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New Products (Sep 2005)

New Products (Sep 2005)

Sep 1, 2005 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

ATH-T44, ATH-T22:
The ATH-T44 and ATH-T22 are dynamic stereo headphones. The ATH-T44 features a circumaural, closed-back design providing clarity and isolation in high-volume listening situations. The headphones use 40mm drivers with high-output neodymium magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils. The headphones also feature an extended frequency response of 18Hz to 23kHz and a sensitivity of 108dB. They use rotating earpieces as well as a lightweight, self-adjusting headband. The ATH-44 features a gold-plated stereo 1/8″ connector with strain relief and snap-on 1/4″ adapter, as well as a 9.8″ cable and weighs 6.7 ounces. The ATH-T22 offers a frequency response of 20Hz to 22kHz and a sensitivity of 100dB. The headphones feature a gold-plated stereo 1/8″ connector with strain relief and snap-on 1/4″ adapter, as well as a 9.8″ cable.
fax 330-686-0719
[email protected]

Field mixer
This mixer is a four channel, microphone and line mixer with balanced XLR inputs and outputs. Features of the mixer include four servo-balanced XLR inputs, two transformer-balanced XLR outputs, switchable output level (line level, or 30dB pad), 1/4″ TRS stereo monitor input and auxiliary input, switchable 48V phantom power for each input and switchable 100Hz low cut filters for each input. The unit provides main and back-up battery compartments, so it never loses power. Level and pan controls are available for each channel. A built-in limiter offers variable threshold control. A 20Hz slate tone with slate microphone is included. The unit measures 9.5″ W x 7.25″ D x 2.375″ H.
fax 801-263-9068
[email protected]

Podcast player
Solutions Radio
In contrast to the Ipod, the Live-Pod connects to the Internet to a podcast server, receives the required podcast and plays it simultaneously. The player is based on the company’s Web Radio. This online podcast player does not require a PC, though it is connected to the Internet. All it requires is an analog telephone or DSL connection. When the Live-Pod is connected to a choice of podcasts appears on the LCD display.
+31 15 262 59 55
fax +31 15 257 15 95

Signature turntable
A circular turntable with an integrated two-channel mixer, its high-torque turntable offers an ASTS tone arm and pitch control with multiple variations to select from. Also included are two start and stop buttons that allow the user to create percussive start and stop moves with either hand. Each channel of the mixer section features a two-band EQ, and a phono and input switch, allowing users to control the turntable on one channel and a CD player or other external source on the other. Additional mixer features include crossfader curve control, crossfader reverse and input fader curve and reverse.
fax 516-333-9108

VST plug-in
The product is a VST plug-in for Windows using convolving technology that samples a room or acoustic body. The system can emulate any room, vintage EQ or microphone. Gigapulse goes beyond most convolving reverb plug-ins with its built-in mic modeling, which can change the quality of the reverb recording or can be used on its own to add vintage microphone warmth to recordings. The user can select the position of the sound source in the room with a two-dimensional grid, the perfect effect for orchestral arrangements and other spacious mixes.
fax 323-727-7635
[email protected]

Compact speaker
Dynaudio Acoustics
BM5A Compact:
An active, two-way, nearfield monitor, each speaker measures 170 x 260 x 235mm, which is useful for remote use and tight production spaces. Powered by two 50W amps, it provides a frequency response of 55Hz to 21kHz. When combined with the BM 9S subwoofer it offers 5.1 monitoring.
fax 87-427010

IP audio transmission system
Audio TX STL-IP:
This system offers the same resilience and low delay as a pair of dedicated copper wires. It allows users to send and receive broadcast-quality audio over IP networks-from LAN/WAN and private networks, to leased lines, telco/carrier provided circuits, satellite, microwave and other wireless networks, T-1, E1, A TM and the Internet. Connect two STL-IP units over a network and get live, bi-directional, low delay audio. Use one STL-IP unit to transmit audio to six destinations.
121 256 0200
fax 121 256 5109
[email protected]

RDS, RBDS equipment
Broadcast Electronics
Now Playing, Now Playing Plus:
With Now Playing, title and artist and additional text, is readily managed over FM, HD Radio and websites. The equipment includes management of title and artist display. Dynamic program service data is improved for the eight-character display found on most RDS-equipped receivers. Generic default messages can be displayed when PAD is not available, such as when music is not playing, these messages may automatically change for each daypart, customer sequencing of radio text. Optional online message management and monitoring modules provide rapid configuration of PAD display. Now Playing Plus consists of a software package installed at the station along with a monthly fee for data center services. It includes all of the features of Now Playing along with expanded data types and management, station website enhancements, management and monitoring tools and custom integration of third-party services can be provided.
fax 217-224-9607
[email protected]

Upgrades and Updates

Helicon Vocal Technologies has begun shipping its Voicepro vocal processor, which offers pitch and time-shift effects, harmony and doubling. (�The Sonifex Net-Log four channel audio logger is now fitted with a 200GB hard drive as a minimum spec. It has been enhanced with the option to record using G.729 as the recording algorithm. (�Steinberg Media Technologies has released Nuendo 3.1, which extends the networking capabilities and adds support for Euphonix Eucon hardware protocol. (�MXL Microphones is now shipping its V6 silicon valve solid-state microphone. (�Audio-Technica has enhanced its 3000 series UHF true diversity wireless system with automatic frequency scanning. This function automatically determines and sets the best available frequency (open channel). (�Moseley now offers SL9003Q configurations allowing up to six channels of linear 32kHz or four channels of 44.1kHz uncompressed audio in standard FCC Part 74 950MHz aural STL channel allocations. (