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NKK Switches CKL Series

NKK Switches CKL Series

Aug 25, 2010 12:00 PM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

Keylock switches

The CKL Series of high security keylock switches features vertically rotating switching mechanisms and self-cleaning sliding contacts. These unique features ensure that all CKL Series switches maintain a long operating life, smooth operation and guaranteed circuit contact. The interior construction includes a seal, further protecting the contact area. They are constructed of a rugged, die-cast zinc alloy with chrome plating to provide proven prevention of unauthorized or accidental actuation. CKL Series devices are rated at 3A at 250Vac and are available in single pole with the two position models featuring a 90-degree angle of throw and the three position model, a 45-degree angle of throw. A high dielectric strength of 1,500V between contacts and case is guaranteed.
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