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New Products – October 2009

New Products – October 2009

Oct 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Digital audio recorders
DM-520, DM-420: The DM-520 and DM-420 have increased internal memory (4GB and 2GB, respectively) and expandable micro SD capacity (up to an additional 16GB) to record longer than ever before. They feature pocket-sized high-quality recording, Sonority software compatible with PC or Mac, long-lasting power with rechargeable battery function, USB connection and voice guidance.

Eaton Corporation
9135: The new 5kVa and 6kVa UPSs offer easy to use power protection that safeguards systems against damage and costly power disturbances and outages. The 9135 — part of the Powerware series — delivers up to 6kVa of clean double-conversion power in a slim 3RU enclosure. As the need for greener IT infrastructures becomes increasingly important, the new models operate at up to 97 percent efficiency in high efficiency mode and up to 91 percent in double conversion — using less energy and dissipating less heat — thus reducing expensive power and cooling costs.

Fiber optic connection system
Opticalcon Quad: This four-channel version of the protected fiber optic connector system, is designed specifically for multichannel point-to-point cabling applications. It is IP65 rated for dust tight and water jet protection. With three variations including 4-channel, 4-channel X-treme and Triple-Split 12-channel assemblies, it provides several fiber solutions for any broadcast or live event. It is available with 4- (NKO4M) or 12-channel (NKO12S) mobile field cables. Its Triple-Split cable features three connectors on both ends, allowing standardized 4-channel connectivity for multi-channel point-to-point cabling. Opticalcon QUAD X-treme is also available for road-ready applications. It offers a cut-proof and rodent-resistant double jacket with a glass yarn armored cable construction.
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X/Y stereo microphones
TM-ST2, TM-ST Pro: Tascam has premiered the TM-ST2 and TM-STPRO X/Y stereo microphones. The unbalanced TM-ST2 is an affordable microphone with both a 10′ cable for live recording and an 18″ cable for video camera connection. The TM-STPRO adds a balanced output, includes a 16′ stereo XLR cable and has the ability to run on phantom power. Both microphones feature a switchable low cut filter and come with a mic clip, battery, wind screen and protective carry bag.
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Console accessories
Axia Audio
Router Control Panels: Axia’s X1 router control panel lets operators instantly route any source on their Axia Livewire network to a specified destination. The X2 panel provides the routing functionality of two X1 panels in a single chassis; each separate control routes any available network source to an individually specified destination. All Axia Router Control panels connect to the network via a single Ethernet connection and occupy 1RU. The XY panel lets operators route any source to any destination within the Livewire network. Axia router panels make use of custom button functions programmed using Axia’s popular Pathfinder PC and Pathfinder Pro router control software.
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New Products – October 2009

Oct 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

CAP to EAS converter
Cascade Technology Corporation
CAP Link: The CAP Link interface polls a Common Alerting Protocol server and generates locally synthesized standard EAS audio (FSK and attention). It connects directly to a standard router with Internet connectivity and is set up with a standard browser. The output of CAP Link is standard EAS audio. This audio may be applied to the audio input of any FCC certified encoder/decoder to be used as one additional EAS audio source. It requires no operator attention after it has been installed. The link to the CAP server can be manually confirmed at any time. If the primary CAP server link fails CAP Link will automatically attempt to connect with alternate servers as defined at setup, and can automatically send an e-mail reporting the problem. It supports EAN as well as EAS. All audio file chunks are assembled and output as quality balanced or unbalanced audio. CAP Link has three options: ESM, OSM and Desktop.
[email protected]

Direct connect dc power
Vycon Energy
VDC and VDC-XE: The VDC systems feature higher power and more energy storage in a smaller footprint than VYCON’s previous generation system. Utilizing VYCON’s patented flywheel technology, the VDC unit provides up to 220kW of dc power while the VDC-XE (Xtended Energy) model supplies up to 300kW of dc power within a single cabinet. For longer run times and higher power capacities, the VDC models can be easily paralleled without needing a special communications link. For extended power outages, the VDC will seamlessly provide enough ride-through protection to transfer to a standby engine generator for a continuous power system.
[email protected]

