers are available.
fax 302-738-9434
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RJ 45 data connectors


The first products out of the EtherCon series are a male cable connector carrier with class D channel performance and a female chassis connector; both are designated for Cat5. Further models are being developed. EtherCon Series is available shielded or unshielded and is compatible for use with 10 Base-T and 100 Base-TX systems. The EtherCon series is developed for audio and stage applications including DMX systems. The EtherCon male cable connector carrier comes in a diecast shell with the Neutrik chuck-type strain relief for optimal cable and plug protection. The female chassis connector is based on the standard XLR A series with the secure latching system. For easy identification, male and female EtherCon are available with 9 different color coding bushings and color coding rings, respectively.
fax 732-901-9608
[email protected]

Headphone amplifier

Samson Technologies

A versatile single rack space four channel headphone amplifier, loaded with advanced features that provide flexibility for monitor and cue mixing. The master input features an input level and LED meter to control and display the overall stereo input. Each of S phone’s four channels includes three headphone outputs with an overall volume control and individual level meters. A stereo auxiliary input is available on each channel so that individual line signals from direct or buss outputs can be mixed with the main stereo input. The balance control adjusts the ratio of the main and auxiliary signal or the left to right balance (based on the setting of the ST/2CH switch) so that each headphone mix can be further tailored for a particular listener’s individual needs.
fax 516-364-3888

Audio time shift program

Broadcast Software International

This program will continuously record an incoming signal that then can be either randomly accessed or played back with a time-offset. Broadcasters in any time zone can continuously delay satellite feeds. TimeShift can be used to effortlessly and instantly create �best of� shows. TimeShift will interface seamlessly with Simian to combine satellite programming with live broadcast or hard drive automation. The program is capable of storing a year’s worth of network programming, including all cue tones, so that broadcasters can insert local spots. This will eliminate the need to �dub the network feeds� for sports, business or other features.
fax 541-338-8656
[email protected]

Digital broadcast maximizer

TC Electronic

The Software Upgrade is available for both DBMax Transmission and DBMax Film/post New features include: more presets and functions for Webcast and DTV; spectral stereo enhancer; improved wide range AGC; distortion cancelling applied to final limiter; more soft clip functions for added loudness; improvement of dynamic EQ and de-esser; input L/R channel swap function; level set-ups can be stored to PCMCIA card; user lock can be maintained during power down; optional auto-load of all settings on power up; and more remote control functions via RS485/RS422. Maximum efficiency is five-band compression.
fax 805-379-2648
[email protected]

Audio logging system


This audio logging system can record up to 8 stations while simultaneously playing back audio. RCS Tracker operates as a self-contained unit. A single off-the-shelf brand name computer stores and plays back all audio from standard multiple-channel audio cards that are supported worldwide. The user selects the audio fidelity desired, and RCS Tracker shows the user the impact of those choices on hard drive resources. The Tracker allows audio to be recorded from a telephone, radio, TV or microphone, and played back from the computer or over a network, over the telephone or over the internet. Audio stored in RCS Tracker can be retrieved and monitored at any time, from a variety of locations, without disrupting the ongoing Logging process.
fax 914-428-5922
[email protected]

Electronic display accessories

APW Enclosures

This product comes in multiple models from slide-out monitor drawers to slide-out monitors with keyboard and mouse, and from flat monitor panels to hinged monitor with keyboard and mouse units. The RackMax product offering helps solve the problem of rack mount space used to monitor equipment and information within an enclosure or relay rack. All RackMax units that include a monitor include a 15 inch LCD/TFT monitor with minimum capability of SVGA. One of the RackMax units features a multi-signal monitor capable of processing and monitoring four simultaneous signals from SVGA to S-Video to Television signal. All RackMax units are designed for ease of installation and include all the necessary mounting hardware to mount into many standard enclosures and open-frame relay racks.
fax 661-775-2657

Digital audio switcher

Broadcast Tools
DAS 12.4

A twelve input, four output AES/EBU digital audio switcher. Each of the 12 inputs may be switched to any or all of the four outputs. Multiple inputs cannot be mixed to the same output. Single inputs may be switched to individual outputs. The DAS 12.4 conforms to AES 3. All input and output connections are via removable screw terminals. The DAS 12.4 is controlled by means of front panel switches with LED indicators and may be optionally controlled with contact closures from the rear panel 37-pin male D-sub connector and/or the multidrop RS-232 and/or RS-485 serial port. The DAS 12.4’s remote control inputs may also be configured to provide serial status to a hard disk computer system.
fax 360-854-9479
[email protected]

Audio switcher

Henry Engineering

Digital audio processors often introduce time delay into a radio station’s transmitted signal, which creates a distracting echo to the DJ monitoring the station using headphones. MoniSwitch is a specialized audio switcher that automatically switches the DJ’s headphones from air to local when his mic is on, so that the DJ doesn’t hear the delay artifacts caused by the station’s digital audio processor. The bizarre echoes and flanging effects disappear, because he hears himself pre-processor when the mic is on. At all other times, the off-air signal is monitored as usual. MoniSwitch is easy to install and works with all audio sources. Individual gain adjustments allow matching the air and local audio levels.
fax 626-355-0077
[email protected]