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Survey Responses Regarding IBOC

Survey Responses Regarding IBOC

Oct 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Within the 2003 salary survey was a write-in question about IBOC.Respondents were asked why their station won’t commence IBOCoperations. Here are some of the responses:

“No funding at this time.”

“I don’t believe the initial cost of IBOC will positively affect ourbottom line. IBOC does not offer much more than existing analog.”

“It provides inferior audio quality. We believe it is a flawedsystem.”

“The AM sounds like crap.”

“Market is too small.”

“I’m waiting to see if the system is really better than analog FM. Withthe Motorola Symphony chip in new receivers, all the expense ofconversion may be avoided.”

“Not required. Don’t see or hear the need.”

“There is far too much speculation about this new technology, and therecent decision by the standards committee to wait until the codecissues are resolved is yet another reason to wait and see. Finally,nobody has an HD radio to listen yet. We’ll wait.”

“Corporate sees no return on investment and doesn’t understand thetechnology.”

“Lack of interest. In Houston, it’s going to be a competitive issue.One of my FMs is too small of an operator to justify it (Hispanicreligion), my other FM will only do it if forced to by itscompetition.”

“Not considered significant for future of radio.”

“Got burned with AM stereo.”

“Cost is too high for perceived benefit. Stations will go IBOC if itbecomes a competitive disadvantage not to do so.”

“Not a format that will be in use for long term.”

“The current form of IBOC does not work. The current regulations do notwork.”

“The cost and don’t believe the bugs are worked out for AM. Will waitand see. Why don’t you do a survey on EAS and problems associated withit?”

“You never say never. We are actually wired for it. But so far, thereis no return for the investment. No real improvement in sound quality.I predict that IBOC will flop. My guess is that digital radio will beimplemented on 802.11b.”

“Concerns over the audio quality of Ibiquity’s codec.”

What are your thoughts on IBOC? Do you plan to commence IBOC operationson your station? If not, why not? Speak your voice and send yourthoughts and ideas to us at [email protected].