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New Products (Oct 2004)

New Products (Oct 2004)

Oct 1, 2004 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

Router selector
Axia Audio
Selector Node:
A router control device built specifically for the Axia IP-Audio networking system, this unit allows operators to scroll through available audio streams, or use one of eight buttons to select audio sources. In addition, the Router Selector node features audio inputs and outputs to connect local audio equipment. The scroll wheel also doubles as a volume control for the front-panel headphone jack. Back panel features include XLR and RJ45 jacks for analog and digital audio I/O, a sync port to connect to a house master clock and an auto-switching fanless power supply for silent in-studio use.
fax 216-241-4103
[email protected]

Remote control software
Burk Technology
Lynx 5:
Real-time data updates provide up-to-the-second site conditions from the transmitter remote control system. In custom views, a new tool is available for on-screen trend analysis. A historical graph displays multiple channels, allowing quick reviewing and comparisons without the need to view and print reports. Expanded options in custom views allow even more customization for displaying site data on the screen. The software includes all of the features in Lynx 4, including automatic report printing, customized logging and user-definable access levels.
fax 978-486-0081
[email protected]

Digital stereo encoder
The SFY is the new generation stereo encoders with integrated RDS encoder and advanced audio limiter. Features of this encoder are: digital AES/EBU audio input; RDS-UECP data input; MPX limiter according ITU-R for broadcast application; and RS-485 and IP port for remote control and advanced measurement and alarm functionality.
+31 26323 6969
fax +31 26323 3952
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High-visibility warning light
CBT Systems
Dual Lens On-Air Light:
The retro style, aluminum light mounts on the wall or ceiling and offers visibility from three different approach directions. The unit’s Plexiglas windows, which are available in blue or red, can be illuminated by a single 120V bulb or two 12V bulbs. Standard legends include on-air and recording. Custom lens colors, legends, color powder-coated finishes and a 220V option are also available. All units are UL approved.
fax 858-536-2354
[email protected]

Metal ceiling tiles
Illbruck/Sonex Acoustical Div
Constructed of expanded metal with an acoustical foam insert, these ceiling tiles are now available in two patterns: Squareline Standard and Squareline Medium. These ceiling tiles are an alternative to the traditional linear or perforated metal ceiling. The tiles can be installed at virtually any stage of construction and the expanded metal is made from galvanized, powder-coated steel. Installation in 15/16″ grid systems is quick and easy with one side of each tile having a notch cut-out for directional purposes. These tiles provide sound absorption qualities.
fax 612-521-5639
[email protected]

High-resolution sound cards
PCX HR series:
The HR (high resolution) series of PCX sound cards features 24-bit/192kHz converters, more advanced functions, more processing power and greater flexibility for custom developments. The PCX882HR and PCX881HR multichannel sound cards offer hardware sample-rate converters on all inputs for simultaneous recording of digital signals with different sampling frequencies, a 66MHz/64-bit PCI interface and a more powerful on-board DSP. Eight inputs and eight outputs are provided — digital I/Os in the PCX881HR and analog and digital I/Os in the PCX882HR. Maximum levels of the analog inputs and outputs are +24dBu.
fax 703-875-9161
[email protected]

Music testing service
Personal Music Test:
This service enables stations to obtain more accurate information, including the ability to rate songs according to real world terminology vs. number ranges, and required minimal lengths of tracks that must be heard before scores can be accepted. Full results are made available to program directors online immediately and on CD within 24 hours. Specific features of the service include touch screen technology that minimizes respondent fatigue and maximizes personal interaction and variable burn capture, which identifies variable song rating and burn score collection.
fax 619-659-3800
[email protected]

Portable multi-track recorder
Sound Devices
This high-resolution audio recorder is intended as a replacement for digital and analog tape-based portable recorders. The four-track unit writes and plays audio files with bit depths of 24-bits or 16-bits, and with sample rates from 44.1kHz to 96kHz, including pull-up sample rates. It is designed specifically for high-bandwidth, high bit-rate digital media applications.
fax 608-524-0655
[email protected]

DAW controller
Big Knob Studio Command System:
This product is a source selection and communications box for DAW-based studios. The prominent feature of the device, a large volume knob, provides easy access for precise level adjustments. The system also features three buttons for quick switching between three sets of studio monitors, a built-in talk-back microphone, input source select for as many as four stereo sources, dual headphone outputs with an independent headphone mix bus, as well as mono, mute and dim switches. Rear-panel connections include a dedicated DAW mix input as well as three independent two-track stereo inputs, each with variable gain control as well as +4dB and -10dB selection buttons. Three two-track stereo outputs also provide +4dB and -10dB selection buttons.
fax 425-487-4337
[email protected]