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Sample and Hold

Feb 1, 2007 12:00 PM, by Chriss Scherer, editor

While HD Radio is the leading terrestrial digital transmission system in the United States, there are other forms of digital radio in use around the world. A recent In-stat study that examined the status of the digital radio roll-out shows a steady trend to date and an optimistic outlook for the future of digital radio receiver sales.

The report, titled More Consumers to Tune Into Digital Radio in 2007, claims that the worldwide market for digital radio receivers will grow from five million units in 2005 to almost 25 million unit shipments in 2010. The report attributes the expected growth to falling receiver prices, an increase in the amount of compelling digital programming, significant boosts in promotion and advertising of digital radio, and enhanced functionality of digital radio receivers.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in January HD Radio, Sirius and XM all had strong showings. For HD Radio, the presence was the largest ever seen with at least 20 manufacturers displaying products related to HD Radio. There were only a handful of HD Radio products shown at CES 2006, and some of the companies displaying the products in 2006 had no information about HD Radio. The knowledge base of the exhibitors in 2007 shows that HD Radio is being understood and more effectively marketed. The In-stat survey shows that 73 percent of the respondents were aware of HD Radio on some level.

Looking ahead to 2010, the report shows that the number of digital radio receivers is expected to be 2.5 times that of the estimated receiver sales in 2006.

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Worldwide unit shipments of digital radio receivers.

Data courtesy of In-stat,