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New Products (Oct 2002)

New Products (Oct 2002)

Oct 1, 2002 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

Spot distribution system
Audio Delivery Network

A method of moving radio commercials and audio clips, this service brings recording studios, advertising agencies, radio stations and clients together to reduce the workload of spot distribution and trafficking. This system allows recording studios, duplication facilities and advertising agencies to send radio spots quickly to hundreds of radio stations across North America. This product was developed to accommodate all aspects of spot distribution including integrated scheduling, dual notification, proof of delivery and archiving. Users create a package, choose the recipients, traffic and then pass the package to for delivery.
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Audio module

Intraplex PT/PR-353

For use in the Intraplex STL Plus, the PT/PR-353 IBOC audio module provides digital transport of as much as 22.5kHz bandwidth, CD-quality stereo and uncompressed audio with sampling rates of 32kHz, 44.1kHz and 48kHz. The STL Plus combines audio signals with other audio, voice and data traffic for transport over T1, E1 and other high-speed digital lines. With no data compression used in the process, the effects of encoding and decoding algorithms are reduced.
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OKM Soundman
PX and PXS

The Pop (PX) microphones and the Pop Studio (PXS) microphones are designed for above-average SPL. The Pop Studio mic offers a channel difference of less than 0.5dB. This range of stereo headset microphones, which is useful for mini recording systems (DAT and mini-disk), provides a quality stereo image. These mics plug into any computer sound card, mini recorder or camcorder.
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Rack-mount preamp/mixer

ATIGroup (Audio Toys)

The 8MX2 is a companion for digital multitrack systems. It offers eight high-voltage mic preamps in a rack space, and a stereo mix bus with full monitoring capabilities. Each channel also offers a variable threshold limiter as well as full cueing capabilities with metering of level and limiter attenuation. Each of the mic preamps features a 41-position detented trim control, a 41-position detented adjustable limiter and a 41-position mix level pot. Other features include 48V phantom power switching, a phase-inverting switch, a ground lift switch and a mix assign and mute switch.
fax 301-776-8117
[email protected]

Vent panels

Holland Shielding Systems
Modular EMP vents

This range of vent panels offer not only EMI shielding, but also protection against electromagnetic pulses (EMP). The modular system can be assembled into frames as long as six meters. The material is zinc-plated steel, stainless steel or aluminum. These panels are also available in a honeycomb structure for smaller sizes in enclosures and cabinets.
fax +31-0-78-6149585
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Site software


This software consists of two independent modules that operate under Windows 95/98/NT 4/W2K/XP. The Asset Manager module documents the details of how equipment is cataloged, installed and maintained at fixed radio sites, as well as similar information about mobile units that are being maintained. The Intermodulation Products Module predicts and helps resolve undesired intermodulation products at a radio site. These modules share a common database with the Softwright Terrain Analysis Package software, eliminating the need to rekey information required to do future radio coverage studies.
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Telco interface

Program Channel Access Unit

The Apt-X algorithm used by the Pulsecom/APT PCAU provides encoding and decoding, and supports multiple tandem connections without degradation. The Pulsecom/APT PCAU is useful for Secure Link applications. Its Apt-X compression technology delivers secure, encoded audio communication links that make the Pulsecom/APT PCAU useful for protection against Internet hacking, public switched network access and signal pirating. In standalone mode, this PCAU can provide broadband audio over as much as three miles of standard twisted-pair telephone wire, making it useful for a campus, high-rise building or intra-studio applications. Optimized for disaster recovery situations, the unit’s clear, crisp audio transport avoids jumbled emergency communications. It withstands Seismic Zone 4 events, is resistant to airborne contaminants and immune to external EMI interference per Telcordia GR-CORE-1089 and GR-CORE-64.
fax 703-471-2951

