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Oct 1, 2004 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

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Do you remember?

This Presto Recording K8 turntable, manufactured around 1941, provided a 10W output and used a pair of 45s in push-pull for the output. There was an adapter with a second turntable and shaft that would stand on top of the K turntable, and with a second playback arm on a pedestal, would enable duplicate records to be made. This locked the turntables together, and no wow was introduced as the speed was locked together.

At a cost of $275, the K series remained in the catalog from about 1936 to the demise of the company in 1965.

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That was then

Established in 1885, the Northern Electric and Manufacturing Company began as a small Canadian telephone equipment supplier. Based in Belleville, Ontario, the company primarily manufactured products for use by Bell Telephone Company of Canada, although it also made some consumer electronics products such as radios, TV sets, console radio-phonographs, hi-fi amplifiers and movie theater sound equipment.

In this picture, which dates back to February 1965, is a Northern Electric transportable production center � or as some may say �two turntables and a microphone.� The unit offered two 12� turntables, full cue, monitor and switching facilities and six inputs with plug-in pads for high and low input options. For maintenance purposes, an engineer just had to remove three screws and all the parts were easily accessed.

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Are listeners interested in radio display technologies?

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Percentage of people "very" or "somewhat" interested in this type of technology.
Source: Arbitron/Edison Media "The National In-Car Study," March 2004, News/Talk P1s.