2RU filler plate
Key Digital
KD-RF1U, KD-RF2U: The KD-RF1U and KD-RF2U filler plates create the best environment for housing your A/V components. Key Digital’s plates enable a clean, professional rack setup, and allow your rack fan to produce the optimal amount of circulation within the rack.
[email protected]

Digital to analog direct box
ARX Systems
USB-DI: ARX has updated its USB-DI digital-to-analog direct box. The transformer-isolated dual-channel USB audio to balanced XLR output DI box is a plug-and-lay digital-to-analog pro audio interface. It removes the need to use any existing sound card outputs with their inherent noisy environment and problematic grounding. It features full transformer balanced output isolation to eliminate earth loops/ground hum and other extraneous interaction noise and distortion.

Music scheduling software
G Selector Version 3.12: G Selector 3.12 adds several new enhancements to the first patented goal scheduler including: multiple database access, hour and depth search, interactive history maps and user defined support in the web service. You can now add additional multi-station databases to your system via data exchange or the restore function. All history maps in G Selector now provide access to the editor when double-clicking a date and time cell.
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New Products – October 2009

Oct 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

FIT-70: The FIT 70’s separate test head lets an operator easily connect to hard-to-reach cables. As quickly as it is connected, the functional values are brightly displayed on a high-contrast LCD screen. The site’s VSWR output is read out, as are the forward and reverse power readings, measured in watts or dBm. The FIT-70 covers a range from 70MHz to 1000MHz. The device works for tests at remote antenna sites and at links between studios and transmitters. The wattmeter is carried in a fitted case that protects it in transit to an outlying antenna location.
+49 8641-403 140
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Safety unit
D-TEC II: The D-TEC II safety unit provides overhead power line and obstacle detection and above-the-mast illumination. The anti-collision system automatically stops mast extension, providing added protection from overhead hazards for the operator and equipment. Features include look-up light illumination directly above telescoping mast, high-voltage sensor to aid the operator in detecting overhead power lines, anti-collision sensor to automatically stop mast extension and a factory pre-set sensitivity setting.

DVR lockbox
Middle Atlantic Products
DLBX Series: The DLBX Series is optimized to handle the active or passive thermal management needs of digital video recorders and other digital equipment. It mounts vertically or horizontally to the wall, and can be used as a monitoring shelf. A configurable thermal management system including a fan and two filters can be set up to accommodate the needs of any DVR. An optional proportional speed thermostatic fan control ensures the fan only runs when needed, reducing maintenance requirements and noise. Extensive cable management includes tie points, EKOs and cable pass-throughs. A mechanically interlocking top provides added security yet removes easily for equipment servicing, and a standard keylocked solid hinging front door allows easy equipment access.
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Audio/EAS monitor
Intrinsic Net
Studio Hawk.8: The Studio Hawk.8 monitors audio and EAS receivers at a studio and communicates problems via e-mail, text messaging and signaling devices. The base system includes Studio Hawk software and hardware to monitor eight status channels, analog channels and relays. It records EAS data (transmitted and received), and can be expanded to monitor up to a total of six EAS receivers. Users will also receive multiple contacts for each alarm with delays between messages, a daily dead air report PDF by e-mail and filtered EAS alerts.
[email protected]

Touchscreen GUI
Intracom Systems
VCOM Touchpanel: Designed using a tablet PC core that can readily be removed and used as a stand-alone desktop intercom station, the 3RU intercom panel features a high-resolution touch-screen selector to create multi-channel intercom systems. It works interchangeably with VCOM Control Panels on PCs, tablet PCs and handhelds. VCOM Touchpanel’s 7″, touch-screen GUI supports a virtually unlimited number of channels configurable for point-to-points, group calls, party lines, and program audio listens. Moreover, the entire VCOM Matrix System can be dynamically configured and monitored from any VCOM Touchpanel on the network. The modular unit supports a gooseneck microphone and has dual integrated speakers. It can also be used with a USB headset (XLR connector optional) or wirelessly with Bluetooth.
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New Products – October 2009

