Sonifex RB-DA64, RB-DA6RG

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Sonifex RB-DA64, RB-DA6RG

Sep 7, 2010 12:00 PM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

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Stereo distribution amp

This six-way stereo distribution amplifier is a 1RU high-performance amplifier for splitting a source into a number of different outputs. The amplifier provides multiple balanced audio outputs using RJ-45 connectors wired to the StudioHub+ standard. By using RJ-45 outputs, it allows simpler CAT-5 cabling to connect the amplifier to other products. It has one stereo input switchable via a rear panel push switch between paralleled balanced inputs and unbalanced inputs. The unit has six stereo outputs on six RJ-45 connectors. The unit can also be configured so one mono input can be distributed to 12 outputs by use of a switch recessed on the front panel to prevent being accidentally knocked. The RB-DA6RG is identical to the RB-DA6R with the addition of individual output gain adjustment, instead of global stereo gain adjustment.
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