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May 1, 2008 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Do you remember?

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We recognize that remotes are a significant part of radio broadcast. In light of this, here is an ad from Broadcast Engineering's January 1969 issue for the Shure SM60 omnidirectional dynamic microphone. The ad says the mic features an effective built-in wind and pop filter to protect against the undesirable effects of close-talking. It also claimed you could �drop it on its nose without damage to the internal structure.� And check out the model SM51 lapel mic at the bottom, which was specifically designed for radio, TV and motion pictures.

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That was then

J.R. Reid sent these photos that his daughter found of him, taken in 1964. J.R. was a DJ at WUSJ-1340 AM in Lockport, NY. The studio featured an RCA 77DX microphone, Gates 16" turntables, an RCA turntable for playing electrical transcriptions, a General Electric board and ITC cart machines in the rack. J.R. also had many home studios over the years, as seen in the second photo.

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Sample and Hold

Feelings on Proposed XM/Sirius Merger
Jacobs Media recently released its Tech Survey IV for 2008. Within the survey is a lot of talk about the XM/Sirius merger, which was approved by the Department of Justice just a short time ago. The survey said, "While details of how the proposed merger may impact pricing and packaging are still to be determined, most non-subscribers (the types of people that XM and Sirius are targeting) don't feel it will have any sway to motivate them to sign up." So how do these non-subscribers feel about the possible merger?

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Source: Jacobs Media, Tech Survey IV, 2008