On-air mixer

Airmate-Airmate Mixer

Built around low-noise circuitry, this console is a workhorse for the efficient self-op production DJ. Eight triple input modules in a 19″ rack mounted, RF-shielded steel chassis offer flexibility. Line B can accept a plug in R.I.A.A. equalized phono pre-amp on each module. Every module has a balanced mic input with phantom power as standard. The front panel on switch is wired in series with the fader start switch to select a fader start or a hard start. Fader start is only active in the line mode of the module. The start jack connector is wired to a completely isolated, sealed reed relay for perfect interfacing with different types of equipment. A level restricted three-band equalizer corrects frequency problems. The aux send is pre- or post-fader jumper able on the PCBs. A jumper on the mic input signal path activates a high cut.
fax 610-825-4047
[email protected]

Nearfield monitor

Klein+ Hummel
O 110 D

This monitor can be directly connected to the digital output of a console and offers all the audio features of the analog model, with a 24-bit word length resolution and a sampling rate of 32kHz-96kHz. It also features a 2 � 4 position room equalization to adapt to various positioning options and is magnetically shielded for installation next to a TV monitor. The cabinet and baffle are made of a low resonance integral molding (LRIM) material that forms an HF-elliptical waveguide into the baffle to achieve good directivity. It also avoids unwanted edge diffraction and standing waves inside the cabinet. This monitor is useful for nearfield monitoring in small spaces. It can also be used as a rear monitor for surround applications together with larger front and center monitors.
+49 711 45 89 30
fax +49 711 45 89 335
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Radio facility automation

Gangverk ehf
Mayo Radio System

Radio automation adds many new sources of revenue to a radio station including SMS revenue sharing with mobile operators, e-commerce and m-commerce revenue sharing, targeted online advertising, cost savings through automation and demographic knowledge to be used for the targeting of radio advertising. This company helps radio stations develop a Web and mobile presence that provides the station with dedicated listeners and feedback. The website is customizable to a station’s look and feel, or can be integrated with an existing website. Through Web or mobile interfaces listeners can view the station’s active logs in real time, select music for broadcast, send messages with selections, receive SMS notifications when friends select music, follow their personal top 10 charts as well as those of others and receive SMS notifications before a favorite song, CD or artist is played. The system is split into two components: the informational and music selection components. The informational component consists of all features excluding the listener music selection. Either of the components can be used by existing radio stations without replacing their current radio automation and on-air software.
+35 45 11 12 70

Studio warning light controller

Jasoni Electronics
Kontrollex Model A-1

The A-1 system was designed for use with audio mixers that do not have the capability for muting speakers when live microphones are used in the same studio as monitoring speakers. This system also turns on a warning light at the same time the speakers are muted. The studio warning light can be programmed to illuminate in a solid or flashing mode. An adjustable reset time is set by an outboard control. When the switch’s circuit is open the unit will operate, when closed the unit resets. It operates on five to 35vdc. Remove the voltage and the unit resets. If self-powered speakers are used in the monitoring system, RCA jacks are used to loop through the audio send to the speakers. Multiple lights can be used.
fax 702 732-2200

Digital broadcast console


The DB-10 console’s digital audio I/O (four AES/EBU inputs, two S/PDIF inputs, two AES/EBU outputs, one S/PDIF output) supports 32kHz-96kHz sampling. The console offers 10 input channel faders. Channels five through 10 are provided with an input A/B switching function. The four channels of microphone inputs are always connected to channels one through four. The remaining two line input channels, six stereo analog input channels, four AES/EBU input channels and two SPDIF input channels can be routed to the A/B inputs of channels five through 10. This console can store these setups in its internal memory: 99 snapshots, nine projects (console settings) and 20 compressor presets. By connecting the console to an external PC via RS-232, snapshots and projects can be saved and loaded easily. With the password protect function, certain items in the menu system are accessible to only specified users. There are two user levels, and the console differentiates the users by the password used to log in. Also, specified buttons can be locked out to prevent misoperation. If the digital system should malfunction, pressing the EMG button connects one mic path and one stereo line path to the program bus to feed the minimum audio signals to the main output.
fax 818-594-7208
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Data manager


This software was created so radio stations can manage, generate and automatically transmit any RDS/RBDS data. RDS/DAB-Box generates cyclic data and sends it to existing RDS coder stations. RDS data is generated automatically using a programmable schedule, or interactively driven by a remote studio. The software converts data from an automation system and delivers it to an RBDS encoder for dynamic RBDS content. It is available in four versions with varying features.
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