Oct 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

IP addressable power conditioners
SX1120iP: SX1120iP is the first in a series of IP addressable power conditioners. Designed as a 20-amp, 1RU unit with eight individually controllable outlets, it can be configured and managed via a Web browser to control and monitor individual outlets online. It monitors outlet status, current draw, power consumption and rack temperature. E-mail notifications can be sent based on certain conditions and thresholds. The SX1120iP features Advanced Series Mode surge elimination, Impedance Tolerant EMI/RFI filtering, SurgeX ICE Inrush Current Elimination and COUVS Catastrophic Over/Under Voltage Shutdown.
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Paperless production order system
Vcreative Radio: This is a Web-based paperless production order system designed to help expedite the production process and streamline communication between a station’s sales, traffic and production departments. Account executives submit production orders or schedule traffic changes from any Internet-ready computer or Internet-capable mobile phone. Traffic and production departments receive all requests simultaneously so orders do not bottleneck and all work and communication is time stamped for accountability. All scripts and final spots are saved in the system so account executives can track all ads in progress, listen to and approve ads, track what’s on-air and expiring soon as well as search archives of all past ads. For the production department, features like a customizable Hot List and sortable views keep hundreds of requests in a logical, neat order. Vcreative Radio can also pool together corporate voice talents.
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Website enhancement
Embedded Content Tool: This enables users to easily add digital assets from their media libraries and embed them within articles or text on their websites. Content, such as video, photos and audio can be easily integrated within the body of an article to enhance visitor experience and increase on site time in only a few minutes. The system’s new interface-driven CSS style sheet builder gives users flexible display options to customize the appearance of embedded media. Multiple stacks of embedded media can be positioned on either the right or the left side, for instance, and each block can be formatted using the same style sheet or a different one.
[email protected]

Handheld RF spectrum analyzer
Kaltman Creations
Spectran HF60100: The Spectran HF60100 is a handheld RF analyzer that features a frequency range of 1MHz to 9.4GHz, sensitivity at -130dBm, bandwidth resolution of 1kHz, stability of 0.5PPM and accuracy at +/-1dB. It is sold as a complete analysis kit that includes the HF60100 RF analyzer, optional internal pre-amp, an SMA stick antenna, a precision handheld log periodic antenna, ac charger/adaptor, aluminum carrying case, mini-tripod stand, 6′ USB cable, PC software and documentation.
[email protected]

DSP-based analog FM tuners
BW Broadcast
RB1, RBRX1: Whether used for monitoring radio stations to adjust processing, evaluating the competition, rebroadcasting or pleasure, the RB1 and RBRX1 apply BW’s RF and audio DSP-technology. Adjustments are provided for more than 50 parameters, including audio bandwidth, IF bandwidth, de-emphasis, stereo, HF and ultrasonic noise blending, and blending attack/release times. All adjustments, plus factory presets and user-stored settings, can be accessed via Ethernet and serial connections. For retransmission applications, the RBRX1 version adds DSP-enhanced MPX output.
[email protected]

Social networking community
Jelly Fish: Jelly Fish is an online community that combines the concepts of My Space, Facebook, Craigslist, Stumble Upon and Youtube into a single network. So much more than just another social media site, this niche community includes the best elements from other networks to be the go-to site for everything from industry networking and job postings to discussion forums and entertaining videos. Members of the Jelly Fish community start by making a profile and can get involved in many ways that include chat, classifieds, events, sharing and music.
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New Products – October 2009

Oct 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Vistamax software
Vista Vue: Vista Vue is a software application that gives on-air and production personnel more control and visibility of the Vista Max network operation. The centerpiece of the Harris networking and infrastructure equipment range for the radio broadcast industry, the Vista Max audio management system provides routing and connectivity across the radio broadcast studio to more efficiently share resources while reducing costs associated with traditional audio routing systems. Vista Vue software provides a choice of two user interfaces and flexible access rights that can be defined for each user. Individual and community macros provide one-click routing changes and supplement scheduled and automated macros available through Harris Vista Touch software. Definable interfaces for each user simplify changes to signal routing. The Vista Vue application, which can run on facility computer networks or a wide-area network, greatly simplifies operation of the Vista Max network by allowing changes at the desktop instead of the technical core area.
[email protected]

