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New Products (Oct 2005)

New Products (Oct 2005)

Oct 1, 2005 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, senior associate editor

Multichannel monitoring system


8030.LSE Powerpak: This multi-channel monitoring system consists of five 8030A two way, bi-amplified active monitors, one 7060A LSET Series active subwoofer, and an Acousti/Tape frequency/wavelength measuring tape. The LSE 7060A features a single 10″ proprietary driver with 120W power amplifier, a frequency response of 29Hz to 85Hz (120Hz) 3dB, and delivers SPLs of 108dB at one meter.The monitor boasts 6.1 bass management system, which has six signal input and output channels (L/C/R front and L/C/R rear), as well as a discrete LFE signal input with a selectable 85/120Hz low-pass filter and a summed signal output, providing flexibility and easy connection.
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Multichannel sound cards


VX882HR, VX881HR, and VX822v2: Low-latency WDM Direct Sound, Wave and ASIO drivers make the trio compatible with a wide range of audio software. The VX882HR, with four balanced analog and AES/EBU stereo I/Os, and the digital-only VX881HR are the first VX sound cards to offer Digigram’s High Resolution series. Both are available with a breakout cable or a breakout box. The BOB8 presents all analog and digital inputs and outputs, as well as Word Clock, AES/EBU house clock sync, LTC and video inputs, on its front panel. The VX822v2 features four balanced analog stereo outputs and one balanced analog stereo input with 24-bit/48kHz converters, four stereo AES/EBU outputs and one stereo AES/EBU input, as well as Word Clock and AES/EBU house clock sync inputs.
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IP-audio monitoring program

Axia Audio

Iplay: A software-based IP-audio monitoring program, this system lets Windows PC users select and listen to any audio source available to their Axia network with the click of a button. Axia IP-Audio networks convert analog and digital audio sources into uncompressed, real-time PCM audio and distribute it throughout the broadcast plant via switched Ethernet. The program allows users of desktop and laptop computers that are connected to an Axia network to choose and play any available stream, without the need for external audio inputs or adapter boxes. Iplay helps users navigate large systems, using filtering and sorting capabilities to help users find the stream they want to hear. The system also continually scans the network, updating its list when new sources are discovered; eight user-programmable preset buttons allow access to frequently accessed channels. An on-screen level display provides metering of the audio being auditioned.
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Wall cabinet

Lowell Manufacturing

L83-5S: This tilt-out cabinet measures 24″ x 32″ and mounts to the wall with a 6″ deep projection for vertical surface installation. The unit features gas-lift cylinders for open access to equipment in a horizontal/service position, 3RU EIA mounting rails, a built-in/removable writing surface, and a separate top compartment with an additional 5.25″ x 4.3″ mounting area hidden behind a pocket door. The top compartment facilitates field installation of controls such as mic connectors, phono jacks, switches or volume controls into a 3RU panel. A lock secures the contents of both compartments.
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Midfield studio monitor

SLS Loudspeakers

S1266: The large format midfield studio monitor is designed for high output critical monitoring in two-channel or multi-channel configurations. The system offers a frequency response of 40Hz to 30kHz (1.5dB), with power handling of 600W RMS and 2,400W peak. The system delivers a maximum SPL of 127dB at one meter. The system needs to be actively bi-amped at 250Hz.The enclosure, with dimensions of 30″ H x 34″ W x 17.5″ D, is constructed out of 1″ Baltic Birch plywood. The cabinet weighs 200 lbs. The standard finish is black Nevermar. The cabinet is also available in unfinished furniture-grade birch for in-the-field color matching.
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FM alert receiver

Weisinger Engineering Services

WWES Pilot: An FM alert receiver, this unit instantly alerts the user when an FM stereo pilot or transmitter goes off the air. Three built-in alert options take action when the stereo pilot is lost: front panel red flashing LED; switchable aural alert buzzer and SPST relay can turn on user-selected low voltage devices. The receiver includes built-in battery backup capability (six D cells) and telescoping FM whip antenna.
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Digital format converters


