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Online Resources

Online Resources

Feb 1, 2010 12:00 PM, By Chriss Scherer, editor

Tech Tips, Feb 2010

We have compiled quite a collection of tips and ideas as well as resource lists. These are all posted at in the Tech Tips and Engineer’s Notebook sections. While we add to and update ours all the time, there are some online references that are quite complete on their own and are worth bookmarking.

There are several online glossaries available, and we’ll start with our own. The Radio magazine Glossary primarily covers terms specific to radio broadcasting. Like any resource, this is an ongoing work in progress and is updated regularly. If there’s a term you think we should add, let us know.

Radio magazine Glossary

One that you could access quite often is the Radio Pro Audio Reference. This dictionary is updated regularly and contains an enormous range of terms and ideas. The online resource can also be purchased in hard copy from Rane.

Rane Pro Audio Reference

Equipment dealer Sweetwater also has a glossary of terms. Its focus leans on music production and performance, but it’s still a broad reference of terms and ideas.

Sweetwater Glossary

If mics fit your fancy, you will probably like Stan Coutant’s Microphone Site. It’s loaded with images, specifications and literature of many mics, from vintage to modern. It’s a good way to kill some time, but it’s also a good reference for the inquisitive.

Stan Coutant’s Microphone Site

If you just want to see vintage broadcast mics, turn to James Steele’s mic page. There are lots of photos of mics organized by manufacturer. It’s a gallery rather than a resource, but who doesn’t like to look back and reminisce once in a while?

James Steele Mic Page

Engineer’s Notebook

The Radio magazine magazine Engineer’s Notebook includes tips, tricks, electronic symbols, FCC info, conversions and calculations for engineers, managers and owners….

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