Messaging technology
Voice-to-content messaging: Voice-to-text technology allows listeners to contribute to a radio show’s dialog by speaking messages that are then converted into text and either read on air by the hosts and/or posted to the show’s website. Listeners can leave short and concise messages without being put on hold or talking to a call screener first. While similar radio call-in shows invite listener participation, the opinions that make it to air are selected to keep the conversation moving forward. With the Spinvox technology, radio hosts are able to sort through these messages quickly and deliver more of the most salient thoughts on the air.
[email protected]

IP codec
Tieline Technology
Tieserver: Tieserver, Tieline’s IP traversal server and management software makes connecting over IP networks simple. It takes care of all the IP call routing automatically and works for studio-to-transmitter links, audio distribution between studios and remote broadcast connections. Tieserver is a secure independently hosted global server that tells your codecs how to find each other. Using a simple Web browser interface, you can log in and register your codecs to Tieserver. For networks with large numbers of codecs, you can create groups or buddy lists such as news or sports which will only display the codecs belonging to a specific group in the address book list. It can connect over wired and wireless IP networks including LANs WANs, the Internet, satellite IP, Wi-max, Wi-fi as well as 3G/3.5G/4G IP networks.
[email protected]

Surround monitoring system
Studio Technologies
Studiocomm 76DB/77B: By eliminating the need for an add-on analog-to-digital converter, the fidelity of the 5.1 digital signals from the source to the loudspeaker is maintained. Broadcasters can realize the full benefit of their investment in digital, both in loudspeakers and routing infrastructure. The Studiocomm 76DB/77B, comprised of a Model 77B control console connected to a rack-mounted Model 76DB central controller, provides two 5.1 surround inputs, three stereo inputs, along with pre-fade and post-fade 5.1 surround outputs. Flexible source selection, Dolby E dialnorm support, and a two-channel auxiliary output for special applications such as monitoring site-event cue signals, as well as downmix, channel solo, level adjustment, reference level, and dim, make this system suited for broadcast master control applications.
[email protected]

Directional power sensor
Bird Technologies Group
DPS Series: The Bird Directional Power Sensor features a dual-socket, Thruline sensor. A wide range of Bird Elements can be selected to tailor the unit to specific needs over a wide range of frequencies and power levels. Also, select field changeable input and output RF connectors from dozens of types including N, BNC, HN and 7/16 DIN. The DPS measures true average power and/or peak power with exceptional accuracy that is traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Operate your sensor with either Bird’s handheld display, the 5000-XT, or via a computer with our windows compatible software tool the VPM2.
[email protected]

Power meter
Kathrein, Scala Division
3024: With measuring capability from 1W to 1mW, the 3024 presents an ideal upgrade for existing directional coupler-based RF measuring transmitter power monitors, providing PC and Internet access and SNMP network connectivity. It will work with most existing directional couplers, eliminating the need to install new line sections. Internal user-programmable software calculates the display power depending on the probe input, offset, gain and the given value of the directional coupler. Since the setup for each probe in the system is unique, it will even work with different brands of directional couplers. The working end of the rack-mounted 19″ 3024 is in the rear, where up to eight probes can be connected for simultaneous power measurements. Multiple combinations of directional couplers and compensated probes produce a matrix that will give readings with +/- 5 percent accuracy. Both digital and optocoupler ports provide 16 software-assignable relay-type contact closure outputs for alerts.
[email protected]

Upgrades and Updates
Audio Science has received certification from Ibiquity for its ASI8914 four-channel HD Radio tuner adapter. (…Sennheiser Electronics, the U.S. distributor for HHB, is shipping the HHB CDR-882 Dualburn professional CD recorder. (,…Sennheiser has released high-end wireless headphones with Bluetooth connectivity that incorporate Apt-x audio codec technology under license agreement with APTX. (,…Sound Devices has released firmware update 1.75 for its 788T digital recorder. (

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