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SBE History: By-laws and Incorporation

SBE History: By-laws and Incorporation

Feb 1, 2014 8:16 AM, By Chriss Scherer, editor

The Society of Broadcast Engineers was founded with a humble purpose: To serve the interests of the regular station engineer. As the society grew and evolved, it became much more than a loose affiliation of interested engineers. As an organization grows, it requires governance and structure. Such was the case with the SBE, and at the February 1967 meeting of the SBE Executive Committee, led by second SBE President Charlie Hallinan, the plan to incorporate the society began.

As part of the incorporation process, the organization needed to draft a constitution and by-laws. With the concurrence of SBE board members Leo Reetz, Ben Wolfe, Bill Kelly and Joe Risse, the two documents were accepted and the incorporation papers for the SBE were filed.

Also at the February 1967 meeting, Joe Risse was appointed the editor of the SBE Journal, replacing John Battison.

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