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Preserving history

Preserving history

Sep 1, 2005 1:00 AM

Preserving history I’ve appreciated and enjoyed your magazine for many years. I’ve been involved in broadcasting since the 1960s and after many years as a chief operator I left broadcasting and started teaching electronics at Bellingham Technical College.

The link I’ve included in this e-mail is for the American Radio Museum located in Bellingham, WA. It has a great display of radios from the beginning to modern day. It has a working mechanical TV; how many people have seen one of those? It has electrical devices from the 1600s and a complete copy of the Titanic’s radio room. I could go on. I encourage you, the next time you are in Seattle or Vancouver, BC, schedule a visit to Bellingham and the radio museum:

Jim Swartos
Electronics Technology
Department, Bellingham Tech College
Bellingham WA

Thanks for the link. This has been added to the list of museums and libraries that is available at Click on Industry Links on the top bar. � Chriss Scherer

A note of praise

Too often, we only take the time to write when we are putting forth a complaint. Be assured, this is not a complaint letter.

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading Radio magazine. Your leadership has made Radio magazine a very informative and useful publication.

Recently, I again entered the realm of radio station ownership after having spent five years with Salem Communications Corporation. Free time has been somewhat rare these past few months. However, I always find time to thoroughly read Radio magazine.

The takeover of WLOH, Lancaster, OH, was necessitated by the near-bankrupt condition of the station. On the technical front, no capital investment had been made since 1998 and much was needed. Your articles on and reviews of the latest broadcast equipment and software has helped me rebuild the technical infrastructure and begin the preparation for the eventual IBOC transition. Recent purchases include a new Broadcast Electronics transmitter, Orban Optimod 9200 and a complete Enco DadPro 32 system. All with the eye and thought of future HD Radio implementation.

I also appreciate the close attention you pay to HD Radio and its continued development. This is our future. If you ever find yourself in Lancaster or its vicinity, stop in. I will show you our facilities and buy you lunch. They aren’t showplace so I doubt they will ever grace the pages of Radio magazine. But our facility is clean and modern where it needs to be. We operate a loud, clean local station that operates at maximum efficiency. We have passed the bankruptcy danger point and the rebuilding is well under way.

Take care and keep up the good work!

Mark E. Bohach
WLOH Radio Company
Lancaster, OH

Just because your studios aren’t the crystal palace of studios doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of being featured in a Facility Showcase. Every studio serves a purspose, and I’ll bet that you’re doing something that another station can learn from.
– Chriss Scherer