FS-96: This converter offers five digital audio formats. Input signals in any of ADA, AES/EBU, SDIF-2, TDIF-1 or MADI formats can be output in all of these formats in parallel. The signal routing function allows the connection between input and output channels to be changed freely. The converter can handle a 32kHz to 96kHz sample rate and 16- to 24-bit quantization. The built-in sample rate converter can convert the sample rate/bit resolution of the incoming signal. Whenever audio is input in a given format, the output for that same format is also available, and it can be sample rate converted to the same output format if needed. As many as 10 machine setups and signal routing can be memorized. 19″ rack mount adapters are included. The unit occupies 2RU.
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Digital stereo monitors


MA-15D: These desktop reference monitors offer a two-way bass reflex system in a compact wooden cabinet. These 15W + 15W monitors are shielded for placement near a computer and offer �” and RCA inputs with independent volume control. The monitors also host S/PDIF coax and optical inputs to play audio directly from digital sources to 24-bit/192kHz without signal degradation between the device and the speakers. The device also comes with a built-in bass enhancer that uses psychoacoustic principles causing the user to perceive accentuated low-end signals without over-driving the 100mm woofers.
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Announcer’s console

Studio Technologies

Model 230: A microprocessor provides this tabletop unit’s logic power, allowing precise control of operation. A mic preamplifier circuit provides low noise and low distortion amplification over a 20dB to 60dB gain range. The gain is adjustable in 10dB steps. The input is compatible with balanced dynamic and condenser mics. The mic power source is 48V nominal and meets the worldwide P48 phantom standard. An LED indicator serves as an aid for optimizing the preamplifier’s gain setting. The output of the mic preamplifier is used by the main output as well as being routed to the compressor circuit that supports the talkback functions. Three pushbutton switches, four LED indicators and two rotary controls create an easy-to-use interface.
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Cabling bandwidth tester

Fluke Networks

Cable IQ Qualification Tester: This cable tester helps close trouble tickets 30 percent faster and ensures easy upgrades to higher network speeds by quickly determining if an existing cabling link can support the bandwidth requirements of the network. This hand-held tool shows network technicians what speeds existing cabling can support and helps solve network connectivity problems. The qualification test determines if existing cabling can support 10Base-T, 100Base-TX, VoIP and Gigabit Ethernet. Its ability to see cabling bandwidth, coupled with device speed and duplex detection, allows techs to isolate bandwidth-related cabling problems from network problems. When problems are determined to be cabling related, technicians can use CableIQ’s diagnostics to locate performance faults.
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Hard disk workstation


X48: This 48-track hybrid hard disk workstation offers a stand-alone hard disk recorder with the GUI, editing features and plug-in compatibility. The workstation provides 96kHz/24-bit recording across 48 tracks and 192kHz recording across 24 tracks. The system offers 32-bit floating point audio file recording and playback with no loss of track count. The unit features two 24-channel option slots that support analog, ADAT or AES/EBU expansion cards as well as a built-in 80GB hard drive and a built-in DVD drive for backup. Two Firewire (IEEE-1394) and four USB 2.0 ports for external hard drive support are provided.
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Radio exciter


TEX50-LCD/S/CR: This exciter offers a continuously adjustable power output from zero to 50W with a universal multi-voltage power supply from 80 to 260V. The equipment features a built-in stereo coder, two RDS/SCA inputs and fits in a stainless-steel 2RU chassis.
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Upgrades and Updates

Danagger Audio Works has added an emergency announcement feature to Plan B systems that allows users to call the unit and make a live voice announcement directly to air. The password-protected feature can be added to existing Plan B and Plan B Plus units with a field installable upgrade. (…APT‘s Worldnet Oslo, a modular, multi-channel audio codec, now has an IP transport card in addition to the existing E1/T1 options. In addition, Quad Encoder and Decoder modules are available, which offer four simplex channels per card. The APT Worldnet Rio audio codec, which features the Standard and Enhanced Apt-x algorithms, now adds MPEG Layer II and III and an SNMP option for remote operation. (…Broadcast Electronics has created a new audio capture and archiving module for its Audiovault digital audio system. The AV Logger records multiple audio feeds from a wide range of sources at a variety of bit rates, and provides file markers for logging events such as keying a microphone. (