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New Products (Sep 2002)

New Products (Sep 2002)

Sep 1, 2002 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

Audio logger

Broadcast Computers
Mixopia Audio Logger Pro

This logger operates on a Windows 98SE or XP computer to archive an audio source. Once started, this audio logger will continue recording in hour-long chunks, automatically archiving audio into a variety of audio formats (MP3, ADPCM or uncompressed .WAV). International users have the ability to reduce or increase the duration archived audio is kept before being automatically deleted to make way for new recordings. The day, hour, minute and second can be quickly located and played back within seconds, even while the machine is still recording. The playback clients allow the user fast access to audio from another machine on the computer network.
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Studio headphones


These closed-back headphones feature 40mm drives, CCAW voice coils and OFC litz wire cables with convenient one-side exit. The closed-back design provides isolation in high-volume listening situations. The low-profile headphones feature a Neodymium magnet structure and have a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. The lightweight and adjustable cushioned headband provides maximum comfort. It also features a gold-plated stereo ?-inch connector with strain relief, a screw-on �-inch adapter and a sturdy, ultra-flexible 11-foot cable.
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Automatic ring-down unit

Cambridge Electronics Laboratories
Quiklink Private Wire

This unit provides instant off-hook access between two telsets or equivalents (fax, modem) in a tiny, hockey-puck package. It is useful for in-studio hotlines, or temporarily in-field, for simulating a phone line to activate remote dial-up devices and for bench testing telecom equipment. The device is powered from a 12V wall adapter or a 24-48Vdc supply and generates its own battery feed, ringing supply and selectable cadences. Monolithically encapsulated units can stand-alone, be stacked in a wiring cabinet or closet to conserve space or be pcb-mounted as a single component in OEM applications. The Quiklink Private Wire is ? inch � 4-� inches � 2-� inches and weighs six ounces.
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Analog-to-digital converter

Radio Systems
D-a+a-D converter

Radio System’s new analog-to-digital converter is a broadcast quality device optimized to provide flexibility as well as high-quality conversion of analog and digital signals. The D-A+A-D is a two-stereo converter that can provide simultaneous conversion of analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog signals. Features include 24-bit resolution, variable sample rates to 96kHz, internal and external clocking, audio sync to external clock input, auto sample-rate sensing and XLR and RJ-45 connectors.
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