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Test & measurement from NAB2001

Test & measurement from NAB2001

Jun 1, 2001 12:00 PM, By Doug Irwin

The explosive use and integration of the AES format in radio broadcast facilities has prompted several manufacturers to get in the game by building test equipment especially for AES signals.

Graham-Patten introduced an addition to its SoundPals line called the DTG-1. This unit is a small digital waveform generator with AES3/AES3-ID outputs. The audio signals are switch-selectable and include sine waves at six pre-set frequencies.

Dorrough introduced the TG-10A, a waveform generator with digital and analog outputs. With direct digital synthesis, the TG-10A generates accurate, stable and repeatable waveforms.

Prism Sound has introduced the D-Scope III digital/analog measurement system. This system uses a laptop or other PC for the user interface.

NTI, Neutrik Test Instruments, unveiled the Digilyzer DL1, which joins the Minilyzer ML1 and Minirator MR1. This handheld device measures and evaluates digital signals.

Audemat has release the FM-MC4, the upgrade from the established line of RF quality measurement tools. Also introduced was the Goldeneagle, a multiple FM receiver that automatically monitors the quality and continuity of up to 40 FM signals.

Doug Irwin is director of engineering, Clear Channel, San Francisco.