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Dec 1, 2007 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

That was then

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This is a 1968 shot through the newsroom window into the on-air studio of WXVW. Air personality Daon Fugate is shown at the mic. Dan Steffen is shown holding a 45rpm record. Notice the Western Electric console. It is probably from the 1930s and still worked great in 1968.

The cart machines were Sparta-Matic, the reel-to-reel deck, barely visible in this shot, was a Magnecord and the mic was an EV-666.

WXVW-AM was in Jeffersonville, IN, right across the river from Louisville, KY. In 1968 it was a 1kW, AM station operating at 1470KHz.

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Do you remember?

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A Texar ad in the March 1988 issue of Broadcast Engineering featured a photo of WHTZ New York Program Director Scott Shannon. The advertisement touted that Shannon's choice for program audio processing was the Texar Audio Prism. �The Audio Prism's unique, digitally controlled design delivers unsurpassed modulation power for high cumes, without the processing artifacts that sabotage quarter-hour maintenance,� the company wrote. It offered no-obligation, 10-day demos of the product.

Sample and Hold

Forty-nine percent of phone users (ages 18+) currently use their phones for more than just making and receiving calls. Fifty-seven percent anticipate using their phones for more than this in the next three years.

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Source: Harris Interactive.